Can I Wear Nail Polish On My Toes During Surgery?

There are certain cases where you need to remove the toenail polish from your toes.

You are wondering one thing: Can I wear nail polish on my toes during surgery? You’ve probably seen hospital rules like no polish during surgery. What about toenails? Painting toenails with vivid and colorful patterns is always a habit, especially for women. Is that habit appropriate for all situations, especially at the hospital? We know … Read more

Do Jamberry Nail Wraps Expire?

Two weeks for fingernails, and six weeks for toenails - that's the limit of Jamberry nails

If you are afraid that the chemicals in nail polishes are harmful to your beautiful fingers, one suggestion is that you can use nail wraps from the Jamberry brand. These products have the same effect as polish, but they are more convenient, especially for busy people. They match most styles, outfits, or moods with various … Read more

How Long Does Indoor Tanning Lotion Last?

How Long Does Indoor Tanning Lotion Last

In most cases, indoor tanning lotion lasts for 12 months. After that, you may use it but didn’t get good results. Summer is all about getting a perfect tanning look, especially for a beauty-conscious person. While there is a variety of tanning lotions available in the market, people have different priorities when it comes to … Read more