How Long Does Indoor Tanning Lotion Last?

In most cases, indoor tanning lotion lasts for 12 months. After that, you may use it but didn’t get good results.

Summer is all about getting a perfect tanning look, especially for a beauty-conscious person. While there is a variety of tanning lotions available in the market, people have different priorities when it comes to choosing one.

Does indoor tanning lotion expire?

Unfortunately, indoor tanning lotions do expire. As for the expiration date, it comes written from the company on every lotion bottle.

However, if your lotion bottle doesn’t say any date, it’s better to use it only for 1 year after opening.

Now, many people ask they can still use expired tanning lotion.

The answer is, yes you can still use an expired tanning lotion. However, the lotion will not be as effective as before. An expired lotion can result in a poorly colored tan.

You can also feel the decrease in moisture and other tanning lotion features. So, if you can, it’s better to not use an expired lotion.

When do sunless tanning lotions expire?

Most sunless indoor tanning lotion expires after 12 months.

You can still use them; however, their effectiveness will not be the same as before. If you feel like they are totally ineffective and you are not getting the color you want, stop using them. These expired lotions will only cause blemishes on your skin.

How long does indoor tanning lotion last before expiring?

Many people have the habit of reserving the tanning lotion on the shelf without the use and going for years like that. Then suddenly they are like “IT EXPIRED??”

Yes, your tanning lotion is going to expire no matter what you do. Normally, tanning lotions have a shelf life of 12 months.

That means they will give the best result on those days. But if you are thinking of using it in a little amount and then saving it for next summer, you will feel the non-effectiveness.

Expired tanning lotions will never give a good tan. Rather you will get unwanted stains and marks on your body.

So, it’s better to use them in 12 months.

How long does indoor tanning lotion last on the skin?

Generally, indoor tanning lotion lasts on your skin for 1-3 days, depends highly on how long you keep it applied. A good tanning lotion requires 4-6 hours for a full natural tan.

Things to keep in mind while storing tanning lotion

Now that you know that indoor tanning lotions expire with time, there are a few things that you should keep in your mind while storing the lotion.

High-quality lotions are a bit sensitive and require extra care and maintenance. You already know that most tanning lotions have expired dates.

However, if cared for properly you can use the lotions for a maximum of 3 years with the same effectiveness.

So, it’s better to maintain the following tips:

  • Always try to store your lotions indoor at room temperature. If kept in direct sunlight, then make sure the temperature is between 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit or 18 to 21 degrees Celsius. Cool and dim places typically extend the lotion’s time of effectiveness. However, storing them in a too hot or too cold temperature can cause them to work less.
  • Never leave your lotion in a car or other vehicles. The heat inside your car can cause harmful chemical reactions to your lotion resulting in skin diseases.
  • Be sure to finish using your lotion before the expiration date for perfect results.

Tanning lotions are generally expensive and more sensitive than normal lotions.

So, you should always give attention and maintain proper care for the indoor tanning lotions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is smart tanning?

Generally, indoor tanning is called “smart Tanning”. These are called smart tanning because the tanners are trained by tanning professionals who test the lotion on their skins and examine the reactions of their skins to sunlight. Mainly indoor tannings minimize the sunburn risk in a rather smart way.

Why should we use an indoor tanning lotion?

Normally, tanning lotions work to give you a long-lasting perfect tan color. But indoor tanning lotions not only ensure natural colors but also nourish and moisturize your skin.

Moreover, the active ingredients used in the lotion help the production of melanin in your skin.

Can indoor tanning lotions be used outdoors?

Moat of the indoor tanning lotions don’t come with an SPF or sun protection. So, if you went out, you might get a sunburn without sunscreen. So, if it’s necessary to out with indoor tanning lotion, it’s recommended to apply extra sunscreen.

Some indoor tanning lotions do come with sun protection. In those cases, you can certainly use the lotion outdoors.

How to increase the tanning time on my skin?

A healthy moisturized skin gets the longest tan. So, if you want your tan to last longer than general time, take proper care of your skin, keep it hydrated and use repairing elements.

Also, you can apply moisturizers after tanning. However, most high-quality indoor tanning lotions come with moisturizers. So, you just need to keep your skin as healthy as possible.


Every tanning lotion comes with an expiration date and most of them can last up to 1 year. So, it’s better if you stop using after that time to avoid getting unwanted blemishes.

Follow the instructions mentioned in the article to store your lotions for a long time with the same effectiveness.

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