There are certain cases where you need to remove the toenail polish from your toes.
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Can I Wear Nail Polish On My Toes During Surgery?

You are wondering one thing: Can I wear nail polish on my toes during surgery? You’ve probably seen hospital rules like no polish during surgery. What about toenails? Painting toenails with vivid and colorful patterns is always a habit, especially for women. Is that habit appropriate for all situations, especially at the hospital? We know …

Can You Have Nail Polish On During Labor
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Can You Have Nail Polish On During Labor? FAQs For Mothers-To-Be

Many folks enjoy mani-pedi treatments and adorn their nails once in a while. The toxins in manicure products, however, make plenty of people cautious. Mothers-to-be, whose bodies alter throughout pregnancy, should pay special attention to this issue. The concerns about manicure treatment are reasonable due to multiple reasons. So, can you have nail polish on …

Does Nail Polish Stick To Plastic?
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Does Nail Polish Stick To Plastic? (With Clear Explanations For Beginners)

If you look for the answer to the question “Does nail polish stick to plastic?” Here is what you need. In this article, you can find explanations and some valuable information.  Nail polish is a lacquer that both men and women can beautify their fingernails and toenails. It comprises three main components: pigments for color, …