The 10 Best Nail Dipping Powder System Kits 2022

Why should you use nail dipping powder? The reasons are simple, they are safer for your nails and do not have an offensive odor.

Nail dipping powder eases the process since it doesn’t require professional expertise. Also, it lasts longer than gel or acrylic nails and this makes it cheaper.

These features have made it more popular among manicurists and others. However, finding a good nail dipping kit could be challenging since there are a lot of them in the market. This review will help give you an idea of what to look out for when buying one.

What To Consider Before Buying A Nail Dipping Powder Kit?


When it comes to purchasing a nail dipping powder kit, the cost is a significant factor to take into account. You want something worth the money you are spending, but you should avoid paying a price that seems to be excessive.

In most cases, the higher the cost, the greater the quantity and quality of the materials. In general, a dip powder kit will cost you around $45.


Dip powders were created as a safer and healthier substitute to gel and acrylics nail polish.

When working with traditional acrylics, liquid monomers are required, with a toxic odor and harsh chemicals. However, dip powders have no odor and are held along with a unique adhesive.


The starter kit you choose should be varied, high-quality, and useful for newbies and professionals.

Unless your kit includes a brush saver, any skilled dip powder enthusiast will tell you that the glue brush should be the first one to go. It will restore your brush to a new condition, but you may need to change the entire brush after several manicures if you do not use it.


When choosing something for yourself, you want something that will last a long time in most cases. And dipping power lit is no exception. You should choose a high-quality kit unless you want your dip powder nails to chip after a few days.

Dip powder nails may last three to four weeks without lifting or chipping when performed correctly. The majority of high-quality powder kits are durable, pleasant on the nails, and nurture and enhance your nails.

Best Nail Dipping Powder Starter Kit

1. KIARA SKY Dipping Powder

If you are looking for a comfortable, easy to use and well-packaged nail dipping powder that will last longer than gel polish, then, the Kiara Sky Dipping Powder may be a good option for you.

This product comes with nice colors that are easy to use. The Kiara Sky Dipping Powder has been formulated without any harsh chemicals that could damage your nail bed. Recently, it has been admired as the easiest nail dipping powder kit.

The long-lasting capacity of this kit is impressive, which makes it last on your nail for 18-21 days without chipping. The base and topcoat liquids can last for up to 25 applications on your nails while the powder lasts for more than 50 applications.

Despite its long-lasting capacity, the Kiara Sky dipping system kit is fast and time-saving in its application. The kit comes with a great brush saver that can last for longer saving you the cost of replacement.

This is a good and affordable product that may provide you with enough value for your money. The instruction provided on its usage is very legible and detailed. You do not need to be a professional to understand its application.

2. SNS Dipping Powder

The SNS Dipping Powder is an easy to use, durable and long-lasting product that may provide you with a professional salon manicure.

Unlike some gel and acrylic products, the SNS brand product is the nail bed friendly and does not produce an unpleasant odor. The long-lasting shiny finish from the topcoat is great and doesn’t leave you with any crack. Also, it can last up to 21 days without chipping. Therefore, it may be a good option if you want to get the perfect manicure.

This product was made with high-quality materials and is good for both professional and household use.

The package consists of the following exclusive contents: Vitamin oil, gel base, sealer dry, French white, Natural pink, French dip molding which helps you to make smile lines on nail tips, gel top, natural fill, brush-on glue, and a strong long-lasting Brush saver.

3. Dipwell Dipping Nail Starter Kit

If you prefer an easy to apply dipping nail starter kit that would not require an Ultra-Violent Light or LED lamp, then this Dip Well brand product may be appropriate. This strong, convenient and durable kit is nail bed friendly with the ability to last up to 3 weeks on your nails without chipping.

The procedure for the removal of the polish is as convenient as its application. All you need do is to dip your nails in acetone for about 15 minutes.

The Dipwell Dipping Nail Starter Kit is odorless and comes with an exclusive starter kit that contains everything that you may need for a perfect manicure.

The contents of this kit include sealer, activator polish, brush softener, base, wooden cuticle pusher, French white dipping powder, and 2 nail files.

This gel resin kit by Dipwell will save you a lot of money and at the same time provide a classic natural-looking French manicure. This kit may also be the perfect gift for any manicurist.

4. Levander Violets Dipping Powder Nail Starter Kit

This product comes with lots of tools to clean your nails, push cuticles back, and remove the polish. The Levander Violets Powder comes with the basics for a flawless manicure.

These include; a bottle of top gel, a bottle of base gel, a bottle of gel activator, and a brush saver. Including, four fashionable color options that you can choose from.

In addition to this, this kit has a unique feature that doesn’t require the normal clear powder step, needed for most dip nail kits. This makes the Levander kit more user-friendly, fast, easy and efficient!

This product brand is fast, convenient and long-lasting; it can last up to 20 days before removal. This kit is water-resistant, odorless, harmless and cruelty-free, which means that this product can be used when your domestic animals are around without posing any potential harm to them.

This Kit is not expensive compared to the value you get from it because it can be used both for professional and domestic purposes.

5. TP Nail Care Dip Powder Value Kit

The TP Nail Care Dip Powder is a comfortable and easy to use nail dipping powder kit. With the instructions from the manual provided by the manufacturer, you can effortlessly make lovely designs on your nails.

Design such as the glitter, French, full overlay nails, you can as well creatively design any other style that you admire.

Depending on the mode of application by different individuals, the gel dip can last for about 25 – 30 manicures while the powder can last for over 45 manicures.

This product kit can be used to do a professional nail manicure from the comfort of your home at a very affordable price. It is less than the amount you would spend for three salon manicures and you can be assured that you will get value for your money.

In addition to the six nail dipping powder colors that are packaged in this kit. TP Nail Dipping Powder comes with other great additions such as; a dust brush, a 3-way buffer, a silver glitter, and a nail file. However, this kit does not include a brush saver and replaceable polish brushes for the gel dip.

6. Cuccio Pro Powder Polish – Nail Dipping Powder Kit

The Cuccio Pro Powder is a useful, Versatile, easy to use, and very affordable that comes in a handy kit. This product brand gives a clean natural looking manicure that offers a great alternative to gel polish or other acrylic products.

The Kit can be used both for domestic and professional manicures lasting for over two weeks before chipping. It is the best option for beginners who would like to wear a classic manicure from the comfort of their home without having to visit a salon.

The product kit contains everything you need to do a full coverage nail design or a French manicure. In addition to the lovely colors contained in this kit. It also comes with a Gel Activator, 3 Dipping Trays, Brush Cleaner, nail primer, and Milk and Honey Cuticle Oil.

This product kit has several nice reviews from clients. Overall, the Cuccio Pro Powder is a good deal for glitter lovers at a great price.

7. ANC Professional Nail Dip System Kit

The ANC Professional Nail Dipping Powder System Kit is a classic and unique product. This product is environmentally friendly, the powder contains essential vitamins and minerals which are odorless and harmless.

This ANC product is a class of its own because Calcium and Vitamin E were added to the product. In addition to this, is an instructional DVD that provides step by step video lesson on how to get an awesome manicure that will last for long. All at your doorstep!

This product can last for about 3 weeks on your nails without chipping. With this kit from ANC, you do not need a nail primer, that is you do not need to prime your nails before applying the gel base.

This product is friendly on your nail bed, unlike some gels and acrylic products that can damage your nail. Generally, this product is affordable and gives great value for money.

8. Serendipity Line Nail Dipping Powder System Kit

If you are searching for an alternative to gels and other acrylics products that will be less expensive and long-lasting, this product may also be a viable option.

It is one of the products that does not require Ultra-Violent lights in its application. This product is made in the USA and as such, it is environmentally friendly, odorless and cruelty-free and not harmful to animals in the environment. Hence, you can rest assured that you are supporting an ethical company.

This product kit is very convenient and can be applied to both fake and natural nails. In addition to this, it is easy to use and long-lasting with up to up to three weeks before chipping. It comes in a multitude of elegant or stylish and fashionable colors that is easy to apply and remove without damaging the nail beds.

This product brand is best for both professional and home use. Serendipity Line nail contains everything you need for a perfect nail manicure with less expensive prices. Overall, this kit is recommended to individuals with breakable nails.

9. Karlash Dip System Dipping Powder Starter Kit

Karlash Dip System is a flexible and lightweight nail dipping color powder system kit. It is glossy and durable and you do not need any Ultra-Violent lights in its application. It is very easy to use, therefore, you can complete the whole process of a classy French manicure from the comfort of your house.

The product kit is also very useful to professionals in shops who offer manicure services. This kit contains all the necessary components for a beautiful and attractive, dip colorful manicure that can last for weeks without before the need for reapplication arises.

This product does not produce offensive odors while it is being applied. Therefore, it can be applied in a safe home environment.

Like other quality nail dipping powders, the Karlash Dipping powder also nails bed friendly. It can be applied to little children’s fingers without the fear of introducing toxic chemicals into their bodies.

This product kit comes with 5 different nail powders, a dipping tray, topcoat, a bond polish, cuticle pusher, base coat, activator polish, cuticle oil, nail buffer, nail file, and a brush saver. The contents in this kit are designed to provide you with the essentials for a perfect manicure at an affordable price.

10. OPI Powder Perfection

Another great option to consider is the OPI Powder Perfection kit. Then, you may need to consider the OPI nail dipping powder which contains 1.5 ounces of nail powder in a neutral, universal nude pink shade, well known for its quality and lovely colors.

Whenever you want to do a professional nail design from the comfort of your home, this product kit will provide instructions on how to effectively create a French tip, apply the color powders, and put the powder over acrylic tips.

Just like many other quality nail dipping powder products, the OPI powder perfection does not require an Ultra-Violent or LED light to dry your nails. The very convenient, user-friendly OPI Powder can be used on both natural or acrylic nails. It is designed to last for over two weeks without leaving you with no stress for replacement.

This starter kit is ideal for home-based use and will be a great gift for any manicurist. However, reviews from the end-users reveal their displeasure on the need to buy a clear dip powder separately while purchasing this kit.

How To Use A Dip Powder Nail Kit At Home?


  • Any dip powder you like
  • 1 activator
  • 1 top coat
  • 1 base coat
  • 1 nail finish gel
  • Manicure buffer
  • Emery board nail file
  • 1 brush
  • Cuticle oil
Use a nail dipping powder kit at home
You can easily use a nail dipping powder kit at home

Step 1: 

Make the surface as smooth as possible. In this step, you will make an even texture for the dipping powder to be utilized to the nails by using a manicured block.

Push the cuticles back and shave them, but do not use cuticle oils because they may minimize the powder from adhering.

Step 2: 

Start with your first finger and apply the first coat. You should apply a single coat of base coat in an even and thin layer.

Because it is what the powder may stick to, ensure your nail is completely covered while preserving the coat as thin as you can, making it easier to apply the powder evenly and smoothly.

Step 3:

It is time to paint your first fingernail. First, soak your first nail at an angle in dipping powder to cover it. For good coverage, ensure the entire nail is exposed. Get rid of any remaining powder with your finger’s side and gently tap it away.

You can repeat steps 2 and 3 if you want to work your way across both hands, each nail at the moment. Apply the second even and thin base coat to every nail for complete coverage. 

Then, repeat the process for the second coat, removing any excess powder with a brush. 

Step 4:

Apply a coat of activator to every nail to utilize the powder. The color will darken and become more ambiguous as time passes. Leave it dry entirely and ensure the edges are covered, and the nails’ tips are capped off.

After your nails have dried, shape them with the nail file. After that, apply another activator coat to each nail and allow at least two minutes for drying.

Step 5:

Apply a nail finish gel to finish it off. Allow 15 seconds before applying the second coat. You can apply cuticle oil to cure and hydrate your nails after they have dried completely (about 1-2 minutes).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dip Powder Bad For Your Nails?

The answer is yes, but the effect is just temporary and not too severe. 

Dip powder manicures are temporarily harmful to your nails because your nails’ seal layer is broken during the process. They also have a tendency to dehydrate your nails for a short period.

Worse, when you get your nails done at a salon, the specialists may dip your nails into the container, which can sometimes be unhygienic due to germs picked up on your nails by dipping them into the bottle.

On the contrary, the powder coats the nails in a thick, non-porous layer that helps prevent fracture while allowing the real nail to develop underneath.

Besides, since no scraping is involved, the removal process is also safer and gentler.

Dip powder manicures
Dip powder is not totally safe for your nails but its effect is not too serious

What Brand Of Dip Powder Do Salons Use?

Makartt is a famous brand that has introduced a new color dipping powder system kit for French manicures, which is simple to apply, pleasant on the nails, non-yellowing, long-lasting, odorless, and chip-resistant. Most products of this brand can be used in the salon or right at your home.


OPI is also among the most prevalent nail polish brands, especially when it launches a new dipping powder line.

This line of best dip nail systems is an excellent substitute for traditional acrylic or gel manicures.

The OPI powder formula gives your nails a denser, more excellent appearance while remaining light on the nails. Almost in professional salons, their kits are the best option.

How Can You Make Your Nail Dipping Powder Last Longer?

Dip powder nails typically last for around 3-4 weeks. However, they may vary depending on the dip powder and how you use it.

Here, we will provide you with some tips to extend the life of your nail dipping powder:

Reapply the topcoat

Reapplying a chip-resistant top coat every two to three days is an excellent way to keep your manicure looking new.

Also, it may keep your nails gleaming and decrease the potential of chipping.

Stay away from hot water

If you have to do the dishes frequently, hot water may take a toll on the nails, making them easier to peel or chip.

In that case, always put on gloves to protect the manicure. The same can be said for baths. Try to keep your hands out of the tub when you enjoy your daily soak.

Choose shorter nails

Long nails are attractive and stylish, but they are more prone to fracture or split. So if you expect to keep your nail art with no fracture, a shorter nail should be preferable, particularly if you have busy hands.

Apply cuticle oil 

Keep the hands moisturized at all times. Dry and cracked cuticles do not look good.

You should apply cuticle oil to the cuticles and the skin around your nails every day to avoid this.

Fix chips

Sometimes, your manicure may chip. If it is just small at the tip, ensure it does not spread or tempt you to pick at it.

Merely file the nail down, eliminate the chipped area, and apply a new topcoat layer to solve this problem.

What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Dip Powder Nails?

Dip powder manicures should always be removed with acetone. Regardless, do not attempt to peel or pick the color off because the upper surface of your natural nail will be ripped off.

Alternatively, wrap your nails in a

cotton ball immersed in acetone or dip it in a small acetone bowl for ten minutes minimum.

The bond between the coating and your nails must be dissolved to eliminate the dip powder hue. Then, you can wipe off the color quickly and cleanly after it has dissolved.

Moreover, clippers can also be used to remove the hair. You can easily purchase some nail polish remover clips to remove dip powder nails.

How Do Gel, Acrylics, And Dip Powder Nails Differ From Each Other?

All three nail polishes are durable and chip-free. However, they have some distinct features.

Gel nail polish

Gel nail polish includes a unique polymer only hardening when exposed to UV/LED light. When applied, it is quite the same as regular nail polish, but gel nail polish is then cured with a unique lamp.

Based on the product itself and how you apply it, you can expect your manicure to last two to four weeks.


Acrylics are a type of nail polish that everyone is acquainted with. They are made by mixing acrylic polymer powder and a unique monomer to make a paste. After that, it is sculpted to the nail using a brush to form a nail extension.

Using acrylics necessitates a steady hand and requires filing to achieve a smooth texture. Notably, you do not need a lamp because it will harden quickly once mixed well with the monomer.

Besides, it has a strong scent and can be difficult to remove from your nails.

The acrylic may stay on for shorter than gel nail polish, just two weeks. Even so, after that time, the nail growth may become noticeable, and you will need to come in for fills.

Dip powder

On the other hand, dipping powder contains acrylic powder applied without a traditional monomer. Rather, a unique base coat is applied.

Also, the powder is immersed or sprinkled on the nail in many coats first before acrylic is cured with a liquid activator.

Dip nails seem more foolproof than acrylic because you adhere to your nails in a jar rather than sculpting acrylic. In addition, it has a lower odor.

The dipping powder can be used on both natural and artificial nails. The duration of a manicure is three to four weeks, and nail growth is less noticeable than with acrylics.

For more information, do not ignore this video:


Nail Dipping powders were designed as a harmless, non-toxic and healthy alternative to the traditional acrylics and gel polish.

Some of the nail dipping brands have vitamins and minerals added to the powders. It also provides you with the comfort of doing your manicure at your convenient time from your home.

The instructions for its application are easy to understand for both professionals and amateurs or beginners for home use. The reviews provided should guide you in your choice of a nail dipping powder system.


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