Can You Use Gorilla Glue On Nails? (It’s A Bad Decision)

You’ve run out of nail glue but have Gorilla Glue on hand and need to stick fake nails or fix broken nails?

Then, you can use Gorilla Glue as an alternative to nail glue for the time being, but NEVER use it frequently because Gorilla Glue can damage your nails.

Read our post below to learn why. We’ve already included some tips and information concerning this topic. Keep on reading.

Gorilla glue
Gorilla glue

Why You Should Not Use Gorilla Glue On Nails?

Although some may claim it is okay, utilizing gorilla glue can causes several risks and potential dangers to your nails.

For Manicure

It is not advisable to apply gorilla glue for manicures since it swells as it cures and gets in touch with liquid.

It may also produce tiny bubbles and grip everything you contact with your fingers. It’s also worth mentioning that it’s pretty tricky to get rid of.

As the gorilla glue grows and expands and bubbles, it may ooze out of the fingernails if it is peeled away from the fingernail beds.

It will not only stick to whatever you contact, but it will also serve as a breeding ground for germs and grime.

Gorilla glue isn’t a good idea for a manicure
Gorilla glue isn’t a good idea for a manicure

For Fixing Broken Nails By Gluing Them Back Together

It is not truly safe to put gorilla glue on fingernails to fix broken nails. 

First, your fingernails are already delicate; therefore, the harshness of this adhesive may be too much for them. It could make your fingernails much weaker and more prone to breaking off.

Your fingernails will become significantly more vulnerable to infection and fungal disease in more severe situations.

This is because when this strong adhesive dries and comes into touch with liquid, it can disintegrate, allowing filth and bacteria to enter.

It could lead to your fingernails and cuticles darkening, which isn’t appealing at all. Moreover, higher chances are this movement causes nasty conditions in severe circumstances.

Indeed, it could cause significant injuries and, later on, infections if not handled correctly and with the assistance of a specialist.

Is It Safe To Use Gorilla Glue On Natural Nails?

To be honest, not really. 

Since Gorilla Glue is not created for nail or using on human purposes so there is no clear proof whether it is safe on our natural nails.

Meanwhile, gorilla glue traps sweat and other kinds of moisture while applying on our natural nails, which might result in fungal diseases.

Moreover, natural nails glued by gorilla glue are also very tricky to clean, and the powerful substances, along with hard pulling, can cause nail damage.

Additionally, due to its abrasiveness, this glue can also dry out your nails, making them prone to breaking off and becoming more brittle. Furthermore, as mentioned above, Gorilla glue can also darken your finger bed, reducing the overall aesthetic of your nails.

So, while, Gorilla Glue could use on your natural nails, it’s better not to use gorilla glue on nails on a regular basis.

What Are The Differences Between Nail Glue And Gorilla Ones?

Given that nail glue and gorilla glue came from the exact material, cyanoacrylate, we can not use them interchangeably.

It’s because there are specific changes that help gorilla glue be significantly more powerful and only suitable for commercial-grade usage or industrial application.


The critical distinction between them is their adherence level. For example, nail glue has been analyzed and shown to be safe for use on human fingernails.

Meanwhile, gorilla glue is more adhesive and suitable for industry sectors. Thus, we shouldn’t apply it directly to our bodies.


When it comes to durability on nails, gorilla glue proves to be a more durable choice. While onto the nails, it stays for 2-3 weeks, nail glue only sticks for 5-7 days.  


Most users couldn’t stand the pungent stench of gorilla glue. Meanwhile, nail glues only give a mild odor that is not irritating to others.


Gorilla glue is not as thick as nail glue, which implies it may become incredibly messy if used on your fingernails. Not only that, but if it comes into contact with your skin, it may be pretty burning.

On the flip side, even if you spill nail glue on your arm by mistake, it’ll not hurt. Gorilla glue also leaves a hot feeling as it cures, whereas nail glue doesn’t.

The texture of the glue is watery
The texture of the glue is watery

Best Tips If You Want To Apply Gorilla Glue On Your Nails

If all of the warnings above cannot talk you out of utilizing gorilla glue for a manicure, it is essential to seek expert assistance to minimize any harm.

Otherwise, you need to be extra cautious and take particular precautions to avoid severely harming your nails.

Get your nails a thorough clean

The most critical stage is to sanitize your nails thoroughly. Doing this minimizes the risk of developing a breeding habitat for germs.

Trim your nails

File the upper surface of the nails carefully and polish it with rubbing alcohol. This also helps to remove all the dirt accumulation and impurities from your nails, allowing for a smoother coating.

Trimming your nails is crucial
Trimming your nails is crucial

Put it on carefully

  • Take just a slight amount of Gorilla Glue 

Brush it on your fingernails gradually and cautiously, using only 1 dab.

Because gorilla glue’s texture is super watery, you must be gentle and carefully pump the container; otherwise, it would leak all over the place and become messy.

  • Apply artificial nails

After coating your fingernails with a thin layer of Gorilla glue, put the fake nail on and hold it in place for around 15 seconds.

After that, restrain your fake nails from water contact or hard-pulling activities for an hour.

You can see the detailed steps in the video below:


How Long Can Gorilla Glue Stay After Applying?

Gorilla glue is more durable than nail glue. Thus it will stay on your fingernails for almost a month if you often have your hands in contact with water or heat.

Indeed, external factors like water or heat can significantly affect the durability of Gorilla Glue.

Water may harm your nails, restrict development, and, in extreme circumstances, lead to your whole nail falling out. Similarly, excessive temperature also affects the gorilla glue.

How Can I Remove Gorilla Glue?

Rubbing alcohol or acetone or the mixture of warm water and oil could be helpful in this case.

However, if the adhesive isn’t too much, soaking it in strong solutions will weaken it sufficiently to peel it off the nails

What If I Spill Gorilla Glue While Doing Manicures? 

If you spill your gorilla glue, wipe the spot quickly with rubbing alcohol. The area would be challenging to remove after the glue has thoroughly dried.

If the glue develops, immerse the coated area instantly in alcohol because it could promote a spawning site for germs and fungi if humidity sneaks in.

Removing gorilla glue is hard
Removing gorilla glue is hard

Unfortunately, if the glue has firmly attached to your nail, the alcohol will not be capable of penetrating and will be impossible to dissolve. You’ll have to allow the adhesive to weaken sufficiently to allow the alcohol to enter.

After cleaning, you’ll have to deal with the glue residue. The leftover from the glue is also extremely challenging to remove. In addition, it may leave your fingers to appear brittle and susceptible to breakage for an extended period. 

Could You Apply Clear Gorilla Glue For A Manicure?

It is okay for most users, but it is always a nightmare if clear gorilla glue is used on top of nail glue.

It takes a considerable time to peel off, and it is possible to take off the whole fingernail.

Which Is More Powerful: Liquid Nails or Gorilla Glue?

It relies on where you intend to apply it. However, gorilla glue is typically more powerful since it is classified as an industrial-level adhesive.

Indeed, it is robust enough to adhere multiple kinds of materials, such as hardwood to tiles, and make them remain in place for a long time.

On the flip side, Liquid nails are better suited to building projects or fixing domestic objects. It is insufficiently powerful to adhere multiple materials together.

Wrapping Up

Can you use Gorilla Glue on nails? Well, it depends. 

Although Gorilla Glue can be used to fix broken fake nails or help to attach fake nails, their adherence level and usage are different.

Nail glue has been evaluated and demonstrated to be suitable for application on your nails, while gorilla glue has not. Therefore, it’s best not to apply it on your fingernails or any body part for your safety.

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