Can You Use Super Glue For Fake Nails?

No doubt, having fake nails can enhance the beauty of your hands. That is one of the reasons why many women prefer getting them installed at the salons. 

Some people have thought about applying super glue for fake nails. Is it an idea worth considering? 

While it’s technically possible to apply super glue on nails, it’s definitely not recommended. According to online beauty forums, super glue is the solution to all nail problems. From DIY nail glue to crooked nails – which is absolutely wrong!

Sometimes you will come across arguments about how gluing nails on fingers is fine. 

Fake nails should not adhere to a nail bed with super glue or any other adhesive. super glue was not intended to be applied to the body, and it may be quite harsh on your natural nails, causing them to get damaged as a result.

This is why most kinds of super glue come with a warning on the label stating that it should not be used on the skin or the body.

What Is The Difference Between Super Glue And Nail Glue?

Super Glue vs Nail Glue
Super Glue vs Nail Glue

An argument that emerges on the Internet day in and day out is the similarity between super glue and nail glue. Many people feel this statement makes sense.

In this case, we will look at the difference between the ingredients of these two types of glues. 

Super Glue is not used on the human body and nail glue is the opposite. It is made with a guarantee that it will not retain moisture and cause greenish fungi. 

Nail glue is meant to be used on porous surfaces – such as your nails, so it is one of the safer options. 

However, super glue is not synthesized and processed in the same way as nail glue. 

Besides, nail glue & super glue are similar because they both contain cyanoacrylate. However, nail glue has a lower concentration of this substance and also contains other additives.

The added substances help the nail glue handle moisture, be more supple, and prevent unwanted reactions on the skin.

What Happens When You Use Super Glue  For Fake Nails?

Super Glue For Fake Nails
It is a very bad idea if you want to use super glue to stick on your fake nails.

The super glue will lock in moisture which can lead to painful fungus growth on your natural nails. Porous surfaces like fingernails are where they are used.

Super glue manufacturers focus less on the effects of the product on the human body and more on the adhesive strength, unlike nail glue. Strong solvents are required to remove fake nails, which can really dry out the skin.

Manufacturers of super glue don’t really consider producing glue in a sterile environment because their purpose is not for use on the human body.

Whenever an organization makes a product for direct use by humans through skin application or oral ingestion, several ethical guidelines need to be considered before they put the product out in the market. 

One such guideline is a disinfected laboratory. 

Just think about it – would you be interested, let alone excited, to apply a mysterious serum on your face if it was manufactured with low to null quality control along with some of the most dangerous chemicals known to mankind?

Since super glue is not required to be put on the human body, the sterilization rules don’t apply to its development, and you, the user, are putting yourself at risk by using a product that is mass-produced as a strong adhesive.

The glue compound is known to contain microscopic etching agents that corrode the surface when applied. Super Glue  is not designed to survive in damp environments and, in order to do its job well, should be applied on extremely dry areas.

However, your body is anything but “extremely dry.”

What Are The Downsides Of Using Super Glue  On Your Nails?

Our body is responsible for releasing natural moisture in the form of oils, which can moisten the glue, making it white and crumbly. Add that to your regular hand washes, and you are looking at a severely infected patch beneath your neatly filed acrylic nail art. 

Sure, super glue may seem like an immediate problem solver when you don’t have many options lying around, but you do need to consider the long list of downsides to take a big risk. 

Plus, you can get regular nail glue at pretty cheap prices anywhere nowadays. Hence, the former is just not worth the trouble. 

The only type of glue you should be using is nail glue. 

nail glue
Removing nails from super glue will be painful and much more difficult than nail glue

To remove super glue from your nails, you will remove the top layer of your nail and weaken it. Ouch, sounds painful, doesn’t it?

Not only is it full of pain, but it can also cause nails to become brittle and cause serious damage. 

When Should I Use Super Glue For Fake Nails?

A broken fingernail may be unsightly and potentially painful if it is not treated immediately. When a trip to the manicure salon isn’t feasible due to a hectic schedule, a fast repair at home may be the best option. 

Consider using super glue for nail repairs when you’re fixing a damaged nail; nevertheless, when gluing artificial nails, nail glue is the preferred method.

If an acrylic nail cracks like a natural nail, you may attempt this approach to heal the split nail. If, on the other hand, your artificial nail separates from your natural nail, you should see a salon. 

When applying artificial nails to your natural nail bed, always use nail adhesive to keep them in place. These nail glues are intended to safeguard your natural nails. Therefore always put your faith in professional nail technicians when it comes to this kind of work.

Some Alternatives For Nail Glue

We can’t stress the usage of nail glue enough, even when you are out of options.

Some alternatives for nail glue
You can use some alternatives for nail glue

Nail glue cannot be replaced by super glue. The damage that you face will be immeasurable.

Still, if you are on the lookout for some better alternatives to nail glue, we have some risk-free tips to offer:

Nail tabs

Nail tabs can be used to put on fake nails or press the “fakies” onto your fingertips. They come in various shapes and sizes, so they can fit in comfortably with your nail type. 

One of the common drawbacks of nail tabs is their lack of long durability compared to nail glue. However, the fact that they are milder and gentler on your skin allows for the press on nails to be reused. 

The acrylic mixture 

The acrylic mixture, too, is easily available in the beauty market and can be used as a favorable alternative to fake or press on nails onto your fingers. 

By acrylic mixture, we are referring to the liquid and powder mixture that goes into making acrylic nails. Using the latter is one of the most long-lasting methods you can utilize to “glue on” your “press ons” or fake nails. 

Gel nail polish 

In many cases, you can also use gel nail polish as an adhesive alternative to press on your fake nails.

The only issue with gel polish is that it is not very consistent compared to regular nail glue. One reason for that is the effectiveness is dependent on the color of the press on nails.

Gel polish is usually used best with colors that are not very dark or opaque. In case the press ons are darker, the UV light or LED won’t be able to pass through and clean the polish.

The fake nails with lighter tones, however, can stay on for 1-2 weeks if used with gel. 

It is important to note that as cool as some of these alternatives may sound, none of them will last as long as the nail glue. But in case you have less time and no immediate options left to use, tabs or gel polish can be two ways to go around it and save the day. 

Otherwise, just hit up the nearest drug store and get the glue. 

Wrapping Up

There are a number of important reasons why you should avoid using Super glue, one of which is that there are safer and superior alternatives available that will not harm your nails.

The majority of other nail technicians will advise you to use either nail glue or more delicate adhesives.

Super glue is best used for slight repairs on the furniture and not the skin due to its adhesive properties. That is to avoid any adverse reaction or even severe damage to the nails in the long run. 


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