Best 5 Awapuhi Shampoos to Make Your Hair Lively Again in 2023

Whether or not if you’ve visited Hawaii for hiking, you may have discovered a plant with a peculiar look that has a beautiful, bright bloom. This plant indeed is a kind of ginger. It is locally recalled as ‘shampoo ginger’ or ‘Awapuhi’ and is used as a medicinal plant worldwide.

Yet, are you aware that this ginger assortment is locals’ secret for their healthy skin and luscious hair? Awapuhi Shampoo is a purifying and deep cleaning shampoo preferred by professionals all across the world.

What is Awapuhi?

At the moment, you may be wondering what in this earth is the Awapuhi thing? Whether it is the latest beauty craze? ‘Shampoo ginger’ or Awapuhi is closely associated with the ginger you use in your kitchen.

You must be aware that the ginger you use has several healing properties, basically in its root. Alternatively, Awapuhi regards its beautifying advantages on the flower and, to be precise, the flower extract.

Awapuhi extract is a liquid with a ginger aroma that is drawn from its flower. Locally, the Hawaiians used this flower in the form of conditioner, shampoo, and body wash. They used to crush the flower till the translucent ooze appeared of it.

The Ingredient of Awapuhi Shampoo for Stronger & Longer Hair

Besides shampoo ginger, the Awapuhi shampoo has several other ingredients which aid in replenishing and nourishing your locks. Below is a record of ingredients:


It is a protein and is a similar feature that constructs the outer surface of your skin and strands. Furthermore, Keratin acts as a shield for your cell, thereby protecting it from stress and damage.

Thus, it is vital to apply products with Keratin. Once you apply a shampoo containing Keratin, it will restore your strand’s cuticle layer.

Keratin even aids by securing moisture, prevents damage, and thereby strengthens it. It minimizes frizz in your hair and allows you to style your hair with ease.

Chamomile Essence

If you wish to have healthy hair throughout the day, you should opt for chamomile essence.

Chamomile helps you to eliminate dirt blocking your hair follicles, thereby enhances hair growth. It even restricts the development of bacteria and germs, keeping you fresh for the entire day.

Jojoba Oil

In the present day, jojoba oil has received enough admiration and is even found in most products. There lies a good reason behind its popularity because of nutrients like Vitamin C and E, Zinc, and Copper. These nutrients function to gift you blooming locks that, in turn, enhance the thickness of your hair.

Additionally, the Vitamins nourish your locks and scalp, thereby combatting dandruff.

Rosemary Oil

Much like Chamomile and jojoba, Rosemary even aids with loss of hair. Yet, additionally, it treats itchy scalps and dandruff. A positive side is that Rosemary prevents premature greying of your hair.

Algae Extract

Are you suffering from hair loss? Then algae extract the solution to your problem. Algae has fatty acids that are known for improving the growth of hair. It even contains zinc and iron, which prevents hair loss or hair thinning and nurtures hair production.

Aloe Vera

Who isn’t fond of aloe vera? Nearly everyone is aware of this beautiful ingredient known for its crazy moisturizing features. Thus, if you any product with a good amount of genuine aloe vera, you’ll experience guaranteed results.


H2O or water is an everyday skincare component of all. It is always spotted in the first place on the list of ingredients. Aqua is a solvent for the components that dissolve in water rather than oil.

Cocamidopropyl Betaine

Cocamidopropyl Betaine is the most common component in cleansing products like body and face washes, foam baths, and shampoos. This ingredient is famous for its bubble-creating property. Everyone is fond of bubbles, while Cocamidopropyl Betaine is known for stabilizing them.

Citric Acid

It is an AHA and originates from citrus fruits. Glycolic acid is the most famous AHA. Like other AHAs, Citric acid is an exfoliant that gently removes the dead skin off your skin, thereby making it fresh and smooth.


Glycerin is a natural lubricant present in our skin. It is a super safe, cheap, effective, and common element used for over fifty years.

Glycerin keeps your skin lipids amongst skin in good health, helps restore barriers, and even protects your skin from irritation. Glycerine conditioners are best for the treatment of dry skin types.

5 Best Awapuhi Shampoos Reviews

1. Awapuhi Shampoo for all hair kinds by Paul Mitchell:

Enjoy the moisturizing and lush foam goodness of the Awapuhi shampoo by Paul Mitchell.

Awapuhi Shampoo thoroughly cleans up all kinds of hair along with color-processed hair. It helps in balancing moisture and puts in volume along with Awapuhi that aids in preventing loss of moisture. Special conditioners add extra volume to your hair and enhance the texture of your hair.

Awapuhi shampoo for all hair kinds has a refreshing fragrance of cucumber melon with mushy underlying water, flower, and violet notes. It consists of jojoba oil which is the closest of all-natural hair oils.

It encourages new hair growth and replenishes your scalp, adding potent antioxidants to combat the defacing free radicals inside your hair shaft, restoring strength, and improving your hair health.

You need to massage the Awapuhi shampoo into wet hair and rinse it off. Repeat the process in regular intervals.

Paul Mitchell’s Awapuhi Shampoo is the best and most trusted of all other shampoos.


  • Pleasant smell
  • Herbal
  • Used as a body wash
  • Moisturizing
  • Adds shine
  • Gluten-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Strips out oil
  • Pearl and creamy appearance
  • Adds on hair volume
  • Manageable hair
  • Enhances hair health
  • Leaves no residue


  • It makes your hair dry
  • Harsh
  • Contains sulfates
  • Thin textured shampoo

2. Wild Ginger Awapuhi Moisturizing Foam Shampoo- Paul Mitchell:

You might be wondering probably about the Wild ginger Awapuhi Moisturizing shampoo and why you should apply it to your hair!

Paul Mitchell is known for his standard products that you can entirely rely on. Shampoos are being used all across the world in salons as well as in households.

The Awapuhi lather shampoo has unique Wild ginger extracts, which the company produces in Hawaii following some strict conditions.

When these herbs are all set to harvest, their flowers create an aromatic smelling sticky juice to develop Paul Mitchell’s products.

Awapuhi is being used for several decades by the locals as grooming aids and for medicinal purposes.

The Awapuhi wild ginger shampoo maintains the natural moisture of your hair that provides you a healthy, silky, and shiny hair. It produces a good amount of foam because of sudsy juices present in the flowers of shampoo ginger.

Thus, as you apply this shampoo to your hair, the Keratin penetrates your hair cortex, thereby repairing the cuticle layers of your hair strand. This cuticle layer can close and open, and this happens at the entrance of Keratin into it. It thereby stops further hair damage and strengthens your hair while moisturizing it.


  • Safe for regular usage
  • Sulfate-free
  • Lipid-rich
  • Has keratin proteins
  • Safe for colored hair
  • Produces good lather
  • Repairs damaged and dull hair
  • Balances moisture
  • It makes hair shiny and soft
  • Promotes hair growth


  • Quite Expensive

3. Awapuhi Ginger Repairing OGX Shampoo:

There is something that provides a therapeutic feeling on washing hair. It is the OGX shampoo with warm water!

Indulge in the moisturizing creamy and lavish formula of Awapuhi ginger OGX shampoo that is immersed with the beauty secrets of Hawaii of the nutrient-rich shampoo ginger juice.

It immediately softens and mends dry and coarse hair, thereby reviving your scalp with keratin proteins and freshness that fortifies each of your hair strands, building strengthened, soft, and restored hair from inside out.


  • Sweet fragrance
  • Repairs dull and damaged hair
  • It doesn’t cause hair fall
  • Sulfate-free
  • Cleans scalp thoroughly
  • Nice packaging
  • It doesn’t leave residue on your scalp
  • Good for chemically processed and colored hair
  • Provides softer hair
  • Repairs unruly, curly, and brittle hair


  • Stings on eye contact

4. Original Awapuhi shampoo- Paul Mitchell:

The Original Awapuhi Shampoo by Paul Mitchell reduces oil and puts in quality body amount to lifeless and flat hair. It has a color-safe mechanism to clean up oily scalp and hair, thereby leaves your hair shiny and fresh.

The shampoo contains deep cleaning properties that remove build-up without even bringing out moisture from your hair.

Additionally, it regulates the production of oil on your scalp, maintaining healthy and balanced hair.

Awapuhi shampoos are best utilized before deep moisturizing treatment. It even has nutrients and conditioners that leave your hair radiant, healthy, and hydrated.


  • Prevents loss of moisture
  • Enhances hair texture
  • Suitable for chemically treated hair
  • Adds volume
  • Balances moisture
  • Functions as a body wash
  • Lovely smell


  • Thinner consistency
  • Isn’t sulfate-free
  • Expensive

5. Awapuhi+shine Vegan Moisturizer by Maui:

Give your dull and dry hair a pause and nurture it with Maui’s additional nourishing shampoo. Enhanced with ginger flower nectar, Awapuhi is a fantastic component that locks moisture, offers a luxurious glow, and fights dry hair.

Traditional Hawaiians named Awapuhi the ‘Shampoo plant’ and is known for cleaning the scalp and hair with a light formula.

Maui Vegan Moisturizer shampoo is combined with coconut oil and Tiare flower essence, ensuring your hydration requirement is satisfied.

You can visit these tropical islands around the world so that you may delve into the exotic fragrance of vegan shampoo.


  • Suitable for dry and straight hair
  • Rich in Awapuhi locking moisture
  • Lightweight formula
  • Exotic aroma
  • Provides shine and detangles hair


  • It isn’t suitable for low-penetrable hair
  • It isn’t safe for color processed hair

Benefits of Awapuhi Shampoo

Longer Hair

Hawaiians are famous for long and beautiful locks. Here, women mainly grow out their hair, with waist reaching lengths and at times even longer. For this, all credits go to Awapuhi.

Repairs Hair

Hawaiian Awapuhi adds excellent benefits to your damaged and dry hair by repairing it. Awapuhi even nurtures your scalp and helps get rid of dandruff, all because of its anti-inflammatory features.

Furthermore, prolonged utilization of Awapuhi protects your hair from getting damaged and enhances hair growth.

Lustrous Hair

Shampoo ginger has some unique features which turned your hair shiny and smooth. Local Hawaiians put on the freshly-crushed extracts directly on their hair.

Awapuhi churns out lather, same as shampoo, thus has the title shampoo ginger. Ginger has tissue-repairing attributes and makes your hair look lustrous.

Sweet Scent

For instance, using a conditioner containing ginger will beautifully perfume and cleanse your hair.

No Harmful Chemicals

Most beauty products are ruthless and unapologetic in utilizing harmful and harsh chemicals. Awapuhi shampoos have no such harmful chemicals.

Natural and Exotic Ingredients

Awapuhi shampoo has been commended over these years for using natural and good-quality ingredients. This shampoo has exotic and genuinely noteworthy ingredients. All its products have 100% raw and natural aloe vera as their essential ingredient.


Does Awapuhi Shampoo Contain Sulfate?

Awapuhi shampoo with wild ginger is perfect for colored hairs. It is sulfate-free that cleans your hair, gently repairing damaged, dry hair, thereby protecting your hair color.

Is Awapuhi Good for Hair?

Awapuhi shampoo can be utilized as a regular shampoo that cleans all kinds of hair thoroughly, brightens up dull hair, and is ideal for colored hair.

Awapuhi shampoo stops hair moisture loss, while its special conditioners add volume to one’s hair and enhance hair texture. It is a versatile shampoo that even acts as a deluxe body wash.

How is the Smell of Awapuhi?

Very tropical, fresh, and slightly floral, Awapuhi shampoo has an exotic smell. A similar feature makes it a famous shampoo base and a perfect aroma for your body and hair.

Is Awapuhi Suitable for Oily Hair?

The lemony extracts in the Awapuhi shampoo stop dulling build-up and deeply clean one’s hair. It is excellent for individuals with oily hair kinds and aids in reducing the production of oil.

Thus the oil reduces in your hair over time. Its color-guard formula leaves your hair shiny and squeaky clean.

Is it Safe to Apply Awapuhi Shampoo on Color-Treated Hair?

Wild Ginger Awapuhi shampoo is suitable for all kinds of hair and is perfect for chemically processed and color-treated hair.

Final Thoughts

Haircare professionals say that picking a shampoo becomes much simpler once you know your type of hair and the constituents of those shampoos before choosing one.

They even suggest mixing up and trying out two or more kinds of brands over the week. These aids in blocking build-up, thus your hair can soak the moisturizers and nourishing ingredients inserted in your choice of favorite shampoo.

The primary shampoo categories comprise particular types of hair like damaged, colored, dry or oily hair. Thus, the Awapuhi shampoo is ideal for clarifying your hair without breaking off moisture.

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