Top 8 Best Alternatives to Acrylic Nails

Do you want some safe, trendy, and healthy alternative to acrylic nails? Let’s find the most popular and best options you can choose for your nails. These alternatives are highly recommended and give you a new and glamorous look.

Acrylic nails are popular, durable, and last for a couple of weeks. But many girls find some problems with acrylic nails, such as chemical damage and skin allergy, and it may be harmful to your natural nail. Many people can’t afford acrylic nails and want to look at something naturally. 

That’s why the alternatives for acrylic nails appear. 

 Alternatives to Acrylic Nails
Alternatives to Acrylic Nails

Is it true? Acrylic nails are toxic and can be dangerous

Our skin is susceptible and prone to germs and toxic chemicals. Nails are part of our skin and can be a means for chemical absorption.

Acrylic nails are toxic, and some formulas also use methacrylate (MMA) that proves dangerous for our health and skin, so people are looking for something safer and more natural than acrylic acid.

Toluene is another harmful ingredient found in acrylic nail glue and can cause many health problems such as skin irritation and headaches. These are some main reasons to look for an alternative to acrylic nails. You can find a lot of options that are much safer and healthier. 

Nail Stickers

Nail Stickers
Nail stickers give amazing nails in a simple way

Nail stickers refer to as polish stripes and nail wraps. These nail stickers are designed explicitly to stick-on nails and look very impressive. You don’t need too much money and time to apply nail stickers. 

Nail stickers are easy to use and don’t require any expertise for their application. They are not as durable and long-lasting as other nail products, one of nail stickers’ main drawbacks. Overall, nail stickers are an excellent choice for you. Some of the best nail stickers are:

Press-on Nails

Press-on Nails
Press-on Nails are easy to stick and easy to remove

You can choose press-on nails if you are looking for low-cost and less harmful nails for your wedding or whatever function you’re going to attend; press-on nails will be a wise choice for you. This type of nail is manufactured according to your nail frame and can be applied directly to the nail simply and quickly.

Its strengths are its affordable price, ease of use, and removal. On the other hand, its downside is that if not worn carefully, it will easily break, and it is not as durable as acrylic nails. Many branded companies offer press on nails at a very affordable price with a salon-quality manicure. Let’s grab the chance to get them at DJ

Silk Nails 

Silk nails are very soft and easily peeled off
Silk nails are very soft and easily peeled off.

You can find silk nails as an alternative to acrylic nails or gel nails. The working method of silk nails is applying a layer of silk on the nail bed, and after that, you can paste a resin layer to make a coating. You can make beautiful designs on silk nails, and they look much prettier.

If you are involved in daily routine activities like gym exercise or being a player, silk nails are not a good option. They are not durable and don’t last for a long time. So opt for any other option as an alternative to acrylic nails rather than using silk nails.

Dip Powder 

Dip Powder
Dip Powder is an alternative to acrylic nails when you don’t want to commit to it yet.

Dip powder has a different process of application. The system of dip powder works differently by brushing or dipping nails into pigmented powder or colored powder.  A clear sealant can apply on top for sealing the colored powder. You can use a brush to remove excess powder from the nails. 

Dip powder is safer than acrylic nails. This nail type has the same durability as acrylic nails however it does not require UV LED heating, is free of harsh chemicals, and has no odor. You can use dip nails simply or with the nail tips to create nail extensions. But it will be wrong to use these nails with nail forms. 

The dip powder method is more costly than other methods, but it is more durable and can last more than two weeks. It means dip powder can stay for a long time, and it can be a good choice for anyone. The downside of these nails is that they will feel heavier on your nails than acrylic nails. 

Gel Extensions

Gel Extensions
Gel Extensions add durability and naturalness to nails.

Gel extensions are also one of the durable and popular methods used as an alternative to acrylic nails. Some of the specific features of gel extensions are:

  • Durability & Long wearability
  • Safe & Don’t have any harmful chemical 
  • Lightweight 
  • No damage to natural skin and nails
  • Without fumes, odor, and heavy filing
  • Easy to apply & Remove

The plentiful advantages of gel extensions make them a little much more costly than other extensions and options. But the price varies according to your design’s complexity and expertise.

If you want an intricate design and more durable gel extensions, you have to pay more money. Depending on your choice and preferences, it may be in the range of $85-$350.

They can last up at least four weeks, and you can easily remove them soaking in acetone. Your gel extension will dissolve without doing any damage to your nails.

Gel nails are a healthy and versatile alternative to acrylic nails and are made of gel and pre-shaped nail tips. They are safe, durable, and less damaging than acrylic and other artificial nails.

The process of application is the same as acrylic nails, but the ingredients are different. Gel extensions have a thick UV gel which requires a LED lamp or a UV for curation, while acrylic nails use a polymer powder and need a liquid monomer for their curation. 

Gel nails are better than acrylic nails as they don’t have harmful chemicals and prove safe to use. One of the other advantages of gel nail extensions is that they are lightweight and don’t have any pressure on your natural nails, making them a safe and better alternative to acrylic nails.                                                            

Gel Nail Polishes

Gel Nail Polishes
Gel nails give a less natural look than acrylic nails

Gel nail polishes are gentle, cost-effective, and easy to use for your nails. They can be a good substitute for acrylic nails, but they are not as durable as acrylic nails. It is easy to use gel polishes by using nail tips to add extensions, and they can last at least three weeks. 

Gel nails polish for a short time so that you can choose other alternatives. They are safer and less chipped. You can select gel nail polishes for fewer time durations.

However, gel polish has to be exposed to UV light, so it’s not good for your nails either. The problem of removing it will also give you a headache because it is quite difficult.

Fiberglass Nails

Fiberglass Nails
Fiberglass Nails will be stronger and more durable than silk nails

Fiberglass has similar features and characteristics to silk nails. One difference is that a sheet of fiberglass can be used on nails to provide a more glossy and transparent look. They have a short time duration, so you don’t choose them for long-term applications. 

They are a good choice for thin and short nails and give a healthy-looking to your nails. You can easily apply fiberglass nails by applying a thin mesh strip, and it will make a hard layer on your nails. How many layers you apply will create a more rigid layer. It means you require much time for a hard layer of fiberglass nails and have to repeat this practice after two or three weeks.

Although fiberglass nails offer you a strong base, their overall result is not very satisfying. You may have to face difficulty in removing them.

Shellac Nails

Shellac Nails
CND is the leader in the Shellac gel polish line

Shellac nails give your nail a gorgeous look, best finishing, and chip-free material. You can apply these nails on any other nails you have ever used.

Their quality is superb and made by a brand CND. You can choose Shellac nails for durability and a more beautiful nail finishing and look. They can become your most favorite one, and you never look for an alternative by applying these beautiful nails.

These nails have unique properties and features such as protection, a shiny look, and gorgeous glaring shine. It is available in more than 100 shades and requires a unique process when UV (ultraviolet rays) strike molecules to activate them. 

Shellac nails prove very durable and can last more than 14 days if you apply them properly and professionally. They don’t damage or remove by indulging in household activities, and therefore they are the best and safe alternative to acrylic nails and especially suitable for a bride.  

You can use fake and artificial nails more safely by following some helpful tips recommended by experts.

  1. Don’t push and cut the cuticle too much. The cuticle protects against infections, so moderate cutting of cuticles can protect you. 
  2. Pair of gloves also protect your nail from weakening and use gloves before any household chores.
  3. It’s better to get nails that can be soaked off rather than have to file them off.
  4. You can use good quality sunscreen (UVA/UVB) before exposing your hands to UV rays.
  5. After removing nails, you can use cream moisturizer to your nails to make them healthy and safe.
  6. Don’t use artificial nails continuously;  take a break for some time before trying a new one. This break will give a new life to your nails, and they will flourish once again.

Summing Up

Fake nails give you a new trendy look, but they have some drawbacks when you use them. It’s best to care for your natural nails and make them beautiful and healthier, so you don’t need to look for artificial nails. 

Natural nails can strengthen with proper care. Acrylic nails and any other substitutes may be easy to apply, but they can create health problems for you. 


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