Tan asz u luau 200x Island Black Bronzer Review

If you are looking for a paradise in a bottle, your search is over. With the perfect sunlight, the tan asz u luau black 200x bronzer can give you an irresistible island glow.

The perfectly even tan with a blend of deep dark black charcoal will surely make you fall in love with this lotion.

So, stick to the end of our tan asz u luau 200x island black bronzer review to know if the lotion is really worth your money.

The tan Asz U brand has well-known popularity for coming with some appealing and gorgeous bottle designs, the island black bronzer is no exception.

They have cleverly crafted the luau theme won their bottle with beautiful flowers and an excellent play of colours.

However, the tan asz u island black has successfully placed itself among the best options from last year with the glowing look they offer you.

The lotion will leave your skin with such a wonderful soft touch that you will feel like wearing a cushion. The lotion comes with a rather strong scent and can spread over pretty quickly.

You might get a touch of pineapple and peaches but mostly awapuhi peach smoothies with the tropical island extracts.

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Tan asz u luau 200x Island Black Bronzer Review


  • Paradise level dark coloured bronzer
  • The black charcoal infusion is the reason behind the island glow
  • High levels of Marula oil help you with an incredible tan and soft skin
  • The max silicone and island extract cocktail keep the skin conditioned and features a long-lasting softness
  • Awapuhi Peach smoothie fragrance

Lotion consistency

You should know how important it is to choose the right consistency since it plays an essential role in the evenness of your tan.

Luckily, this solid black tanning lotion comes with a medium consistency with a bit of oily nature making it easier to rub in.

It spread over your skin pretty quickly while offering satisfying coverage since the bronzing components do an amazing job.

This lotion does an amazing job when it comes to a perfect tanning colour without any streaking or uneven marks. Additionally, it leaves you with a soft and smooth touch after every tanning session.

No Orange tone

When you see bronzer in a product, you are bound to get worried if it will leave orange marks on your skin or hands. But with this tanning lotion, you will get a perfect brown colour like you are supposed to get, with no orange stains.

However, the lotion can get a little messy on your skin after you are done applying. In order to avoid that, you can use a washcloth drenched in dishwashing to get rid of the unnecessary extra bronzer after your tanning session.

You can also use a wet wipe before going into the tanning bed. This will help you to avoid getting any kind of staining on your tan.


You should know that the main thing responsible for staining your skin is dihydroxyacetone (DHA) mostly found in self-bronzers and sunless tanning.

Usually, it works by reacting with the top layer’s proteins to help you get a temporary dark complexion. However, since this lotion is totally DHA-free, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Sun Protection

One of the main problems with these famous bronzers nowadays is that they do give a nicely done tan but don’t contain enough sunscreen to protect your skin from the UV rays.

As a result, many of you have to actually make a plan or depend on the weather to get a tan outside.

But luckily, unlike most other tanning lotions, the tan asz u luau 200x island black bronzer comes with a sun protection formula to help you save your skin from the harmful artificial UV rays emitted by the tanning beds or sunlight.


How many times have you complained about your tanning lotion getting washed away with a touch of water?

Well, those days are over. This bronzer is water-resistant and does not get away with water. Besides, it’s purely a natural bronzer that uses its formula to improve the melanin production in your body resulting in a dark tan.


Some people have complained of getting dry skin or itchiness from a tanning session. While these tanning lotions do advertise having moisturizers in them, that’s not really that effective.

So, it’s better if you use an extra moisturizer cream before and after each tanning session. Besides preventing skin dryness, this will keep you hydrated and save you from itchiness.

Glowing and soft skin

The luau black tanning lotion ingredients have a lot of hydrating effects in them and they try their best to keep your skin healthy.

The marula oil in the lotion promotes silky and conditioned skin. Moreover, the silicone base helps your skin to get the most glowing and soft-touch while implementing an easy application.

In short, this lotion contains everything you will need for an ideal tan with healthy skin. Make sure you have rubbed it in properly.


  • The deep dark island glow will make you feel like paradise
  • With a medium consistency, the lotion gets quickly absorbed
  • Totally DHA and Paraben free
  • Has a minimum sun protection
  • Water-resistant
  • Soft and glowing skin
  • Keeps the skin hydrated and conditioned


  • Your hands can get a little orangey


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the expiration date?

There is no fixed expiry date for the tanning lotion. However, you will find 12M, 24M, or 18M written on the body.

It means the time period after you have opened the lotion. Experts recommend using the lotion only for that amount of time.

If the lotion does get expired, you will feel that easily. The lotion won’t be effective anymore and the consistency might drop.

How long does the tanning last?

If you are applying for the first time, it’s supposed to have an effect for straight 4-5 days. After some sessions, it will start to last longer like 1 or 2 weeks with each session.

Does the lotion leave any streak?

No, it doesn’t. The lotion is known to provide an even tan without any kind of streaking or staining. However, your hands might get a little orangey after applying it which will easily go away after washing.

Final Thoughts

Reading the island black tanning lotion reviews will really help you to know about the product deeply.

Considering everything, this tanning lotion is quite an effective natural bronzer that tries its best to give you the perfect tan. With no streaking, you will get a beautiful brown tan with the least UV radiation exposure.

One thing to remember with this lotion is that if you are a beginner tanner or have very pale skin, it’s better to use a basic tan accelerator first to build the basic colour.

Then it will be easier for your body to adjust to the colour offered by the tan asz u luau 200x island black bronzer.

So, there go my in-depth luau tanning lotion reviews of the tan asz u luau black 200x bronzer.

I sincerely hope that you found whatever you were looking for. Don’t forget to mention your thoughts in the comment section!


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