Can You Go On Sunbeds After Hair Dye?

Summer has come here, and the weather appears to be getting hotter by the minute. We are aware that many of you desire to get several sunbed sessions to achieve the perfect dark appearance. 

In today’s post, we will discuss the effects of indoor tanning on colored hair! Continue reading to find out more.

Can You Go On Sunbeds After Hair Dye?

Yes, you can go for a sunbed tanning after having your hair colored or lightened. If your hair is still healthy and the coloring process goes smoothly, you should be able to use a sunbed without any problems.

However, you should not go on sunbeds after dyeing your hair in the following situations:

The first one is when your hair or scalp has been burned after dying. In this case, you should avoid using a sunbed because putting heat on it may exacerbate the problem.

Specifically, heat and sun may irritate the skin and bring you more incredible pain once your scalp is burned after dyeing. If the hair is fried, tanning may cause it to lose moisture, making it worse.

Additionally, using a sunbed will lighten hair quicker, which implies that if your hair is colored, its lifespan may be impacted if you use a sunbed.

You can go on sunbeds after hair dye.
You can go on sunbeds after hair dye.

Is Tanning Harmful to Your Hair?

Despite the fact that you can use sunbeds after having your hair dyed. On the other hand, sunbeds have a negative impact on hair, as we will discuss in the following section.

Dry your hair

UV rays can potentially dry your hair; regardless they are from the sun itself or the tanning booth. The truth is, too much of anything may be harmful.

Not only does UV light dry it out but it can also alter the appearance of the hair if it has already been colored.

Too much exposure to UV might cause sunburn, but it may also dry out the hair.  Aside from being inconvenient, dry hair has difficulty absorbing nutrients and missing the moisture required for its characteristic luster.

While the tanning session may assist you in finding your ideal shade, it is critical that you take care to cover your hair when you intend on spending much time in the tanning booth or in the sun. We will go over several strategies to preserve your hair later in this post.

Fade colored hair

Another thing to keep in mind, whether tanning indoors or outdoors, is that UV rays can discolor your colored hair. 

The sun is known as a natural bleach, whitening anything it comes into contact with, even the hair color. UV radiation from the sun may break down the chemical bonds found in dyes, causing them to fade.

As a result, if your hair has been color-treated, the color is likely to fade faster as it is exposed to sunshine.

Hair that has been dyed, permed, or treated seems to be more porous and hence more prone to fading. That is why you should take proper precautions to guarantee that your hair retains its beautiful color.

How To Protect Your Dyed Hair In A Sunbed?

Use protection

Once using a sunbed, do not forget to use a shower cap to preserve your hair. In order to guarantee that your hair receives the maximum amount of protection, use a darker-colored shower cap rather than a transparent one.

Alternatively, a

beanie may also be used to protect your colored hair from the sun and heat. However, remember that you can feel warmer in the sunbed when you wear a beanie than usual.

You should put on a dark-colored shower cap to protect your colored hair.
You should put on a dark-colored shower cap to protect your colored hair.

You may also utilize a towel to protect your hair from a sunbed, which is essentially the same idea as the shower cap. Besides, it helps keep UV rays from immediately hitting your dyed hair.

Furthermore, putting on a bandana to protect your hair is a good idea since you may wrap it around the head without continually tucking your hair strands behind it.

If you do not have a bandana, a headscarf would be another viable option. These two choices are less humid and hot than shower caps, but they are hard to wear.

Apply serums and conditioners

Several conditioners and serums available on the market can help keep your hair from UV rays and heat damage.

Utilize them before going into the sunbed to protect unless you want to put on something to protect it. Use a serum or conditioner, as well as anything to protect your hair for optimal protection. 

For the best result, you had better use your serum or conditioner and wear the shower cap or towel to incubate them.

Use a heat protectant

Many high-quality hair protectants on the market today are worth your purchase. 

Unless you want to wear a cap turban or cap, you may use a heat protectant instead. Before entering the sunbed, apply it all over the hair. Start by rubbing it to the roots and scalp, then work your way down to the ends.

Follow a color-preserving routine

Color-preserving shampoos and conditioners should always be used. Doing so will assist in keeping your hair’s color and making it less sensitive to UV exposure from the sunbeds.

The frequency of using color-preserving shampoo and conditioner actually depends on their formulas. 

However, to attain the desired effects, you should use a color-preserving shampoo and conditioner two to three times per week since tinted washes do not include permanent color, the effects can diminish over time.

Several formulas provide up to four weeks of dye with one wash, in which situation you may wait until it fades before reusing it.

Additionally, if the colored shampoo is extremely drying, it should be best to switch to a moisturizing shampoo.

Make use of a leave-in conditioner

This product may help protect your dyed hair from the sun by creating a barrier on top of it. 

Also, using a leave-in conditioner will nourish the hair and keep it from drying out too much.

  • First, rinse the hair well after shampooing it in the shower.
  • You may use your normal conditioner in the shower if you prefer, but make sure to properly rinse the hair afterward.
  • Once you get out of the shower, carefully pat the hair dry using a towel to eliminate any extra water.
  • Put a small amount of leave-in conditioner on the hair (as directed on the container).
  • To untangle the hair, use a comb or brush.
  • Allow the hair to dry or style as preferred.

You should use a leave-in conditioner once per week as a general guideline.

However, because this product is meant to add moisture to the hair, you may use it every day when it requires it and the hair still feels and looks healthy afterward.

If your type of hair does not require that extra moisture, you will most certainly harm it when using it too frequently.

Also, do not forget to check the label of the product you intend to buy. Several leave-in conditioners are intended to be used daily after washing. Others, though, are not.

Ask for a protective headgear from your tanning salon

Several tanning salons provide specific headwear that can be worn inside a sunbed. If your tanning salon provides this service, it is always the best option.

The explanation for this is that the headgear is specifically designed to preserve your hair when tanning on a sunbed.

Moreover, it is much lighter than putting on a shower hat and is not as difficult to tuck the hair under as wearing a bandana.


Asking for protective headgear to protect your dyed hair is a good idea.
Asking for protective headgear to protect your dyed hair is a good idea.

You can watch this helpful video for further information:

Is It Harmful To Blonde Hair To Go On Sunbeds?

Tanning sunbeds may be damaging to blonde hair. They are detrimental to hair regardless of color, but blonde hair is more vulnerable. 

It is due to the fact that blonde hair has already been stripped to seem blonde, so once the light strikes the hair, it comes with no cover at all.

Also, blondes are most vulnerable since their hair cannot go any further once it is platinum.

Does Using A Sunbed Lighten Your Hair?

We would say yes since tanning sunbeds have lamps or bulbs that generate UV rays to help brown your skin. 

While UV radiation may make your skin darker, it can also lighten your hair. The discrepancy here is due to the different natures of your hair and skin.

Your hair consists of dead tissues, whereas your skin comprises living tissue cells’ layers. The shaft swells as your hair is exposed to radiation, causing the pigment molecule to split. Then, the hair color may lighten as a result of this technique.

Because hair is just made up of water, lipids, pigment, and structural proteins, it retains its state and color. 

They are simply replaced once new hair grows. Exposure to the sun, as well as time spent in sunbeds, can produce color changes in the hair.

On the other hand, radiation may permeate deeper into the layers of your skin when it enters. 

It accesses melanocytes to stimulate the creation of melanin, the substance that causes your skin to darken. The more melanin there is in the skin, the darker the skin tone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What hair care products should you use when going on sunbeds after hair dye?

Cantu Thermal Shield Heat Protectant

This lightweight spray of Cantu demonstrates that you do not have to spend a lot of money to acquire luxury hair products. This protectant is made with nutritious shea butter, helps prevent flyaways and frizz, and performs well on textured, colored, permed, and relaxed hair.

Notably, this heat protectant spray protects hair from sources of heat with temperatures up to 450 degrees.

Pureology Colour Fanatic Leave-in Conditioner Hair Treatment Detangler Spray

The product was created specifically for those desiring to keep their hair color from UV exposure. It has excellent heat protection and can withstand temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Its antifade compound guarantees serious color care, and it is among the most effective heat protectants for keeping colored hair looking great. Also, it has 21 hair care properties and may help your hair become lustrous, smooth, and hydrated after use.

TRESemmé Shampoo

This Tresemmé shampoo and conditioner set aided with color retention. It helps you achieve velvety smooth hair with a natural flow. 

Importantly, you may experience 5 benefits in 1 system because it is made with marula and keratin oil. It controls frizzy hair without making it appear drab. You can also experience a flawless look and feel that moves with you. 

BIOLAGE Smooth Proof Serum

This six-in-one smoothing hair serum works miracles in just a bottle. It lives up to its name by reducing all tangles. Because this hair serum is non-oily and non-sticky, you can still use it if your scalp is oily.

The oil, which contains grape seed oil and avocado, makes hair lustrous and soft and protects your hair from heat. Also, it is light on the scalp and eliminates frizz.

Streax Pro Hair Serum Vita Gloss

Streax hair serum, which contains Vitamin E, softens, minimizes frizz, and makes the hair velvety. It shines up your hair and detangles it as well.

Furthermore, this hair serum helps nourish your scalp while reducing the risk of hair damage caused by pollution and heat.

Can you go tan outside with dyed hair?

It is feasible to go tan outside in the sun with colored hair. 

Nevertheless, longer durations of time are not advisable if you have colored your hair to protect it from UV rays and heat, which can cause additional irritation and burning to your hair and scalp. 

Besides, you should avoid going outside while your hair color is still processing since the sun may speed up the process, causing your hair to sustain more damage in a shorter time than usual. 

Furthermore, the sun can wreak havoc in addition to oxidizing hair dyes, causing the color to shift. If you use dark hair color, the roots are at risk of going orange. Yet, if you use blonde hair color, they may turn white.

Bottom Line

Now, it is time to go over again. This article provides you with valuable information about not onlyCan Tanning Beds Change Hair Color?” but also some tips to protect your hair. If you find this post interesting, do not forget to share it with your friends and family!


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