Ziip Vs Nuface: Which Microcurrent Device Should You Buy?

Both ZIIP and NuFace work remarkably well to tone, lift and sculpt the skin without painful injectables and needling treatments yet there are a few differences between both of these.

Ziip Vs Nuface
Ziip Vs Nuface

ZIIP and NuFace are some of the major trending microcurrent devices, adopted by many people as a part of their permanent skin-care regimen.

They are not only non-invasive but also painless, handy and use the latest technology to lift and tighten the skin; all that by sitting at the comfort of your home.

This is because in this pandemic-ridden world, it is not always a great idea to pay weekly and monthly visits to the salons so the brands have made these handy devices accessible to common people.

Now getting brighter, clearer and lifted skin is just pushing a button away with these amazing hi-tech and effective facial toning devices! 

In this article, we will give in-depth details about these two devices by drawing a comparison between both of these so you would know

which one is the right fit for you if you are planning to try this new skin care trend.

Overview of ZIIP Beauty & NuFace Trinity

ZIIP Beauty

The wide variety of programs and treatments available with the ZIIP device enable you to avail every possible luxurious treatment for your skin.

What makes ZIIP stand apart is the use of

nano current (along with the usual microcurrent) that penetrates deep into the skin to address nine different skin problems.

The company claims that nano current is proven to be more effective for skin, gives long lasting results and is suitable for very sensitive skins as well.

When you rub the ZIIP device over your skin in circular motions, it would send nano-sized electrical currents deep beyond the skin cells to fight multiple signs of aging. 

ZIIP uses different wavelengths according to different skin problems.

For example, it uses relatively lower frequencies for lifting, toning and sculpting the skin and uses higher frequencies for increasing blood circulation and plumping the skin up.

When addressing other skin issues, it often uses high and low frequencies together. 

NuFace Trinity

A very straightforward device, NuFace is well-established and very popular in the arena of skin care and beauty


Like ZIIP, NuFace also uses microcurrent technology. However, it does not have nano current.

When you rub the NuFace device in glides, it would send micro-sized electrical currents to treat around 3-5 aging skin problems.

You can use it by gliding it three times on one side of the neck, three times on the side of the cheek, three swipes on forehead and then repeat on the other side of the face. 

Unlike ZIIP, NuFace uses only one kind of wavelength. You just need to adjust the intensity accordingly.

To find more instructions about how to do the glides or how to perform basic movements and advanced techniques, you can refer to NuFace’s official website or find how-to videos found on the NuFace app.

ZIIP vs NuFace Comparison

The Basics

ZIIP Devices

  • Size: It is about 4 inches long and 2 inches wide.
  • Strength: Depending on the program used, its strength can go upto 400 mA. 
  • Frequency: It uses various frequencies for various designed programs.
  • Technology: It uses both Microcurrent and Nanocurrent technologies.
  • Variants: The ZIIP device is available as two variants in the market; ZIIP GX and ZIIP OX.
  • FDA Approved: Yes, it is FDA approved. 
  • Warranty: It has a warranty time period of 2 years

What Is There In The Whole ZIIP Package?


The device comes with a mini padded plastic bag for storage purposes and a cleaning cloth. The plastic bag is travel friendly and you can use it if you want to save your device from any wet spills or dirt.

The ZIIP beauty device also comes with a charging USB cable. With this, you can easily charge the device with a USB port either from your computer or through any USB outlet. 


For charging, you have another option to plug the USB into the charger and then plug that charger to any wall socket that has a stable electricity supply.

Personally, connecting the USB cable with a computer to charge is a much better and hassle-free option since you do not have to face different and fluctuating electric supplies, varying with each place if you are, for example, traveling, that may cause damage to the device.

Conductivity gel

With this, you would also find conductivity gel that you would put on your face before using the device.


However, the ZIIP device does not come with any attachment. This is because all the treatments and programs are pre-installed in the device so you do not have to go buy extra attachments for any specified treatment.

NuFace Devices

  • Size: It is about 5 inches long and 2.5 inches wide.
  • Strength: Its strength can go upto 335 mA and it has one program. Uses 200 mA with ELE attachment.
  • Frequency: Because of having a single program, it uses a fixed frequency.
  • Technology: It only uses Microcurrent technology.
  • Variants: The NuFace device has 4 variants: NuFace Trinity, NuFace mini, NuFace Fix and Nubody.
  • FDA Approved: Yes, like ZIIP, it is FDA approved. 
  • Warranty: It has a warranty time period of one year. However, it offers a 60-days refund policy if you are not satisfied with the product.

What Is There In The Whole NuFace Package?

NuFace package
NuFace package

The NuFace Trinity device is compact and can easily fit the palm of your hands.

I personally love its sleek and ergonomic look. It has a replaceable or you can say detachable head so that you get two options.

  • 1) large probe for overall face
  • 2) small probe for ELE (Eye and Lip area).


For charging purposes, it comes with a dock which gets plugged into the wall through a standard plug. However, the dock being unsteady, can catch dust and pollutants easily.

Conductivity gel

The NuFace device, like ZIIP, comes with a conductivity gel by the name of NuFace Gel Primer which is thick in consistency but can be easily spread across the face.

As for the quantity, a 59ml/2Oz gel can last for about a month if used five times in a week on both face and the neck. 


NuFace also offers two extra attachments. One for eye and lip area (ELE) and one red light/infrared attachment that works to reduce wrinkles.

But, you have to pay extra for these two attachments to gain its benefits.

What Programs Do They Offer?

ZIIP offers the following programs:

  • Primer: Preps up and brightens the skin.
  • Energize: A 12 minute long program designed to fill, lift and provide glow.
  • Lymph and Lift: Best for lymphatic drainage, it is for contouring and radiance.
  • Sensitive Energize: Designed exclusively for sensitive skin, it calms, heals and tones the skin.
  • Instant Glorification: It lifts/sculpts and refreshes the skin.
  • Pigment: An amazing regimen to treat and prevent melasma and sunspots.
  • Total Clearing: An 8-minute regimen to fight bacteria and treat plus prevent acne.
  • Quick Fix: This program works wonderfully to treat delicate and problem areas that otherwise are hard to treat such as under eye area and fine lines. 
  • Vital Eyes: Works to reduce puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles.

NuFace has just one program that offers the following treatments:

  •  Lift: It stimulates the areas of the face and neck to lift and tighten the appearance.
  • Contour: It contours the face and the neck to tone the overall skin.
  • Wrinkle and Fine line reducer: The two extra interchangeable attachments serve this purpose of reducing the wrinkles and fine lines under eyes and around the lip area remarkably.

The Sound (User experience)

ZIIP: It beeps a total of 3 times but with different duration.

The single beep occurs when you turn it on, beeping twice means it has been turned off while 3 times beeps means that the treatment from the app has been synced.

Moreover, when you are in the middle of the treatment, it will beep 3x to remind you to move to the other side of the face.

Other than that, the device is usually silent and only vibrates a little to signal about moving to the next area of the face.

NuFace: It beeps every 5 seconds to remind you about moving to the next area of the face.

So in a sense, it might be a bit disturbing and distracting for some people because of frequent beeping during the treatment.

How To Use?

How To Use The ZIIP Device?

Using the ZIIP device and getting the hi-tech treatments is just an app away
Using the ZIIP device and getting the hi-tech treatments is just an app away

First of all, just turn on the device with a single button it comes with. The same button will be used to turn off the device.

Next, you will need to download the ZIIP app and connect it to your device through simple bluetooth to begin your treatments. This amazing app allows you to access around 10-14 treatments; the duration of which varies accordingly.

And for sure this is the best part about ZIIP for it gives you access to a wide variety of programs, designed specifically for your individual skin care needs. Each program, as mentioned before, provides different wavelengths and currents.

Once synced and connected to the app, you can begin the treatments you like by browsing through the app and making selections accordingly.

Simply apply a thin layer of the conductive gel that comes with it for a smooth and comfortable experience without any friction.

Now, gently rotate the device in circular motions across your face for duration specific to the treatment you are having. Generally, it ranges from 5-20 minutes. You can go on longer for about 40 minutes as well but it needs a bit more time.

We recommend starting with 5 minutes and slowly going till the 20-minute span so that any potential irritation to the skin is minimized.

It is that simple! Sit back and enjoy your treatment!

How To Use The NuFace Trinity Device?

NuFace also has an app that works by giving detailed instructions about how to perform treatments the right away

Just like ZIIP, you will need to turn on the device by a button that it comes with.

Next, download the NuFace app through the app store. Get connected to the app and begin the treatments right away.

The app also gives clear cut directions by how-to videos and tutorials so you can browse those super simple videos. The videos have models enacting the treatments. Those videos are however silent and you have to read the instructions alongside. 


apply a thin layer of the conductivity gel/NuFace gel primer on your face. This not only ensures proper transference of the microcurrents but also minimizes any unwanted sensation.

Follow the instructions of gliding and swiping the silver ball on the device gradually starting from one side and then moving on to another.

On the other hand, the ELE and red light attachments come with a smaller probe so you need to detach the attachment head and replace it with the one that would specifically target the smaller muscles of the under eye and lip area.  

The interesting thing about the NuFace is that it gives results even when used only for 5 minutes.

So begin by using it for 5 minutes in total according to the brand’s instructions. Once you are used to it, you can for a 20 minute session but do not exceed it for more than 20 minutes. 

After that, you can

leave the gel/primer on your skin as it is, massage it a bit and simply follow up with your usual skin care routine or you can rinse off that gel entirely through water or by a damp cloth after you are done.

How Often to Use?

How often should I use the ZIIP device?

Since ZIIP is FDA approved and safe to use, the company recommends that you use it 3 times a week.

You can also use it 6 times per week but make sure not to exceed the count of 6. Also make sure to take 1-2 days off in a week between the treatments so your skin can better process the treatments taken and does not get too exhausted.

It is best if you keep rotating the treatments. While the other programs are flexible to use as many as 6 times a week, I recommend limiting the programs Pigment and Total Clearing to only 3 times a week and not to use it more than once in 24 hours. 

How often should I use the NuFace Trinity device?

Like ZIIP, NuFace Trinity is FDA cleared and Aesthetician approved so it is absolutely safe to use for 5 times a week in a row.

Using it for 5 minutes will bring cumulative and immediate results although you can also extend the time according to your preference.

However, I recommend using it for 5 minutes only for at least 60 days in the beginning and then you can proceed to extend the duration for up to 20 minutes and can get results by using it only twice a week as well after the 60 days span. 

I personally enjoy using it every alternate day just like ZIIP.

It is because the microcurrent technology is so beneficial that it not only helps in muscle training but also encourages blood circulation and promotes the production of collagen and elastin – the key components for energized skin cellular developments. 

Side Effects of ZIIP & NuFace

ZIIP: While it is safe to use and the company claims that it works best for sensitive skin, I personally feel a bit tingly whenever I use the ZIIP.

Also sometimes, when there is not enough conductive gel on my face, I sometimes get a little extra zap.

NuFace: Some people have complained about the shocks the device gives when a sufficient amount of conductive gel is not put over the face just like ZIIP.

However, the shocks hurt more than the ZIIP shocks. I also feel a sort of metallic taste in my mouth whenever I use the NuFace device.

ZIIP vs NuFace – Summarized Similarities and Differences


  • Both perform the same function: At the heart of these microcurrent devices lie the ultimate desire to tone and lift the skin and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, so both of these devices work pretty well to prevent aging and maintaining youthfulness. 
  • Both are user-friendly: Both NuFace and ZIIP are user-friendly and easy to use devices and no one device is more complicated in terms of usage than the other. You just have to pick up the handy device and massage your face!
  • Both have an app: ZIIP and NuFace both work through their respective apps that are very easy to use and guide the customer in detail.
  • Both are FDA approved, rechargeable, portable and offer free deliveries.


  • The use of currents: NuFace uses microcurrent only whereas ZIIP uses microcurrent and nano current both.
  • Pricing and warranty: NuFace without attachments costs less than the ZIIP device. However, ZIIP has a year longer warranty than ZIIP.
  • Usage time: NuFace’s usage time is 5 minutes and ZIIP’s usage time is 20 minutes on average.
  • Attachments: ZIIP comes with no attachment and NuFace has an option of buying two more attachments.
  • Size, Intensity and Battery life: NuFace measures 5.5 inches long, intensity is 335mA and battery life is 2 weeks whereas ZIIP measures 4 inches long, operates on 400mA and battery life is 3-4 weeks.
  • Programs: ZIIP offers 9 programs and NuFace only offers 1 program.

Summarized Comparison Chart

ZIIP vs NuFace ZIIP NuFace
Size 4 inches long 5.5 inches long
Additional technology Nanocurrent Eye and Lip wrinkle reducers, sold separately
What do you get with the device? Golden Gel (2.7 fl oz/80ml)

1 charging USB cable

1 padded travel bag

1 cleaning cloth

Standard facial trainer attachment

Primer gel (2 fl oz/59ml)

Charging cradle

Power adapter

How often to use it? 3-6 times a week 5 times a week for 20 minutes maximum.
App available? Yes Yes
Attachments None ELE (eye and lip) attachment

Red infrared (wrinkle reducer) attachment

Variants GX and OX Trinity, Mini, Body, Fix, ELE and Wrinkle reducer attachments
Intensity 400 mA 335 mA
Portable Yes Yes
Rechargeable Yes Yes
FDA Approved Yes Yes
Battery life 3-4 weeks 2 weeks
Warranty 2 years 1 year
Refund Policy 15-20 days 60 days


What is Microcurrent technology?

Microcurrent treatment or technology makes use of microcurrent (small electric current) that helps in lifting, toning and tightening the skin through stimulating cell development although it can also sometimes incorporate nanocurrent to enhance performance and sensitivity.

The whole process is medically non-invasive which means it does not require any incision into the body.

As we age, the production of collagen and elastin (the main proteins found in the skin, crucial to lend shape and texture to the skin) decreases.

The microcurrent technology used by these hand-held microcurrent devices that can easily fit into your palm, also help increase elastin and collagen production upto 45% so they are truly anti-aging devices.

Due to its high functionality and multi-purpose nature, a microcurrent device equipped with microcurrent technology benefits the skin in the following ways:

  • It lifts, sculpts, and tones the skin.
  • It promotes the growth of collagen, elastin and adenosine triphosphate (ATP).
  • It tightens the appearance of the skin by tightening facial muscles and connective tissues through encouraging overall cellular activity.
  • It stimulates clear and smooth skin by fighting skin problems like wrinkles and fine lines, sagging jawline, hyperpigmentation and puffiness. Devices using nano current technology even go as far as to work perfectly on sensitive and smaller areas like above the lip and under the eyes.

What’s the Difference between Microcurrent and Nanocurrent

The microcurrent used in these microcurrent devices is basically similar to the natural current in the body which is especially beneficial in restoring and repairing damaged tissues.

In this way, we can say that the microcurrent technology operates on prevention and maintenance methods because it not only prevents rough skin but also rejuvenates the skin and maintains the youthful look by eliminating wrinkles, saggy skin and fine lines.

NuFace effectively uses the microcurrent.

On the other hand, nanocurrent is all the way similar to microcurrent except that it has a much smaller electrical wavelength that enables it to penetrate deeper into the skin.

While microcurrents target the muscles and upper layers of the skin, nanocurrent being smaller than microcurrents, travel easily with negligible resistance to reach deeper layers of the skin. 

This means that apart from performing basic treatments like lifting skin and smoothing fine lines, it can efficiently tackle rather difficult skin problems like breakouts, hyperpigmentation and lymphatic drainage.

This is why ZIIP is especially popular as an effective nano current device because in addition to providing low level electrical stimulation, it also provides increased cellular turnover, promotes lymphatic drainage, and skin firms when used just a few times a week.

Now let us move on to an in-depth comparison between the two amazing anti-aging devices people are talking loud about – ZIIP vs NuFace!

How long does the conductive gel in ZIIP last?

The gel that is used to perform ZIIP facials lasts around 6 months if you use it daily. After that, you will need to change the gel.

How long does the conductive gel in NuFace last?

If used five times per week, it lasts for about a month.

I am kind of scared of using these devices daily. Can I begin by using them once a week?

Actually, no. Whether it is ZIIP or NuFace, none would show noticeable results if you use them once or twice a week in the beginning.

When you start doing your preferred treatments, use them at least 5 times per week for about 6 weeks in total to gain maximum benefits. The timing, however, should not be extended more than 5-10 minutes in the beginning. 

After this trial span of 6 weeks, you can then adjust your timings and days as per your wish switching from 5 times a week to twice a week easily and increasing the timing from 5 minutes to 20 minutes (in NuFace) and upto 40 minutes (in ZIIP).

Plus, both are FDA approved and safe for the skin so there is no need to fret. 

Is there any difference in the ZIIP variants?

ZIIP beauty has two variants; ZIIP GX and ZIIP OX. And there is no difference in terms of functionality.

They both work the same way, giving you access to all 9 treatment programs through the ZIIP app. The only slight difference is in the appearance, color and the formulation of the conductive gel.

Where ZIIP GX comes with a golden strap on the side, its conductive gel is called the Golden gel and ZIIP OX comes with a silver strap on the side with a Crystal conductive gel.

Is there any difference in the NuFace variants?

Other than NuFace trinity itself and the two separate ELE attachments we already mentioned, NuFace also has NuFace mini, NuFace Fix and Nubody with a few differences. 

NuFace Fix is a mascara sized gadget that uses the “feathering” technique to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, taking 3 minutes per area (the areas include the mouth, eyes and forehead). It costs around $149. 

NuBody is another multi-purpose microcurrent skin toning device to tone, firm, smooth wrinkles and dimples. It also reduces the appearance of cellulite for a tight and flawless look. Working as a 5-minute sculpting regimen, it costs around $399. 

NuFace Mini is an inch lesser and compact in size than its sibling Trinity and works equally well.

However, one major difference is that it is not compatible with the attachments which means you can not use extra attachments for more treatments.

It then becomes a simple microcurrent device, primarily doing the job of lifting and sculpting the skin and is lightweight and portable.

In terms of performance and efficiency, as we said above, it works the same. So if you are looking for a more simple and affordable option then Mini is the one for you. It costs around $199.

Final Thoughts

ZIIP and NuFace both microcurrent devices have proved themselves revolutionary when it comes to easy and accessible skin care.

With these facial toning devices, you do not have to pay hefty amounts to salons yet can get the same professional level facial and skin care just by sitting at your homes.

Both are portable, painless and non-invasive.

While I did not find any particular or major glitch that would make me term a device less impressive, I still think the ZIIP beauty is a game changer because of having 9 programs and so many more treatments than the NuFace Trinity.

Many people have said that ZIIP is pricey and very expensive. However,  I believe it brings in more value with its high price.

Also, if you want to have two more treatments in NuFace, you would have to purchase two extra attachments as mentioned above costing you higher in total price than ZIIP.

Moreover, ZIIP is more compact than the two so if you are a declutter freak, then you would love ZIIP.

The only thing why people are hesitant in trying it out is because it is a newly launched device than the NuFace Trinity and so many people have already established their trust on a good performance of NuFace and want to stay on the track of “tried and tested”.

In short, both devices perform almost equally well yet the programs and treatments in ZIIP are much more diverse, high-performance and advanced also including lymphatic drainage and melasma reduction that makes it one of the top-notch microcurrent devices ever invented!

No matter whichever device you go for, always remember that being consistent with your treatments and skin care regimen is the key to achieve flawless skin.

We wish you toned, lifted and energized skin today and forever. Keep glowing!


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