Can You Shave After A Spray Tan? Tips To Have A Gleaming Skin 2022

Spray or fake tans are becoming more popular as the girls pursue a sun-free glow. The process is not tricky but there are several aspects you should pay extra attention to.

Shaving Before or After a Spray Tan may be a question many girls wonder. Moreover, it is right that you just need to tan your skin without using any skincare products? And a few more problems around applying a spray tan will be solved clearly in this post. 

Can You Shave After A Spray Tan?

If you are tanning your skin and you wonder whether you can shave your skin after applying an instant tan, we can confirm that you completely can do that.
However, just stop there and wait for some words.
You should not shave right after applying the tan layer as you can peel off the colored epidermis. In some cases, you can leave a patchy tan on your skin. It can be the worst situation that can happen if you don’t pay attention to the proper time to shave. 
You can shave after 8-9 hours of tanning but you should wait at least 12 hours or 24 hours in case you have time and ensure completely safe for your tan skin. After that time, the spray tan layer can be set on your skin and you should shave gently. 
Keep in mind that shaving can make the color come off, so you can reduce this possibility, you should not shower or soak your body in water too long. 
To have a perfect gradual tan, you can refer to the sections below. They will save you from a dilemma. What are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeve, read this article carefully and be ready to have attractive skin like Hollywood stars. 

Tan skin is a wish of many girls and spray tan was born to make the dream come true.
Tan skin is a wish of many girls and spray tan was born to make the dream come true.

How Does Fake Tan Work?

You have known that shaving after a spray tan is possible, now, you can discover the ways fake tan works on your skin.

The spray tan is more and more common in the aesthetic field as it is safer than UV tanning and nearly harm-free to your health, Almost sunless tan products are added with a coloring agent called DHA aka dihydroxyacetone. 
Spray tan just leaves a superficial tan on your skin.
Spray tan just leaves a superficial tan on your skin.

It is an active ingredient in sunless tanners that integrates with amino acids in your skin to brown it. Of course, they are just a product to color your skin, therefore, they work on the outermost of the skin. To spray the liquid on your body, you need to use a nozzle. Besides DHA, some products also have bronze.
Do you know what the bronze is for? Bronze is the main factor to create a beautiful golden glow. DHA combines with amino acids in the dead outermost layer of skin and the oxygen in the air to give you a gradual darkening effect on your skin. 
The effects of DHA cannot last long as it is just a temporary solution. You can freely opt for the tone, and the steps preparing for a spray tan for your body. Don’t forget to consider your skin type, it also determines the tan you get. 
That is a simple spray-tan process. Although sunbathing can offer you a natural bronze surface, it contains quite many potential risks. A spray tan impacts the top layer while the effects of sunbathing are deeper. When you tan your skin, the harsh UV rays will deeply activate melanocytes underneath your skin. 
Their function is to trigger melanin production and melanin is a critical ingredient in lower the brightness of your epidermis. Due to the position of melanocytes, you should be aware of this method. Therefore, we highly recommend you choose a spray-tan method to color your skin. 

How To Shave After A Spray Tan

Shaving after a spray tan is not a complicated process, you just need to be patient and do the following steps to have smooth skin and maintain glowy tan skin. 

Shaving after a spray tan requires you to do the steps carefully.
Shaving after a spray tan requires you to do the steps carefully.

Patience Is A Key To Success

Right after you tan your skin, the color has not been developed and set firmly on your skin. That’s why you need to wait. 
The ideal period is 24 hours after tanning. You can shave hair for the first time but in some cases, if you are in an urgent situation, you should wait for at least 8, 9, or 12 hours. If you shave sooner, the lifespan of spray tan on your epidermis will be reduced and even harm your skin. This rule is also apple for rapid tans. 
A spray tan consists of DHA, this chemical will work with amino acids on the top surface when you apply spray tan to your body. During this process, your skin might be more sensitive and brushed spots might appear when the process is completed. 
However, you should not worry too much. They are just common symptoms caused by the reaction between DHA and the compounds in your skin. Besides making your skin red, sometimes it can bring blood to the outermost layer of your skin to promote UV absorption capability. 
Your skin is vulnerable, thus, to reduce the irritation when removing hair, it needs a break-time to recover and repair itself (at least 12 hours). 
While waiting, you can apply the spray tan extender you like to extend the time the tan layer stays on your skin.  We believe that all of you want to have streak-free glow skin and you are patient enough to get the best results. 

Don’t Save Your Budget By Using Old Razors

Using a new razor is not only a hygiene problem but also protects your skin from being scratched too much. The principle of shaving is that the less you cut into your epidermis, the less the outer layer is removed. If you use the old razor, the blunt and dull blade cannot glide on your skin smoothly and completely remove hair within 1 or 2 strikes. 

Fresh razor reduce the risks of dragging tan layer.
A fresh razor will reduce the risks of dragging your tan layer.

In this situation, you have to shave many times to remove hair and the tan on the surface will be removed a quite large amount. The brand-new razor can save your time during the shaving process since the sharp blades can glide smoothly over the hair without taking much spray tan. 
Moreover, the fresh razor allows you to go quickly through the thick hair layer with minimal effort. You will not want your efforts to become nonsense, will you? 
Another choice for you is to use an electric razor. Believe us, it is worth your money. It can offer you as close to your skin and is less harsh compared to manual razors. Thus, it is hard to exfoliate the tanned layer and can extend the lifespan of your epidermis. 
You just need to spend a couple of minutes cleaning your hair instead of shaving every day like when you use normal razors. 

Never Use Shaving Foam 

Almost all of the shaving foam on the market now contain harsh chemicals such as alcohol or detergent ingredients), they are enemies of sunless tan and can remove the spray tan. Why? Shaving cream has been born for shaving, right?
Yes, but it is just for normal skin. Shaving cream can give you a toning effect and help to close your pores so that it can improve the glides of razors across your hair. However, it is a different story when it exposes to your tan skin since it will efface the colored layer and your effort and money will be washed out along with each shave. 
Therefore, using them on your skin is unadvisable, not only that, if your lotion and deodorant include one or both of them, don’t hesitate to throw them away. 

You should stay away from shaving foam.
You should stay away from shaving foam.

You can grab shower gels or conditioners to spread on your skin before shaving to avoid irritation. Remember to stay away from products containing sulfates to prevent these products from dissolving the tan. You can choose shaving lotion that is made especially for sun-free tanned skin. 
Other options are you can make a homemade shaving cream or use a safe, detergent-free soap to support the blade shaving more smoothly. Why don’t you try to create a shaving cream on your own? It is surely a funny activity.
It’s time you can forget to use shaving cream and use any oil-free moisturizing body wash instead. They also promote quick and trouble-free shaves. 

Put A Little Of Pressure On The Razor

When you start shaving, you should cut your hair along the grain. After that, don’t forget to shave against the grain. This process will help you remove a fair amount of hair from your body without irritating it and make sure you will have the smoothest skin you have ever had. 
After that, you can drive the razor against the grain to make sure the hair is eliminated completely. However, you should not put too much pressure on razors and shave hair hard as this can scrape off the tan surface.
Thus, you should apply enough pressure to allow the razor to glide moderately which will not take a lot of tan along with each shave. The blades can also get rid of the dead cells on your skin while shaving hair, so the more pleasant you shave, the less tan layer is removed. You need to let the weight of the razor do its work. 

Don’t Forget To Determine Your Hair Types

Why do you have to understand your hair types? They will be shaved despite their kind. Those may be common questions when you stop here but knowing your sorts of hair will help to save a lot of time since each of them requires quite different steps.

shave after spray tan-4
Determining exactly your hair types will help you outline the shaving process.

Light Hair

Congratulations on your in case you have light hair. This type allows you to shave after tanning easily and quickly. You don’t need to shave as close as to your skin without worrying about the tan layer. 

If you don’t want to shave after at least 8 hours once the tan process is completed, you can remove hair whenever you want. The result will not make a significant difference. 

Dark Hair

If you have dark hair, don’t be afraid of tanning as long as you pay attention to your skin. Dark hair requires you to put more pressure while you’re shaving to ensure the hair is eliminated. However, as in the previous part, we recommend you use light force instead of using hard pressure. This can cause scratches on your skin and widen your pores. 
While tanning, the chemicals can penetrate these pores and set inside them which results in the melanin in your skin being boosted and creating polka pots on the epidermis. The surface can have uneven color and texture causing loss of aesthetics. 
Therefore, in case you have this kind of hair, you should shave 24 hours before tanning instead of shaving after a spray tan. This period is ideal for the pores to close and reduce the risks of forming polka dots. 

Don’t Shave Your Skin Too Regularly

You should not eliminate hair on a daily basis. The tan stays on your skin temporarily and in one day, it will come off. Hence, the less you shave your epidermis, the longer the tan layer can stay on. The dead cells on your skin need some days to form. If you shave every day, you just only exfoliate the surface and boost the tan fade away more quickly than you wish. 

The fewer times you shave, the longer spray can you can keep on your skin.
The fewer times you shave, the longer spray can you can keep on your skin.

Shaving too frequently can have a negative effect on the existing skin as it can cause uneven color. Even if you follow strictly shaving rules and shave your epidermis perfectly, it still has an impact on the tan layer despite minimal effects. 
Do you know clearly what shaving rules are? You can consider using manual or electric razors to remove your hair. You should ask your sister or your mothers for some advice and they can teach you how to shave properly. You should pour warm water onto your body for several minutes before shaving. After that, you can apply any appropriate lubricant but remember your notices to choose the correct product. 
An effective tip for you is to shave in warm water or bathtub but do not soak into it too long.You should be more careful when maneuvering razors around knee and ankle areas. Never rush when shaving if you don’t want to leave scars on your beautiful body. You can wait 2-3 days after tanning to shave the hair as the tan also needs time to be fully developed. 
The cost of spray tan is quite high and you also spend time on it, you can extend the lifespan of the tan layer by reducing shaving time. Before a tan appointment, you should clean, shave and exfoliate carefully, so it is unnecessary to shave on the same day right after shaving. 
After completing the shaving process, you should rinse and pat dry to remove hair residue on your body and take care of your skin with some daily lotion for tan skin. That is all the process of shaving after a spray and some notes you need to be aware of. The following sections are some tips to help you have the best result after tanning. 
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Several Useful Tips For Smooth Shaves 

Besides that basic process, are you curious about some tips for perfecting the tan results even after you shave hair? Let’s explore together. 

A home-use hair removal machine can help you shave quickly
A home-use hair removal machine can help you shave quickly

Prepare Your Skin And Take Care Of It Carefully

A good background will help you jump higher and in this context, it is not an exception. You should prepare your skin well before tanning, during tanning, and post tanning. 

You can wet your skin with warm water to soften your hair and open your pores so that the removal process will become easier. Don’t work with hot water since it will shorten the life of the spray tan and even burn your skin. 
The ideal time to shave hair is after you shower. However, instead of drying your body after showering, swimming, or bathing with a towel, you should air dry it naturally since the wet skin is soft and the towel can peel the top layer. 

Razor Substitutes 

It is not compulsory to use razors while shaving. You have a lot of alternatives to try and you can pick one by one to find the most suitable method for you. 
You can replace razors with epilators for a home-use laser hair removal machine to finish the task easier and quicker. This machine allows you to pull out hair and remove the root hair thanks to small discs. 
The home-use ones are usually cordless so it is hand-held and easy to use and you can use them whenever and wherever you want. It is quicker but you should try it if you are brave enough. 
If you don’t want to use razors and epilators, you can consider using a depilatory cream to minimize shaving effort while you have a spray tan. Remember to check the ingredient list carefully to avoid detergents that can fade away the tan laye
This product can help to clean hair on the surface and you need to wait 5-10 minutes so that the ingredients can weaken hair and you can remove it with a soft glide. 

Shave WIthout Shaving Foam And Its Alternatives

In some cases, you cannot find the mentioned products to substitute shaving foam, you can even apply a pleasant moisturizer in advance and shave then. This product can protect your superficial layers from being scratched while shaving. 
Although it cannot bring to you the best shaving result, it can reduce the risks of razors on the tan surface. This item can form a thin layer to reduce the friction between the sharp blades and your sensitive skin.
Furthermore, never dry shave your skin. You can choose a razor with moisturizing strips as long as they are safe for your tanned skin. You can dip the strips into the water to dissolve them, the operating principle of strips is the same as the moisturizer and to protect your skin from unwanted scratches. 

Easy-To-Apply Tips To Care For And Prolong The Tan Layer

We will give you some additional tips to help you take care of your tanned skin after shaving. They are simple to apply and you should use the products on daily basis. 

Never exfoliate tan skin to prolong the spray tan life
Never exfoliate your tan skin if case you want to prolong the spray tan life

Invest In Skincare Products

Caring for your body after tanning and shaving are keys to boosting the life of tan skin. Don’t forget to moisturize your skin, it is also a way to reinforce the tan layer and keep your skin tone hydrated and more even. Never pick products with oils or oily ingredients. They will remove the bronze. 

Moreover, you can check the ingredient list to ensure there are no harsh chemicals that can threaten your tan. The best time to use moisturizing products is in the morning and before you go to bed
Don’t be afraid of hurting your wallet, You need to buy high-quality shaving products to prevent your skin from serious problems. You can use these items many times so they are worth investing in. High-end products are made from the best ingredients so you can be comfortable to use. 

Use Products To Make Your Tan Glowier

Even though the original tan layer is beautiful, you always have some ways to make it become more charming. From day 3 after you tan, you can use a tan extender to boost the life of the tan layer. If you want to save money, you can also use it as a primary moisturizer. 
The highlighter and bronzer can help your skin blink and glow for longer. You can make up for your tan skin by applying some tinted moisturizers. Keep in mind to choose the color that is the same as your tan. 

Never Exfoliate And Cautious To Wax Hair

If you are coming up with a plan to exfoliate or wax hair, you have to stop it right now. Both methods are to remove the top layer on your skin, it is simple to understand once this layer is cleaned, your tan skin also goes away. 
You don’t need to worry about the dead cells rolling up too much since you get rid of them completely in advance and the tan color is applied to the newest skin.
Hence, you need to avoid exfoliating while you are having a colored layer, This process can remove dead skin and the fake tan too. Like exfoliation, you should not wax after you apply the spray tan. Waxing will remove all sunless tan in a wink.
You just exfoliate when you decide to remove the tan layer and a ready to welcome a new one. You can gently rub while showering but remember not to scrub your body too hard if you don’t want the color to come off sooner than you thought. 

Should Not Dive Into Water Too Long

As spray tan is a temporary solution, you should not swim, shower, steam rooms, bath, and saunas for a long time to preserve the beautiful tan color. Use lukewarm water instead of hot water to shower and just rinse your body with water without scrubs or soaps. If you wash your head hair, be cautious and prevent the hair wash products from touching your skin. 

Wear Paper Panties, Loose-Fitting Clothes, And Apply Baby Power

After tanning, you need to wear paper panties to protect your undies from tanner stains and prevent visible panty lines. You should wear loose-fitting clothes for the first day after the tan appointment. Freesize clothes are a good idea. If you wear tight clothes, they will leave streaks and indentations on your body as the tan has been developed yet. 

Some body parts can have streaks after tanning such as inner elbows, underarms, and more, you can apply baby powder to these areas. Baby powder can absorb sweat. Never use deodorant since some chemicals in it can create reactions with tan ingredients that can cause patchiness. 

How To Prolong Your Tan Skin

The above tips are for after shaving. They will help your skin tan become more attractive while the tan layer stays on your body. The key to extending the life of the tan is to take care of your skin before you tan. 

  • Razors: You can shave your epidermis with a razor. You should shave 12-24 hours before a spray tan, however, for waxing, you need to do it at least several days before applying a fake tan. Your pores can close on time to avoid getting dark spots on your skin. 
  • Wax: How about waxing? You should wax your skin for at least 2 days before starting to tan. This process will help the tan layer stay on the newest skin cells and the life of your tan can extend more days. 
  • Exfoliate: You can exfoliate before tanning. This process will help you get rid of dead cells to have a smooth and even tan layer. The ideal time is every day for 3 days before the tan appointment. You can use body scrubs, dry brushing, washcloth, or loofah to rub your body. 

Never use chemical exfoliants containing glycolic acid, and retinol since they can take off the tan color. You should not use it at least 1 day before tanning. You have to stay away from oil-based exfoliants as the oil is a barrier to prevent the tan from sticking to your skin. 
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Those are all information relating to shaving after a spray tan. However, you probably have some questions. Let’s check this FAQs section to find satisfactory answers. 
How Long Can A Spray Tan Last?
The answer is to depend on what type of shade you choose. If you choose dark shades, they can stay on your skin for up to 10 days. The light shades will fade away quickly, they can last for up to 5 days while you can keep the medium shades for 7-8 days. 
How Long After A Spray Tan Can You Shower?
After a spray tan, you should wait at least 4-8 hours then you can take a shower for the first time, but you should not wait more than 24 hours. You can see some golden glow while showering, you don’t need to worry since your tan skin is still perfect. 
During the first 4 hours after tanning, you should not touch any moisture source such as sweating, working out, applying liquid foundation, and more. This period is significant because that allows the tan layer to develop fully and excess liquid can make the tan stick to your skin loosely. 
Does Shaving Damage A Spray Tan? 
The answer is not really. However, if you shave too frequently, the razor can remove the hair and the tan layer as well, therefore, the tan will fade out. You should apply the tips we mentioned to reduce the risks. 
Should I Shave Before Or After A Spray Tan?
There is no certain reply to this. Depending on your demand, you can remove your hair before or after applying spray tan. Keep in mind you need to shave at least 24 hours before the tan process. For those who shave after tanning, the ideal period is at least 8 hours. 


We have cleared your concerns about

when you can shave after a spray tan. You should wait at least 12 hours or 24 hours if you want to have a perfect tan after tanning to shave. 
Moreover, to maintain the best results, you can apply the tips we mentioned such as using moisturizers or highlighting the colored layer with bronzer. We highly recommend you opt for all of the tips to apply. 
Keep in mind some notices you should not do to avoid causing unwanted problems for your tan skin as tanning is not a cheap process. Let’s tan your skin and try these tips before the summertime ends. Hope you have a healthy glow tan skin!


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