How To Remove SNS Nails At Home: 4 Easy Ways

SNS nails are also known as powder nails and these are very popular simply because they are super easy to apply. The good news is that they can be taken off quickly too.

You can use a variety of materials like aluminum and acetone. No matter what technique you decide to choose you will still be left with good nails.

Many people feel confused about how to remove these nails at home as they do not have exposure to the easiest and practical methods? Well, keep reading and find out.

How to Take SNS Nails Off at Home

Here are some fabulous techniques that you can adapt to remove SNS nails in your home without much hassle.

1. Use Regular Household Items

The good thing is that you can remove SNS nails with household items which makes the whole removal process very cost-effective.

The removal process does not consume too much time but it needs to follow in a series of systematic steps for good results. Here is how to do it using regular household items.

  • Toothpaste: You have the liberty to combine baking soda with toothpaste to remove these nails. You apply the mix on your nails and they come off.
  • Hydrogen peroxide: To get the best out of this you will have to use two parts of peroxide and one portion of real hot water. You then have to soak your hands in them. You may notice your fingers turning a bit white but the nails will come off. This is one of the quickest home remedies that you can use.
  • White vinegar: This cleans well as vinegar is highly acidic it can get the SNS nails off quickly. You must remember not to use too much of this as it can cause damage to your real nails.

2. Alcohol

In case you do not want to use acetone on your hands well you can utilize alcohol to take off the nails. You must ember to use a product that has a high alcohol content as this will give you good results.

  • Simply apply a small portion of alcohol on your nails and in no time the SNS nails will come off.
  • The whole process will take no longer than 30 minutes
  • While indulging in the process you must remember that overexposure to strong alcohol can make you feel giddy
  • Wear a mask or use a fan to drive away from the strong odor

3. Aluminum Foil

Here are some cool steps that you can follow to remove these nails using any aluminum foil. You need to perform the whole procedure with a lot of patience

  • Use Sandpaper to remove the top layer: Use the sandpaper to file away the top layer of the nails. This is very important if you want the whole thing to come off properly. You must spend sufficient time filing ever nail and this will make sure all the layers of powder come off fast.
  • Cotton balls and acetone: For this, you will need to tear the cotton balls so that they fit perfectly on your nails. Then soak them properly in acetone and place each of the nails. You must also take care that the cotton balls should not drip with acetone.
  • Wrap the nails with Aluminum foil: Once you have placed the cotton ball on the fingernails you must then wrap each nail with aluminum foil. While doing this should make sure that the aluminum foils are wrapped well so that the cotton balls are held in place properly. Try to wrap a big portion of your finger to make sure that the foil stays in place.
  • Let the nails absorb the acetone: To make sure that the nails have absorbed the acetone properly you must keep the nails wrapped for at least 15 minutes, this will make sure that the results are good. While you are at this make sure you restrict your movements.
  • Removal of the foil: This is the final step so, it must be done properly. You must make sure that you press down on the nails so that the cotton will wipe the powder from the nails. Do this for every nail and be sure to indulge in the filing as this will remove all traces of the powder from the nails.

4. Using Acetone To Remove SNS Nails

There is no doubt that acetone is a very effective medium of removing these nails but things need to be done properly to get good results. Try not to expose your nails to too much acetone. Here is how to go about the whole thing.

  • File each nail properly: Take a regular file for the nails and begin filing the topmost layer of the SNS nail. Remember the more you file the better the chances of acetone getting absorbed into the nails.
  • Use a dish filled with hot water: Fill a bowl with warm water and then soak your fingers in that water. Remember not to use boiling water. Keep your fingers soaked for a couple of minutes and then take your fingers out. If you wish to work on both your hands at the same time then you will need 2 bowls. Select a bowl big enough to accommodate all five fingers.
  • Soak towel acetone: For this, you can consider using paper towels. Simply fold them in two halves and then soak them in acetone. However, you don’t have to completely drench them in acetone, just enough to keep your nails soak.
  • Put your nails on the wet towels: Once you have the towels soaked in pure acetone you must then put your nails on them and keep them there for at least 15 minutes. This will make sure that the nails will absorb the acetone well. To make sure that the smell of acetone does not irritate you wear a mask, leave a window open or even switch on a fan.
  • Wipe the nails using a paper towel: Once you have gone through the 15 minutes of keeping your fingers soaked in acetone. It is now time to get your fingers out and wipe the nails using a towel made of paper. If you do notice any residue on your nails then simply use a nail file and eliminate all traces.

Final thoughts

Removing these powder nails is no big deal at all, with the above information you can conduct the removal process at home in the most effective manner.

As you have already known that all of the above ingredients or tools can be found very easily inside your house or they can even be procured at reasonable prices from the shops.

So, it can be assumed that after going through the above-mentioned information you now know the ways remove SNS nails.


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