Can You Put On Makeup After A Spray Tan? What Kind Of Makeup Items Can You Use?

Let’s be honest: most of us do not feel confident going out without makeup.

Even after we have spent time getting that glowing skin, our minds will be wondering:

Is It Possible Put On Makeup After A Spray Tan?

Absolutely you can put on makeup after a spray tan. You do not have to stop wearing makeup just because of that. Nevertheless,

do not use makeup immediately after a spray tan.

The first reason is that makeup contains moisture, which reacts with the spray tan formula, which may make your spray tan blotchy.

Second, if you put on makeup too quickly after a spray tan, you may be causing the spray tan solution on the skin to set and create a darker hue, which will result in spots and streaks.

Last but not least, because the makeup may eliminate the tan solution from specific spots, your tan would not grow consistently and would not appear good.

You can wear makeup after getting a spray tan.
You can wear makeup after getting a spray tan.

How Long Should You Wait To Put On Makeup After a Spray Tan?

If you are a beginner, we would recommend waiting 6-8 hours before putting on makeup. However, there is no exact answer to how long you should wait because it depends on the type of makeup you intend to wear.

Liquid makeup

Liquid makeup, such as foundation, may react with the spray tan solution on the skin, removing it or interfering so much that the spray tan may not appear even on the skin.

Putting liquid makeup on a new tan may also result in unsightly blotches and patches. Before wearing liquid makeup, you had better wait for 6 to 8 hours.

Powdered makeup

Powdered makeup may be done sooner. 

Despite that, it is still ideal not to put it before 6 hours since it may interfere with the spray tan’s even development. Also, any spots or streaks will be prominent because they will be put on the facial skin.

Waiting 5-8 hours should be sufficient; however, we suggest waiting till the following day to allow your spray tan time necessary to set and develop properly.

What Kind Of Makeup Can You Use Right After A Spray Tan?

Eyeliner or mascara

Since spray tan is not put on your eyelashes, you can wear mascara or eyeliner afterward. 

Make your new skin tone and your eyes stand out with dark eyeliner or mascara.

Just be cautious while removing it since spilled eye makeup remover will ruin your spray tan.

Wearing mascara after spray tanning is fine.
Wearing mascara after spray tanning is fine.

Fake eyelash 

You may safely put on artificial eyelashes after receiving a spray tan, just like mascara.

Lipstick/Lip Gloss

Because the lips are deemed a mucous membrane, the FDA advises against having a spray tan on them. Also, you do not need to put on lipstick following your tanning session. No one puts spray tan on the lips, so there is nothing to be concerned about when using lipstick.

As a result, applying lip gloss after a spray tan is safe. And there is one thing you must remember.

You may want to choose one or two new hues to complement your fresh tan. Choose a peach or rose lipstick to complement your sun-kissed skin.

In addition, when applying lipstick or lip gloss, ensure it does not interfere with the spray on the face. Extra caution should be exercised in applying lipstick since a single error could result in the spray tan coating being damaged.


Continue to wear blush as usual but choose a hue that complements your new skin tone. A rose or peach would be excellent to complete the glow from the spray tan.

Eye shadow

All you need is a little eye makeup to bring out your new radiance. Neutral hues, and even natural sparkles, may highlight your tan and add to the sun-kissed appearance you’re striving for.

Is It Possible To Use A Makeup Remover After Spray Tanning?

Another question that beginner tanners have is whether they may use makeup remover after a spray tan, and the answer is Yes.

Because the tanning process has already occurred, the makeup remover merely removes the makeup from your skin’s topmost layer.

For this reason, you will not have any problems using a makeup remover, provided that you give the tanning lotion enough time to settle in.

How Can You Remove Your Makeup After Spray Tanning Without Ruining It?

In general, you can cleanse your makeup layer following the common steps but in a more gentle way:

Take off your eye makeup

The very first step you should take is a cleanse – removing the makeup. This technique consists of two washes. 

For the first one, take off any fake lashes or similar items and use cotton pads with eye makeup remover or micellar water, based on what kind of makeup you put on.

Carefully massage these pads around your face and eyes to remove any makeup, and do not mind if some cleanser remains on the skin; ensure you have removed all makeup from the face.

Use a cleansing oil for the face

So now, add a small amount of cleansing oil to each part of your face. You only need a small amount to spread throughout your face. 

Notice that you should avoid using oil-based products, such as cleaning oil or butter.  I did use it once, but then my spray tan was broken down and lost some of the pigment very fast.

Face washing

You do not have to be concerned if some product remains on the face since the next step is rinsing. Simply wash the face using lukewarm to warm water, being careful not to get it too hot.

Gently wipe your cleanser into the skin after that. Try to be gentle and massage your fingers in circular circles around the face.

Pat dry

In this step, blot the face dry using a clean cloth. Here, it comes with two critical aspects to remember.

To begin, pat the face gently but firmly with a clean towel to avoid bacteria and grime from entering your pores. Second, do not entirely dry the skin; instead, keep it a bit damp to allow your moisturizer to absorb more easily.

How Do You Choose The Right Makeup Products To Use After A Spray Tan?

Use powder makeups

If you wear makeup frequently, chances are you prefer liquid-based products since they are easy to apply, work well for disguising fine lines, and have a glossy finish. 

However, following spray tanning, you should avoid using any liquid-based makeup.  It is because they alter the composition of tanning chemicals, they generate uncomfortable areas of rough skin. 

For the best result, when you must apply makeup, stick to powder-based cosmetics. Another alternative is to forego using foundation and BB creams entirely. 

Powder makeups are great products to use after a spray tan.
Powder makeups are great products to use after a spray tan.


If you spend the time to acquire a spray tan, the last thing you need to do is avoid ruining your hard work by putting on makeup that does not suit.

After all, you do not want to run the risk of mixing milky white foundation and your bronze glow. So, consider these suggestions:

Purchase two distinct foundations

Although it is the most expensive method to handle the issue, it may be the most straightforward approach since it immediately eliminates the problem.

If you are very tanned, get one that matches your skin tone. Later, if you are very pale and light, acquire another that matches it.

If feasible, choose a couple of foundations from the same brand and manufacturer. Or else, simply look for foundations with similar textures and finishes. Mixing dewy and matte foundation formulas, for instance, usually will not look that good.

Match your new skin tone to the foundation

Although applying foundation after spray tanning is permissible, you cannot use any product. Besides, purchasing two separate foundations may seem to be too pricey for some people.

As a result, you can find a foundation that complements your new skin tone. To do so, you might mix your current foundation with a darker one.

Purchase a liquid bronzer

Liquid bronzer is quite flexible, and it honestly does give your skin an immediate shine.

In addition to being a fantastic multi-purpose bronzer, this item is ideal for darkening your foundation shade.

Half to one pump of liquid bronzer will be enough to get one or two shades darker. On the other hand, if you want a rich, exotic glow, apply 2-3 pumps and delicately mix them into the foundation with your fingertips.

Eye makeup

Eyeliner and mascara

You should be cautious while applying mascara and eyeliner after a spray tan. We suggest using deeper tones to make the eyes appear sharper and more polished.

Another suggestion is to use mascara on your top and lower lashes.

But, it is not recommended that you wear waterproof eyeliner or mascara because you may have to wipe rather hard to clean it from the eyes, which may rub the spray tan off.


It is best to tone it down by using a minimal amount of eyeshadow.

Rather than emphasizing quantity, consider the color or shade of eyeshadow. Sparkly colors, nudes, and neutrals look best after a spray tanning session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you spray tan while wearing makeup?

For the best result, do not spray tan with makeup on. These two do not always go hand in hand.

Makeup can serve as a barrier between your skin and the spray tan, preventing the active ingredient (DHA) in spray tan from working correctly. 

Also, if you put on makeup to your spray tan, you may get such a pale face once you take it off at home.

Wearing makeup while spray tanning may lead to an uneven tan; thus, avoid wearing it.

You had better stay away from your makeup products while spray tanning.
You had better stay away from your makeup products while spray tanning.

Will your spray tan be covered by the foundation?

The thickness of your foundation determines whether or not it covers the spray tan.

We highly recommend applying a light-cover foundation after spray tanning to help level out skin tone as well as highlight your spray tan rather than covering it up.

Can you wash your face after getting a spray tan?

To be honest, you should not wash your face right after spray tanning. Spray tanning is similar to makeup, except it covers your entire body rather than just your face.

Therefore, it is vital to note that the chemicals used during spray tanning will require time to work their way into the skin and provide the chocolate glow. As a result, you cannot wash your face during this period.

It implies you should not wear makeup that necessitates you to cleanse the face before taking your first wash after spray tanning. To clean the makeup, you will need to wait for at least 6 to 8 hours.

If you are interested in this topic, you can watch this video for further details:

Bottom Line 

In all, wearing makeup after tanning spray is all fine since makeup should not have any harmful consequences, yet boosts your beauty and glows your tan skin to the next level. 


makeup after spray tan is allowed, it is essential to wait for 6 to 8 hours before putting on makeup, so the tanning chemical has plenty of time to work on your skin well. 

Through this article, we hope you can note for yourself some tips for applying makeup and the suitable makeup applications after spraying tan. Let’s have the gorgeous tan skin everyone desires. 


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