Can You Use Shampoo To Wash Clothes?

Even though washing detergent is a must-have product in most households, we sometimes forget to buy a new one before we run out of it. In this case, can you use shampoo to wash clothes? The short answer is Yes, you can use shampoo to wash clothes. When you are in a hurry, shampoo can … Read more

Can You Mix Shampoo With Hair Dye?

There are many creative mixing and matching in the hair realm. A notable one is the mix of shampoo and hair dye. If you have never tried it yourself, you might be curious about whether you can mix shampoo with hair dye? Yes, you can mix shampoo with hair dye. Many people have done this … Read more

Can You Dye Your Hair With Purple Shampoo?

Unfortunately, you cannot dye your hair using purple or any other pigmented shampoo. The reason is simple: these shampoos are not formulated to dye hair.  If left on the hair for an extended period, the purple shampoo will deposit a temporary violet hue or stain on the hair since it contains purple/violet crushed pigments. This … Read more

What Can I Use Instead of Nail Foil Glue?

If you’re a frequent user of nail foils, you’re probably familiar with the need for nail foil glue. However, this type of adhesive can be difficult to remove and can damage your nails over time. Fortunately, there are several alternatives available that can help you achieve the same results without the hassle of nail foil … Read more

Can You Add More Dip Powder After Activator?

Can You Add More Dip Powder After Activator

Dip powder is known as nail polish put as a powder and hardened using a particular solution. This product is long-lasting and resilient, which makes it a common choice for individuals who wish their nails to appear fantastic for weeks on end. However, one disadvantage of the dip powder, which is that you may find … Read more