Nude Tanning: An Interesting Way to Get A Perfect Tan

Being nude when tanning inside and outside is an excellent strategy to get a perfect tan and prevent tan lines. Although many people tan in the nude at tanning salons, you may simply perform it in your home tanning bed.

However, there are still certain factors of nude tanning that you should be aware of. This post will go through them, including their benefits and a few pointers. So let’s take a look!

What Exactly Is Nude Tanning?

Generally, tanning is known as a method that necessitates the application of UV radiation to every part of your body that wants to be darkened. Several individuals would like to tan naked, whereas others want to tan in their undergarments. 
Among the most significant ways to get an even base tan is to tan naked, which means tanning with no clothes. 
Additionally, tanning in the nude is different from naked tanning in that you are basically coated by some tiny amount of clothing or your skin.
A sunbed may also be used for nude tanning. Nevertheless, this sort of tanning is classed as sunless tanning since it is performed indoors.
Although nude tanning is debatable, regular tanning lovers often recognize it as an excellent way to get a consistent glow over your body without unsightly tan lines. 

Where Can You Tan In The Nude?

On a naked beach

When you would like to go naked in public and enjoy the notion of a nude beach, check if there are any in your region. Not too many of them are available in the United States. The good thing is that they are rather widely distributed, so you can find one based on where you reside. 

In addition, there are cultural variations in Europe as well as other areas of the globe that may make it simpler to get a half-naked tan. Always double-check that public nudity is permitted before disrobing!
Also, remember that you will not have much privacy at a naked beach, which is a significant disadvantage for many individuals. 
However, many nude tanners want to get a no tan line appearance without revealing their bodies to the public. These individuals will choose to do so in an indoor tanning bed or tanning salon.

In a tanning bed

You will not have to ask anyone once you intend to tan naked if you have your sunbed! Despite that, most individuals do not possess these beds, and they rather visit a gym, salon, or spa.

You can tan naked in a tanning bed. 
You can tan naked in a tanning bed.

Nude indoor tanning is permitted in several tanning clinics. Several salons and spas even have private rooms equipped with sunbeds. You can receive absolute shelter and privacy in these tanning chambers.
Check if they permit naked tanning before booking your tanning session at a tanning clinic. They will almost certainly offer a secluded area dedicated to nude tanning if this is the case.
Nude sunbathing can be costlier than clothed tanning due to the requirement for a private space as well as the increased logistics involved in naked tanning. 
As is typically the case, there are dangers associated with tanning bed usage as is typically the case. Therefore, tanning beds are the least healthful tanning option.

Is Nude Tanning Safe?

The answer would be no. No matter how you tan your skin, it is unsafe for you and your health, and nude tanning is not an exception.
UVA rays enter deeply into the layers of skin, causing elastin tissue and collagen damage and, in the long run, fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and skin cancer. Besides,  UVB rays influence the skin’s outermost part, causing sun damage and tanning.
However, limiting our exposure to the sun’s rays is beneficial and has several positive effects. Sunlight is necessary for the body to synthesize Vitamin D. it helps strengthen its muscles, immune system, and bones.
Also, it improves your mood, gives you energy, and helps relieve stress by releasing feel-good hormones such as serotonin. These advantages and disadvantages of sun exposure will be discussed in detail later.
Genitals and breasts are always protected regions of your body. These parts also receive the least amount of sun/UV radiation throughout your lives. As a result, they are more vulnerable to UV light than other parts.
So, if these parts are exposed directly to the sun, the damage will be more severe. For instance, exposure to UV light from the sun is considered a potential risk factor for breast cancer.

Nude tanning is not safe for you.  
Nude tanning is not safe for you.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Nude Tanning?


Avoid tan lines

Tan lines are inconvenient. Many people who become tanned probably wind up having tan lines over the bodies in which their skin intertwines or even the UV rays may not reach. 

However, tan lines seem to be unpreventable in most cases, mainly when your cloth protects everything in bikini parts. Besides, it is hard to get rid of them quickly.
Furthermore, unwanted tan lines might make it tough to dress in specific clothing. These lines may restrict your outfit options. 
When tan lines appear, you must prioritize wearing discreet clothing to cover them, which can be annoying because you cannot wear what you want. Otherwise, you may not look good with those unsightly tan lines exposed.
That’s why tanning nude will never induce you this trouble. You can prevent these tan lines by tanning in your underwear and constantly positioning yourself in various ways to acquire UV exposure all over the body.


Tanning while nude is more pleasant compared to while clothed. Several individuals are prone to allergic reactions induced by tight clothing and UV light, mainly sweat. 
Allergies form due to the accumulated sweat. Nevertheless, you will never need to be concerned about these difficulties when you intend to tan in the nude.
Furthermore, wearing clothing while being exposed to harmful UV rays might increase sweating, mainly if you are lying in the sun. Therefore, sweat builds while you wear garments, producing a sunburn or even an allergic response on your skin. Simply go naked to prevent these issues!

Health benefits

Tanning in moderation is healthy and suggested by the majority of doctors. The reason is that tanning allows you to absorb more vitamin D helping strengthen the organs, bones, teeth, and skin.
Also, increased sunshine has prevented and treated various ailments and illnesses. 
Additionally, tanning naked is supposed to decrease blood pressure, avoid diabetes, and help weight loss
It is since the sun produces nitric oxide. However, a lack of nitric oxide inside the bloodstream prevents insulin from functioning right and causes diabetes to develop.
In turn, it can decrease blood pressure as well as aids in the transmission of insulin throughout your body.
It may sound surprising to you now that nude tanning can boost testosterone levels in males. In reality, research has indicated that testosterone production may go up by up to 120 percent once you get the sunlight on the back.


You may not do it wherever you like

You cannot remove your clothing at a public swimming pool if choosing nude tanning. Nudist sunbathing is private, and there are not many places where you can do it outside if you are not in your backyard or at a nude beach. 
Moreover, there are a lot of people on the naked beach. As a result, there may be no confidentiality for you, and the potential of being caught on camera is relatively high since everyone will be carrying their phone.
It excludes tanning salons. Even though these clinics frequently feature private sunbeds for those who want to tan in the nude, there is generally no genuine privacy because salon personnel is there. Several people are unhappy even with the possibility of someone trying to walk in here on them.
Ultimately, given the advantages, sunbathing nude is not an ideal choice for most people, particularly those that already struggle to obtain privacy.

Sunburn/Tan too fast

Whereas achieving a deeper tan in a shorter amount of time may be advantageous to most, it seems detrimental to people who prefer spending time in the sun.

Though experts have not identified why it is a fact, several people confirm that they tan their skin far quicker when naked than when clothed, even in very little clothing.
Part feel this is because clothing will either repel or absorb a few of the UV radiation. Irrespective of why it makes you tan faster, you should still be aware that once you are tanning nude for the first or hundred times.
Additionally, many tanners feel that their skin becomes more vulnerable to sunburn once they tan naked. Therefore, the tanning treatments must be brief to avoid suffering for the next several days. 
Indeed, there is more danger of getting sunburned on your body’s sensitive parts, such as around the genitals or the breasts, caused by UV radiation reaching areas of your skin that are not used to it.
Remember that UV rays may be incredibly damaging and harsh on your exposed skin; therefore, always tan in moderation.
Tanning in the nude brings you several advantages and disadvantages. 
Tanning in the nude brings you several advantages and disadvantages.

Should You Choose Indoor Or Outdoor Nude Tanning?

Indoor nude tanning


Indoor nude tanning will be an excellent choice for you due to the following reasons:

  • Unaffected by climate and weather

Another advantage of indoor nude tanning is that you will not rely on the weather or temperature to tan outside. When you reside in a country with winters, you will always tan inside, waiting for the scorching summer sun to return. 
It also implies that you may tan whenever you want, which is convenient for those working during the day and just have time to tan at nighttime.
Besides, you can easily find a tanning salon. Even if you have your backyard or a quiet area where few people come, you will wonder if anyone may see you.

  • Tanning experts’ knowledge

Inside tanning has long been attributed to a science; thus, you should understand what you intend to do and then visit a suitable location. Many tanning beds parlor staff are tanning experts who understand how to provide you with the best results without getting sunburnt. 
Also, they have devised timetables to decide when you should stay in sunbeds to get the wanted tan and avoid sunburning – which is likely to happen once you tan alone. It suggests you do not need to overthink the tanning process as you tan alone.


Despite these benefits of indoor nude tanning, there are certain disadvantages to this type of tanning. 

The first disadvantage is that you must trust your tanning expert at your local salon because you will have to obey their instructions. However, there is always the possibility that their instructions will not be helpful for you.
These are primarily avoidable with the help of an educated, competent tanning expert. Therefore, you had better do careful research before tanning at any salon.
Another significant disadvantage of indoor nude tanning is that it may result in some dangers, ranging from minor cosmetic risks such as photoaging or sunburn to serious health risks including skin cancer and others. 
Last but not least, due to the requirement for a confined environment and the increased logistics in nude tanning, it seems to be more costly than clothed tanning.

Outdoor nude tanning


Tanning nude outdoors, like tanning inside, has its distinct benefits and downsides that you should consider when deciding which method to use.

  • Expense

The price is among the most significant advantages of tanning outside. It will likely be completely free if you have discovered the ideal outdoor tanning area.
While indoor tanning is not always expensive, particularly compared to other beauty treatments, it is still an expense that can build up over time.
In general, monthly tanning fees for a sunbed may vary from $20 to $125. Many tanners spend between $20 and $55 each month on average.

  • Relaxing

The attractiveness of outdoor tanning is one appealing perk of outdoor tanning. Tanning outside, either on a beach, in the garden, by a pool, or any place you have access to, is among life’s great soothing joys when absorbing the sun’s rays.
In addition, several people simply enjoy tanning outdoors instead of lying on a device, which can be uncomfortable at times.
Once you decide to tan at a clinic, they use exact estimated times to guide you on how lengthy you ought to be tanning. When sunbathing outside, you must determine your tanning times.
On the other hand, it is advantageous for people who do not expect to rely on a tanning professional or those who appreciate the soothing aspect of lying out during the sunlight, which is not the case with an indoor tan.
Furthermore, tanning outside in a large open space is more relaxed, whereas tanning inside is constricted, secretive, and unsuitable for those frightened of small spaces.

  • UV rays from the sun

Outside tanning involves tanning with natural UV rays instead of artificial UV rays used indoors. As a result, you may need numerous sessions to achieve your desired tan, and you must apply sunscreen to prevent overheating. 

Nevertheless, there are fewer medical problems associated with outdoor tanning than indoor tanning.


Indeed, outdoor nude tanning is simply not a good alternative for everyone.
First, it is not easy to find a place to tan. The most typical places for nude tanning include nude beaches as well as private lands, such as your backyard and property. For those living in apartments, it is not always a possibility.
Aside from merely finding a place to lay down, you need to make sure that enough sun is hitting you to offer a good tan. 
Because there are so many factors beyond your control, achieving an excellent tan outside may be more complicated than sunbathing indoors, which you can manage your settings.
Because no expert oversees your tanning procedure once sunbathing outside, you must keep track of the time. You accidentally stay in the sun for too long, which may be a disaster if you fail to set a timer.
Most newcomers to outside tanning have to deal with this problem since they may not feel excessively hot and do not remember that UV rays are impacting their skin irrespective of how hot they think.

Like indoor nude tanning, outdoor one has both pros and cons. 
Like indoor nude tanning, outdoor one has both pros and cons.

How Can You Stay Safe While Nude Tanning?

As previously stated, sunbathing without clothes is a fantastic technique to get a full-body tan without tan lines. 
Despite that, you should use the proper preventive measures to ensure that the tanning process goes as safe as possible without sunburn or hurting any vulnerable and sensitive skin on the body.


If sunbathing outside, choose your area carefully. Your garden may not be completely private, so make sure you select a completely private area or appropriately position objects to prevent any watchful eyes.
For instance, with a high and close fence surrounding your house, you may tan in the nude in your backyard. It is critical to ensure that there is no simple option to watch over it; in case the fence is already at head level, you should raise it a little.
This ensures that you will not be seen by anyone who occurs to pass the house whereas going about their business.
For tanning inside, pick your salon wisely. Not all tanning professionals are really masters, and not all clinics are up to standards. If you do not want your safety to be at risk, do some research and spend time considering your tanning salon.
Also, at the tanning salon, make sure that the bulbs have been replaced recently so that they do not burn the skin.

Make use of some products

Whether you intend to nude tanning outdoors or indoors, it is critical to equip yourself with several products.

Eye protection, such as wearing goggles, can help protect the regions around the eyes and avoid the development of wrinkles underneath, whether you tan indoors or outdoors.
Put your skin to the test by wearing sunscreen. Then, you may learn the body’s restrictions this way and change the time and the sun exposure accordingly.
You should also protect the private parts with sunscreen or other types of clothing since they should not receive any sunlight!
You had better use moisturizer since it is simple to cause allergies or sunburns once your skin is flaky and dry.

Slowly get into the tanning process

The ideal method is to put on a swimsuit or underwear and gradually reveal your body parts that are just not used to UV exposure for longer periods of time.
To illustrate, when you expect to begin nude tanning, try to take off your clothing in the last 5 minutes of the first tanning process. Once you start the next session, take off your underwear or outfit 10 minutes before finishing.
Doing so allows your sensitive areas to gradually know how to increase the production of melanin and protect you from skin burning.
There is no need to rush through the tanning treatment. If you are in a sunbed, attempt to stay in for a shorter time than recommended.
Try not to overdo it with the tanning. You may get sunburned by UV rays that you do not realize are striking your skin even in cool temperatures.

Consult a tanning professional

Think about hiring a tanning expert because experts have experience and knowledge, so they can advise you on a sun-protection method to help you safe from all types of sunburns.
Besides, they can offer advice on how to tan in the tanning bed with minor damage to your skin or some instructions while tanning outdoor, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to begin nude tanning?

Naked tanning is often done during the summer when the weather is warm. You can also do it in the winter if you like, but you must bundle up and keep the body covered for as long as possible since tanning in the nude requires direct sunlight to get the desired different skin color.
It is also the reason why it is critical not to put on any clothes as they may block some of the sunshine from getting your skin, resulting in a lighter or brunette.  

Is it necessary to cover your nipples when nude tanning?

The answer is yes. Because the nipples are incredibly light and sensitive to discoloration, unless you are utilizing protective coverings, guarantee to apply extra UV protection to your nipples.

Several tanning salons will provide nipple coverings for use when naked tanning.  You can purchase nipple covers to protect this sensitive area for tanning in the nude outside.

Is it possible to tan without getting naked?

To tell the truth, the answer is yes. 
You can tan in the nude without becoming naked if you wear a tan-through swimsuit, which allows the sun and heat in, allowing your covered portions to tan.
Although they may not become as dark as the uncovered portions due to the thickness of the material, they will still become browned.
Alternatively, you can consider using fake tanning, a type of cosmetic that you can use to darken your skin without uncovering it to ultraviolet rays. Using it, you can get a consistent coating all over the body rapidly and effortlessly!

If you are interested in this topic, you can watch this video for further information:

Final Thoughts

Though nude tanning may appear improper to people unfamiliar with tanning culture, it is a frequently utilized method that offers several unique advantages. You can tan easily without worrying about your garments retaining heat, and you can say bye to ugly tan lines.
Whether you tan nude indoors or outdoors, try to do it safely and gradually to enjoy absorbing the rays while obtaining a consistent glow all over the body.


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