Is Dove Soap Good For Your Face?

Dove Beauty Bar is advertised to be dermatologist-recommended for its ability to moisturize your skin and make it smooth. This means the product surpasses regular soaps that always leave your skin dry after use. 

To what extent is this true? Is Dove soap good for your face for real? 

This post will help you understand the nature of Dove soap, what it is good for, and whether it has side effects on your skin or not. 

Dove Beauty Bar
Dove Beauty Bar

Is Dove Soap Good For Your Face?

Dove soap is a good cleanser

If the question “Is Dove soap good for your face” is weighing on your mind, the answer is “Yes”, Dove Beauty Bar is good for your face, especially when you use it as a cleanser

It’s made with hypoallergenic ingredients, making it safe to use on facial skin. Furthermore, it contains moisturizing ingredients that keep it hydrated and offer protection against dryness. 

Dove soap is good for all skin types

Dove Beauty Bar works for almost any skin type, even sensitive and acne-prone skin. Its cleansing effect works for dry skin, oily skin, and normal skin. 

This is attributed to its hypoallergenic formula, featuring zero harsh ingredients. While Dove soap cleanses, it does not dry out the skin. On the other hand, if you have oily skin, the product will balance out the oil on your face. 

On top of that, Dove created several different Beauty Bars for all types of skins. To figure out which bar is for your skin, you can take a quiz on Dove’s website. 

It’s worth noting that the original bar is paraben-free and unscented, which should be fine for most skin types. There’s also a Sensitive Skin bar in case your skin is super reactive. 

What is Dove soap made of?

Dove has a line of products called Dove Beauty Bar that consists of different soap bars designated for skincare. 

While there are many products in this line and they are aimed at different uses, they all contain a number of key ingredients: 

  • Sodium lauroyl isethionate is a gentler alternative to surfactants that can strip off your natural oil.
  • Stearic acid, shea oil help maintain the smoothness and softness of your skin.
  • Sodium Palmitate acts as an emulsifying agent and surfactant.
  • Aqua (water), benzyl alcohol are added as good solvents.
  • Lauric acid gets rid of acne while preventing future breakouts.
  • Sodium Isethionate acts as a mild surfactant.
  • Sodium stearate creates the right texture and thickness for the product.
  • Parfum, benzyl salicylate gives the bar a light perfume smell. 
  • Sodium palm kernelate is a cleanser and emulsifier. 
  • Glycerin and propylene glycol helps moisturize skin.
  • Zinc oxide acts as a sunscreen ingredient and makes the soap white.
  • Alumina is added for scrubbing.

The Difference between Dove Beauty Bar and Regular Bar Soap

There is a big difference between Dove Beauty Bar and Regular Bar Soap
There is a big difference between Dove Beauty Bar and Regular Bar Soap

Dove Beauty Bar contains cleansing ingredients to minimize the bar’s alkalinity. However, the final bar maintains the degreasing capability as well as other capabilities of a regular soap bar.

At the same time, there are fatty acids in the bar, which not only counteract the alkalinity but also enhance the bar’s moisturizing capability. 

Therefore, it’s better to call Dove Beauty Bar a hybrid cleansing bar.  

The key factor that differs Dove Beauty Bar from regular soap is the pH. While the pH of regular bars is relatively high, Dove bars have a neutral pH. This results in different impacts between these two types of products.

  • Firstly, regular soaps dry your skin, Dove bars offer a moisturizing effect for the skin.
  • Secondly, regular soaps strip your skin of its crucial nutrients, decreasing skin elasticity, whereas Dove Beauty Bar makes up for the nutrients lost from cleansing and makes your skin feel more elastic. 
  • Thirdly, using soap removes lipids and proteins from your skin while Dove Beauty Bar contains these ingredients and adds them to your skin.
  • Lastly, soaps leave your skin rough, tight, itchy, but Dove bars help maintain the skin appearance, clarity, texture, and brightness. 

Things That Make Dove Beauty Bars A Great Choice

pH neutral

Being pH neutral means Dove soap scores 7 on the pH scale. It’s more alkaline than the skin but still better than regular soap. 

Dove Beauty Bar gets its acidity from fatty acids that developed from the initial acid added to the bar’s formula. Since the bar has negligible influences on your skin’s pH, it won’t make your skin more prone to infection or irritation as a side effect of the natural acid dismantle. 

Lauric acid

Lauric acid was earlier mentioned in the ingredient list of Dove soap and it’s antimicrobial, making it helpful for acne treatment. It also cleans up excess oil on your skin. 

However, Dove Beauty Bar only deals with clogged pores and sebum overproduction. This skin condition can also result from inflammation, hormonal fluctuations, etc., which Dove soap cannot treat.  


Glycerin is a moisturizing agent that’s often removed from regular soaps for commercial purposes. In particular, glycerin is sold as a byproduct or included in higher-priced soaps. 

Meanwhile, glycerin is used in all Dove Beauty Bars, which explains why it doesn’t leave users with dry skin after use. 

Simple formula

The simple formula makes Dove Beauty Bar safer for acne skin as it consists of fewer ingredients. This way, the product helps decrease the risk of acne breakouts and reactions. 

Also, with a simpler formula, if you have an allergy when using the product, you can quickly find out which ingredient causes the problem. 

Dove Beauty Bars - the good choice for both face and body
Dove Beauty Bars – the good choice for both face and body

Advantages of Dove Beauty Bar

Work for many skin types

The ingredients used to create this beauty bar are hypoallergenic, meaning it’s safe to use on almost everyone.

That said, if irritation develops as you use Dove soap, your skin may be too sensitive for this product and you should stop immediately. 

Cleanse gently

Dove Beauty Bar uses mild ingredients in place of harsh chemicals, which ensures the final bar offers gentle cleansing on your skin. The bar works for all seasons.

Nourish skin

Using Dove soap on a daily basis helps with skin nourishment. Ingredients like stearic acid, shea oil, glycerin, and propylene glycol give your skin a nourished look. 

Maintain moisture

Dove Beauty Bar is claimed to feature ¼ moisturizing cream and pH neutral, which hydrates the skin instead of stripping moisture off after each use. 

Clear up acne

Dove soap clears up clogged pores, helping treat acne. It also prevents future acne on your skin. 

How to use Dove Beauty Bar for your face

To have the best experience with Dove soap, you should follow Dove’s instructions.

  1. Wet your hands with clean water.
  2. Rub the bar between your hands until it lathers up. 
  3. With the lather, massage your face gently. 
  4. Rinse with warm water.


Can you use a Dove Beauty Bar for acne?

Dove soap is good for acne-prone skin but not always a recommended product. 

On the bright side, acne-prone skin benefits from the cleansing and moisturizing ability of the product. Acne-prone skin often produces too much oil due to dryness, but this clogs pores and results in acne. Dove soap helps with this.

On the downside, Dove Beauty Bar cannot remove whiteheads, blackheads, and pus-filled bumps. For other causes of acne than dryness, the product may not work or has temporary effects only.

Is Dove soap for the face or body?

Thanks to the cleansing and moisturizing capabilities, Dove soap can be used for both the face and body. 

Does Dove bar soap clog pores?

No, it does not. In fact, by moisturizing your skin, the product helps prevent the overproduction of oil, hence avoiding clogged pores.

Wrap Up

At this point, we hope you have got the answer to your question: Is Dove soap good for your face? It’s important to remember that Dove Beauty Bar is not really soap but not a specialized skincare product, either. 

Therefore, always consult your dermatologist about its compatibility and how to use Dove Beauty Bar properly on your skin to make the best of it. 


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