How to Stop Eyes from Watering When Wearing Makeup

The eyes are considered the most attractive part of the face, so enhancing their natural beauty can make your makeup appear more striking. Therefore, how you do to your eyes can make or break the entire look.

However, eyes are always the sensitive part,  so it can be tricky to get that perfect look for your eye makeup. Specifically, even the most minor things can cause your eyes to tear up, which could ruin your perfect smoky eye you’ve spent hours working on.

So, how do you stop your eyes from watering when wearing makeup? 

Let’s come with us to learn more about how you can stop your eyes from watering when wearing makeup – from the factors that cause this to several helpful tips.

Watery Eyes: What Causes Them?

Before discussing what you can do to stop them, let’s first delve deeper as to why the eyes water when wearing makeup in the first place. In this case, there are several reasons behind it. Check them out below.


One of the primary reasons for watery eyes is allergies, which are even more common during the springtime and summer. Some examples of the most common allergens include pollen, dust, and pet dander.

In some cases, you might be experiencing watery eyes because you’re allergic to a specific ingredient in your makeup. 

Weather Irritation

Similarly, your eyes might be tearing up because they’re irritated from the changing weather, especially when the humidity levels drop as summer turns to fall, then winter. 

In such cases, your eyes are more likely to dry up, causing them to tear up to add more lubrication. This is even more likely if you need to keep your eyes open for a long time while applying your eye makeup.

Irritants in Your Eye

Even if you’re not allergic to dust or pollen, you might still end up with watery eyes if some of them get into your eyes. This is because your eyes will produce more tears to flush out the intruding object and prevent it from damaging your eyeballs.

In some cases, the fine particles of your eye makeup can also get into your eyes, irritating them and causing them to tear up.

Stop Yourself from Tearing Up While Wearing Makeup: A Step-by-Step Guide

Unexpected tears can undoubtedly be frustrating, primarily if you’ve worked so hard to achieve your eye makeup look. 

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to prevent your eyes from watering while wearing makeup. Check out some of them below.

Before wearing eye makeup

  • Identify why you’re tearing up.

Before you can implement solutions, it’s best first to identify why your eyes are watering in the first place. As mentioned, several factors can cause teary eyes, including allergies, irritants, and weather changes.

The way to deal with each cause differs, so it’s essential first to determine why you constantly tear up to address the root cause.

  • Keep the area around your eyes clean.

Of course, regardless of what causes your watery eyes when you wear makeup, it’s always a good idea to start off with a fresh and clean slate. In this case, it’s best if you wash your face first before applying your makeup, as doing so removes any potential irritants near your eyes.

With a cleaner eye area, you’re less likely to push in further any potential irritants, such as dust and other small particles.

  • Use eye drops before applying your eye makeup.

Once your face is clean, you can proceed to apply your eye makeup. However, before you do, it’s best if you use some eye drops first. In this case, eye drops can help flush out any particles in your eyes, preventing them from watering and ruining your makeup.

However, make sure to use only high-quality eye drops with no preservatives to avoid worsening the problem. Similarly, avoid using eye drops designed explicitly for redness as they can make your eye look worse later on.

  • Check your makeup brushes and makeup.

Aside from using eye drops, it might be best to check your makeup brushes and makeup first before applying them to your face. In this case, you need to make sure that your brushes are all clean to avoid contaminants from getting in your eyes.

After all, these can cause allergic reactions and infections, further aggravating your watery eye problem. Similarly, you should check if your makeup is still viable and throw out any expired products.

While doing eye makeup

  • Don’t forget your makeup primer.

Prepping your eye area can significantly extend your eye makeup’s wearability. This is because your tears contain salt, which can dry up the area underneath your eyes. In turn, this can further aggravate your watery eyes, especially if your eye feels irritated.

Makeup primers can help add more moisture to your skin, preventing further irritation and stretching your makeup’s wearability.

  • Go for hypoallergenic products.

Allergies are some of the most significant reasons for watery eyes, and you might be allergic to one or some of the ingredients in your current makeup products. For example, certain dyes and fragrances can irritate sensitive eyes, causing them to tear up.

Therefore, to avoid tearing up due to allergies, it’s best to ensure that you only use hypoallergenic eye makeup. Aside from this, it might also be better if you go for waterproof makeup to ensure your makeup look withstands a few tears.

  • Make sure to tilt your chin up.

Even when you use hypoallergenic products, you might still find yourself tearing up while applying your eye makeup. In this case, tilting your chin up and looking upward can stop your tears from falling.

Likewise, it’s better if you avoid blinking too much, as this can make them roll down your cheek, ruining the rest of your look.

  • Don’t put eyeliner in your waterline.

Your eyes’ waterline is one of the most sensitive areas of your eye, so even though it’s considered trendy, it’s better to avoid putting eyeliner in this area. After all, doing so might make you end up with raccoon-like circles under your eyes.

Aside from this, it might be best to use gel or pencil eyeliners instead of liquid ones to avoid irritating your eyes further.

  • Avoid too much product in your eye’s outer corner.

Aside from the waterline, another area of your eyes that’s considered sensitive is the outer corners. In this case, if you often find yourself tearing up when putting a product on the corners of your eyes, it might be better to avoid putting too much on.

Similarly, it might be best to avoid more powdery products, as the particles can enter your eyes, irritating them and causing them to tear up. While they’re better for longevity, it’s all for naught if the tears ruin the overall look.

While wearing eye makeup

  • Use tissues to catch the tears.

Even if you follow the steps mentioned above, it’s inevitable that a tear or two will roll down. So, to prevent them from messing up your finished look, it’s best to use a tissue to catch them. 

However, make sure to blot the tears, not wipe, as doing so will wipe off any product you have applied so far. You can put the tissue as close to the root as you possibly can so that it can easily catch any stray tears.

  • Bonus Step: Remove all makeup – including your eye makeup – at night.

If you have sensitive eyes, it’s best to remove any makeup you have on at night, especially in the area around your eyes. This will prevent them from drying up and becoming irritated, both of which can aggravate your issues with watery eyes. 

Of course, it’s best to avoid oil-based cleaners when doing so, as these can clog the glands around your eyes, resulting in styes.

Final Thoughts

Having that perfect eye makeup can drastically enhance not just your eyes but also the overall makeup look you’re going for. However, achieving this can be challenging for those with sensitive eyes, especially since a few tears can quickly ruin the result.

With that said, hopefully, this guide has helped you learn more about how to stop your eyes from watering when wearing makeup and allowed you to achieve that perfect makeup look.


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