How Much Does a Spray Tan Cost? Learn Step By Step

Tanning is rather an important thing to beauty-conscious people in summer. While sun tanning or tanning bed are quite popular in the tanning world, in many ways they are quite harmful to the skins too.

Now, the Sunkissed look is undoubtedly very beautiful, however, you don’t want to get sunburned or exposed to the UV ray when you are just trying to enjoy a beach day.

Hence, to save you from misery, there are spray tans available in the market that will give you an instant tan look with sun protection.

Now, a very common question I get is “how much does a spray tan cost?” Well, let’s find out!

What is Spray Tanning?

Some refer to the Spray tans as fake tanning. The real deal is that spray tanning is an artificial way of getting the golden tone on your skin.

This is made with a carbohydrate called dihydroxyacetone (DHA) that reacts with the amino acid of your skin’s surface causing tanning.

It also contains an ingredient called erythrulose that ensures a longer tan.

The best thing about spray tans is that they are UV rays-free! So, no more wrinkles or itches!

How Much Does a Spray Tan Cost?

Now, every time I talk about spray tanning with anyone, the first question they ask is, “How much is a spray tan?”

With the emerging popularity of spray tans, more and more brands are competing in giving you the best at a good price.

Though the price of spray tans may differ depending on the brands, methods, and salons, the average cost of a spray tan might cause you between $25 to $40.

However, you can also find tans costing $18 as well as $100.

As I said earlier, it depends highly on the quality, method, and brand. Also, the price ranges vary with where you choose to do the tanning. If you have a home tanning, that is surely going to cost less than doing it in a salon.

Cost of Spray Tanning at Home

Like I said earlier, tanning at home will save your costs a lot than doing it in a salon.

However, you will have to be an expert in doing that. If this is your first time using spray tan, you are discouraged to try this at home.

Now, you can get cheap spray tans at prices like $15. But as you should know that cheap products never turn out to be good for your skin.

Since you are already saving some cost by doing tanning at home, you can use that to buy a good spray tan for yourself. You can get quite good tanning in like $30 to $40.

Also, the main thing you need to do your tanning at home is a spray tanning gun. It might cost you $200 – $250 on average.

After that, you can use it every time you are doing tanning at home. On average, spray tanning at home might cost you only $15 to $20 per session.

Spray Tanning at Salon Prices

Spray tanning at a salon comes in a lot of variety, hence, there are many price ranges. You probably know that salon tanning comes in a bunch of categories and those have some more subcategories.

And besides that, the location, popularity, and brand or quality of tanning used by them of the salon have a great effect on the price.

However, you can get a machine tanning for $25 to $30 on average. Whereas, an airbrush tanning might cause you $40 to $50 on average being the most expensive one. But like others, the cost can still vary depending on the quality.

Machine Spray Tanning Cost

The cost of this type of spray tanning varies greatly depending on the quality of the machines. The more expensive your machine is, the better tan you will get.

Also, expensive tanning machines come with a feature that removes the tanner from the air preventing it from falling on your legs.

You can also find cheap machines, but you will soon realize the worthlessness. If you want to get a perfect tan while keeping your skin healthy, and expensive machine tanning is totally worth it.

However, you can always get a home tanning to save all the extra money. On average, a machine spray tanning session might cost you around $25 to $40. Not to mention the variety again!

Airbrush Spray Tanning Cost

Airbrush tanning is somewhat more expensive than the other ones since it’s done by highly professionals and requires extra attention. Just like most other tanning processes, Airbrush tanning has a variety of prices.

But the best thing about this tanning is that you don’t have to get the whole body done, rather, you can just choose special areas to get tanned.

Hence, the pricing differs depending on what areas you specify and the skill of the beautician. But on average, an airbrush tanning session might cost you around $30 – $80.

Mobile Spray tanning Cost

Mobile spray tanning is the most expensive spray tanning available yet the most relaxed one. It’s an ideal option if you have a special event, party or you are just too lazy to get out of the house.

It has become quite popular nowadays due to the comfort it offers. Mobile spray tanning costs vary depending on your location and the service you want.

Some people often refer to the mobile spray tanning as a personalized airbrush spray tanning. You can get everything in your home with an addition of more comfort.

However, mobile tanning requires a tanning tent that might cost some extra money. Generally, mobile spray tanning can cost between $50 – $150.

However, to me, the money is totally worth it! At least, you don’t have to worry about having tan color all over your car seat!

Self-tanner Cost

Self-tanners are lotions or gels that contain DHA and gives you a beautiful natural-looking tan at home. However, that will be a short time tan. Self-tanners don’t cost much since they are temporary.

They typically start at $6 and you can get a good one only for $10.

It’s ideal if you need a quick tan with less time and money. They are very easy to apply and really effective!

Which of the Tanning should you choose?

Definitely, different people have different preferences in this matter. Like you know already, the cheapest spray tanning available is tanning at home.

It will save you money as well as save you a trip to the salon. If you are on a very tight budget, this should be the perfect tanning for you. However, you have to be an expert in this case.

The airbrush tanning is the most high-quality tanning process in the list. So, if you think you can spend some extra bucks to get the perfect look then go for it!

Now, if you think you are lazy enough to go to the salon and have the kind of money, then no one’s stopping you from getting the mobile spray tan!

But whatever you do, always consider what you really need, your budget, and the location you live in.

Is Spray Tanning Safe?

Spray tanning is absolutely safe as long as you follow the directions.

Nowadays, spray tanning is getting more and more popular due to the perfect golden tan without exposing the skin to harmful UV rays.

This product contains DHA, a chemical extracted from sugar that reacts with the proteins on your skin turning them brown.

While the use of DHA was FDA approved, there are some points where you should avoid applying the spray tan. Most clearly, the spray tan shouldn’t touch your eye covers, lips, nose, and other sensitive parts.

Examiners are yet to know what will happen if the tan ever touches those parts. Hence, be careful with it!

Always ask the salon experts what they are doing to cover and protect the parts mentioned above from getting the spray tan.

Make sure they have all the necessary safeties. If you are going for a self-tanning at home, always read the directions in the label and follow accordingly.

Cover your eyes, nose, mouth, and ears properly before starting with the process.

Final Thoughts

We hope that now you have got a good idea of “how much does a spray tan cost”.

Spray tans are best if you are concerned about your skin getting exposed to the UV ray or you are having some allergic reactions, wrinkles, etc. These are your best alternative against the suntan.

Now that you know that different kinds of spray tanning have different prices and the better quality you want, the higher the price will go.

If you really want to get a good tan, you should keep your mind open for some real expenses. A high-quality product is always worth the money!

However, there’s no need to exceed your budget. Hope the article was useful to you. Don’t forget to leave your feedback!


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