How Long Does It Take to Tan on A Cloudy Day?

Do you know how long does it take to tan on a cloudy day?

Well, a cloudy day doesn’t mean that the sun is missing. It is maybe just hiding behind the clouds. So, if you can manage to get under the sun for approximately 5-10 minutes on a cloudy day, that can give you a good tan.

Can you get tan when it’s cloudy?

Yes, of course.

Many people think tanning on a cloudy day is not possible since they can’t see the sun. However, researchers gave an alternative opinion about it.

They believe more than 90% of UV rays can still come down to earth on cloudy weather.

Only fewer percentages of UV rays fail to penetrate through the clouds. In fact, exposing your skin to UV rays for a long time may increase the probability of skin cancer.

That’s why make sure to cover your body part where you want to get tan and apply an SPF 30 sunscreen to protect your beautiful skin.

Just read the article for the next few minutes to find all the answers and vanish your confusion.

Before knowing how can you get a tan through clouds, let’s understand the UV rays deeply. It will aid you to know UV rays. There are mainly three kinds of UV rays: UVC, UVA, and UVB.

UVC rays

UVC rays are the safest to the skin because most of them fail to come on the earth’s surface, and they are absorbed by the atmosphere. Also, they are not ample in amount. They are noticeable only between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

UVB Rays

The second one is the UVB rays, and they are the main reason behind skin damage or burn. Exposing your skin to this type of rays for a prolonged time may raise the chance of skin cancer or sunburn.

They are so powerful that they require only fifteen minutes to burn your undressed skin. Also, they may directly damage your DNA when a higher amount of UVB photon absorption occurs.

UVA Rays

The third and last one is the UVA rays, which contain 95% of the sun’s total radiation. The radiation can deeply go through the surface of your skin and enter into the inner or thickest layer.

This type of UV causes wrinkles and aging signs.

How Can You Get A Tan Through Clouds?

To get beautiful brown and tanned skin, you want to sun yourself for a few minutes daily. Doing for a short time doesn’t do any harm. Tanning on cloudy days is almost the same as on summer days because most UV rays are still available to expose on your skin surface.

You might underestimate that your body will not expose to the sun since it is hiding under the clouds. As a matter of fact, you may burn or damage your skin for tanning your skin without any protection.

Getting tan means producing more melanin on your skin surface. The skin pigment makes your skin darker. That’s why white-skinned people have lower melanin while dark-skinned people have a higher amount of melanin.

When you have a higher amount of melanin on your skin surface, it can protect your skin from UV rays. However, the protective pigment can’t do much for fair-skinned people.

As a result, they are more vulnerable to skin damage or skin cancer than dark-skinned people. However, just because you have a darkly pigmented skin tone, that doesn’t mean you can stay in direct sunlight for several hours.

It will cause skin burn or even skin cancer like light skin. But, surely, brown people can stay more time than white people.

Hence, it is best to apply some tanning oil and sunscreen before going out. Many people prefer to tanning their skin in the summer season since the sun heats up during the period.

But you may end up with some skin issues if you do tan for several hours even after applying tanning oil or sunscreen.

Expert suggests following a slow and steady process instead of a quick one.

This method gives your skin direct sunlight for a few minutes daily, and you will repeat the process every day. You want to apply good-quality sunscreen or tan cream to protect your skin.

How quickly you will get tanned depends on the type of skin you have and your skin tone. Brown or dark skin tone will tan quickly, while pale-skinned people will require more time to get a perfect tan.

Another important thing you should know that you will not get an immediate tan after exposing your skin to direct sunlight.

When you sun your body, your body needs 48 hours to produce the melanin. After passing 48 hours, you may see some tanning improve on your skin.

However, a one-time result may not be visible as you will have to do it a couple of times. As we already mentioned, no matter whatever the weather condition is cloudy, hazy, or foggy, the UV rays can still reach your skin surface.

Make sure to prepare yourself before going out, especially you have sensitive skin. Else, you may burn or damage your skin while overexposing your body outside.

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Tips to Accomplish A Glowing Brownish Tan on A Cloudy Day

Go For a Perfect Time To Tan

Everything has the right time, and you should follow it. The best time to do tan is before 9 a.m. or after 4 p.m. Early morning or late afternoon hours are the right time because weaker sun rays can’t do much harm to your skin.

Most UV rays are absorbed by the atmosphere during these times, and only a lower portion of UV rays reaches the earth. Tanning is preferable for white-skinned people than black skin.

Tanning in the late morning or early afternoon may lead to red patches because it is peak hour when the sun is strongest.

Select A Location with Minimal Cloud Coverage

Though you will get rays, no matter where you select the spot. But if you want more sunlight, then find a location where the cloud is less visible, and it can reach your skin.

Also, keeping your skin exposed to the sun for a prolonged time may increase the risk of skin problems.

That’s why find a suitable spot for a quick tan.

Make Sure To Apply A Tanning Lotion Or Oil

It is essential to apply a tanning oil or lotion on your different body parts where you want to tan. Tanning oil is preferable if your skin is dry.

But, tanning lo Using a tanning lotion will help you to achieve glowing brown skin. Also, don’t forget to apply sunscreen separately if your suntan product doesn’t have SPF properties.

However, research shows that tanning oil or lotion has only less than 15 SPF.

That’s why it is best to apply sunscreen with a minimum of 30 SPF before using your tanning oil or lotion. Though sunscreen may retard the tanning session, it will optimally protect your skin.

Make Yourself Comfortable On A Towel Or Lounge Chair

You can either lay down on a soft towel or a deck chair. Find a suitable one that makes you comfortable. Stretch out your whole body and unfurl your legs and arms during the tanning session.

It will help to get tan every spot. Start with your back or stomach based on your preference and rotate your body to get evenly tan.

Then shift to previous body parts again where you have already gotten tan, and it will help you get a perfect tan.

Spend 5-10 minutes on every side and get the sunlight on the other sides. The more time you spend on sunlight, the darker skin you will achieve.

If you have white or light skin, spend a minimum of 20 minutes on all sides body parts. Spend a minimum of 30-40 minutes if your skin brown or dark.

It is advisable not to stay more than 30 minutes for white skin and 1 hour for dark or brown skin.

Care For Your Skin After The Tanning Session

After doing your tanning session, it’s time to give yourself a proper bath to remove all the dust, residue, and lotions from your skin surface.

Rest for a while before going for a shower and avoid rubbing the skin intensely. Because it will remove the upper layer from the skin surface.

It is better to take a cold shower because it will retain the moisturization for an extended period. Plus, you can apply a decent moisturizer after the bath session.

Besides, keep yourself hydrated by drinking 2.4-liter to 2.8-liter water daily. What’s more, if you notice any red spots or sunburn, apply some aloe vera gel to quickly heal the spot.

Final Thought

All you need to follow some steps and guidelines, which we have already mentioned.

How long does it take to tan on a cloudy day depends on your skin type and how many sun rays you are getting. Since UV rays are harmful to the skin, you want to expose your skin for a limited time daily.

Hopefully, the question of can you tan on a cloudy day is already faded away. Give yourself a perfect tan by following our tips and practical information.


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