Hempz Hypoallergenic Dark Tan Maximizer Review

A deep dark natural tan is like the main beauty of the summer.

But it can get perfectly ruined if you have weird sensitive skin that doesn’t seem to fit with anything So if you are one of these people and too tired to try on any new tanning maximizers, don’t yet give up Because you haven’t given the hempz hypoallergenic dark tan maximizer a chance yet!

With this lotion, you might finally get the dark tan you have been waiting for so long to get!

So, read our full hempz hypoallergenic dark tan maximizer review to know about all the amazing things this lotion has to offer.

Hempz hypoallergenic natural bronzer is not only an excellent accelerant but also a great moisturizer. The formula used in the lotion is totally hypoallergic and doesn’t contain any gluten or parabens.

It stimulates the melanin production in your skin to get the tan as soon as possible making it the perfect choice for delicate skin cells.

The strong hydrating blend contains 100% original Hemp Seed oil that works as a moisturizer for the skin while ensuring a long-lasting tanning color.

The lotion is extremely light and grease-free which is absorbed by the skin quite instantly resulting in a dark natural tan. It also reduces the chances of skin dryness by maintaining healthy hydration.

Moreover, your sensitive skin can get the best feeling with the oatmeal fighting the inflammation. While the mango seed butter can help to hydrate and smooth the skin, the natural tan enhancers will give you the darkest radiant glowing look.

Hempz Hypoallergenic Dark Tan Maximizer Review


  • The hempz hypoallergenic dark DHA bronzer comes with a number of natural calming extracts that include soothing and comforting things like oatmeal, hum seed oil, and mango seed butter.
  • The hump seed oil is known to work as both a moisturizer and hydrator for your skin. Also, it ensures a long-lasting dark tan color that you always look forward to.
  • The oatmeal keeps your skin calm by fighting the inflammation that might be a lot irritating.
  • The lotion is blended with intense mango seed Butter that gives your skin a gentle smooth feeling while increasing hydration.
  • The natural tan enhancers work extensively to give your tan the best radiant glowing look.
  • You won’t have to worry about any allergic reaction as the lotion doesn’t contain any paraben, nut, or gluten. Also, it’s 100% vegan and totally THC-free.

Tanning accelerator:

Don’t get confused with the application of the hempz ultra dark tan maximize.  This is not regular sunless tanning or self-tanner that works just after applying.

Rather it’s a tanning accelerator that enhances the dark color on your skin with a deep tanning blend by exposure to the UV ray or a tanning bed. So, you better not wait to get a dark tan just after applying the lotion. You will have to get under the sunlight for results.

How it works:

This hypoallergenic tanning lotion works by strengthening the UV ray that speeds up the browning process of your skin. Once it starts doing that, the tan will continue to progress even when you are done with the tanning session.

While the tan enhancers work extensively on the tan coloring, the other natural ingredients start doing their job and work as moisturizers and nourishers. That is why you feel a soft and smooth touch on your skin after every tanning session.

No Sun protection:

Usually, maximizers or intensifiers do not come with any sun-blocking materials that might save you the UVA and UVB rays.

This naturally hempz tanning lotion is not an exception. So, it’s recommended that you add a little amount of SPF to your skin after applying the tannin lotion to prevent yourself from getting sunburned.

Also, you can minimize the time you might spend under the sun. But don’t let this thing stop you from using this amazing lotion. If you ignore the no SPF part, the lotion is an excellent accelerator when used outside.

Not water resistant:

One of the bad things about this lotion is that it can easily come off with the slightest touch of water. In that case, you will have to reapply the lotion to have the darkest tan.

You can guess how easily the lotion can come off you take a shower right after the tanning session.

So, you are strongly recommended to wait for 6-8 hours before getting into the shower. Also, don’t use towels to dry the water.

Rather use a silk t-shirt to rub off the water slowly. Also, don’t wear tight or white clothes just after using the lotion. Brown stains can be pretty intense in your beautiful clothes!


The most attractive thing about this lotion is that the formula is totally hypoallergic and doesn’t contain any kind of paraben, nuts, gluten, or even any allergic perfumes. So, if you have very delicate skin, this hempz tanning is your best choice.

Moreover, the lotion doesn’t promote any tingle or itchiness on your skin. It acts as a natural bronzer and enhances your tan color to a great extent.

With this one, you won’t have to worry about your skin or hands getting red or orange-coloured like most other DHA bronzers. Actually, that’s the part I most like about this lotion.

Natural ingredients:

The Hemp tanning lotion consists of totally pure natural hemp seed oil with oatmeal as well as mango seed butter that keeps your skin nourished and moisturized while stimulating the melanin production in your body for a dark tan. These ingredients give you soothing sun contact.

The lotion is really easy to apply and it gets absorbed pretty quickly while leaving your skin with a moist and shiny look. The lightweight and grease-free surface work greatly as a moisturizer.

It will make you feel a soft and smooth touch on your skin without any irritation. In short, the lotion is perfect for people who want to have a great dark tan but can’t get it due to their allergic skin.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the weird or irritating smell coming from the lotion. This product is completely odourless with no fragrance.


  • The lotion is non-greasy and light that makes it very easy to apply without any irritation
  • It absorbs pretty quickly and ensures a dark tan in no time
  • The lotion consists of natural ingredients that keep your skin healthy
  • The product works as both a moisturizer and nourisher
  • Keeps your skin hydrated throughout the tanning process
  • Ensures a soft and smooth touch
  • The solution is hypoallergic and doesn’t contain any paraben or gluten
  • Long-lasting tanning color
  • Fights inflammation
  • Don’t come with any irritating fragrance
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors


  • Not water resistant Doesn’t contain any sun protection component


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a tingle tan lotion?

No, it isn’t. The lotion is made with high-quality natural ingredients that ensure the perfect darkest tan for you. So, you can be assured that the lotion doesn’t contain any tingle or redness to your skin.

How does the lotion work in the sun?

It works perfectly as any other tanning accelerator in contact with the sun. However, the product doesn’t have any sun protection component or SPF in it.

So, if you want to avoid getting sunburned either apply sunscreen or minimize your time in the sun. Besides that, the lotion works excellently in sun. Sometimes it gives a better service than the tanning salons.

Can I use this lotion both indoors and outdoors?

Yes, you can. This lotion is designed to work great in both indoor and outdoor tanning sessions. However, since the lotion doesn’t contain any sunscreen, you will have to apply some before you step out of your house to get a suntan. Other than that, it works great indoors and outdoors.

Final Thoughts

In short, the hempz hypoallergenic dark tan maximizer is a tanning intensifier that doesn’t contain any sunscreen or self-tanner but does its job greatly.

No matter how sensitive or allergic your skin is, this lotion can stimulate the melanin production in your body to get you the rich dark golden color in every situation.

The natural ingredients in the lotion will make sure your skin remains healthy and moisturized after the tanning session where the UV ray absorbs most of the nourishment from the skin.

If you ask me, the lotion does an excellent job when it comes to providing a dark tan to allergic people.

Also, the odourless feature is liked by most of the customers. In truth, when it comes to the Hempz brand, you can most assuredly trust them for quality products.

They always enrich their products with the most high-quality natural ingredients.

Though many people complain about the non-water-resistant part, I think the lotion’s still worth it. So, I hope my hempz hypoallergenic dark tan maximizer review has helped you to decide if you want to choose it or not.


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