What is Well-Kept Beauty?

Well-Kept Beauty  is the smartest way for you to track and monitor the cosmetic ingredients that work best for you skin type, how they perform, and when they expire. You can save notes on each product, list ingredients you want to avoid, and create a detailed skincare routine.  We’ll use a combination of human expertise and machine learning to send you alerts when each product expires and over time alert you when a product will likely cause a problematic reaction or those you noted you want to avoid.  The more you use the app the more personalized your experience. 

You can also discover new brands and connect with skincare experts. 

With all your information saved right on your phone, you’ll always have it when you need it…while shopping and even at your next appointment with your dermatologist or esthetician to discuss what products you’re using and in what order. 


Is Well-Kept Beauty available on Android?

This is one of the questions we're probably asked most frequently. We are working to build an Android version as quickly as possible! Make sure you’ve subscribed to our emails or following us on Instagram so you'll know when we announce when the Android version is available.


Can I scan a barcode to add a product?

Since barcodes on products can vary from one retailer to another or not appear on a product, it’s difficult to provide a consistent scanning experience where barcodes work 100% of the time. We want to make sure you have the best experience possible, so we’ve chosen not to implement barcode scanning until we are able to develop a process thats proven and reliable.


Can I share my skincare routine with other people?

We are adding this function as we speak! This was the number one requested new feature by our user community. We know that part of the fun of building a great beauty routine is telling others about it and helping them create a great routine. Keep a look out for an in-app and email announcement when the feature is ready to go live. 

If you have more ideas and want to share them with us, please join our user community.


I couldn’t find a product in Well-Kept Beauty. Why is that?

We currently have over 100,000+ products by working with Amazon Beauty for our initial rollout and will regularly add more brands via partnerships with brands and retailers. 

You do have the ability to save any product, so even if we don’t have something in our database yet, you  add it to your collection by providing the brand name, product name, and uploading an image. Also, our data beauty team regularly monitors the database to make additions to profiles and ensure information consistency across the database for the best user experience. 

If there’s a brand or retailer you love that we don’t have yet, please email us at hello@wellkeptbeauty.com.


I see a lot of great brands and experts in the discover section. How do you decide who to include?

Our beauty teams curates a highly edited collections of brands that we think you should discover. Likewise, our experts  have been vetted by our team and recommend for you to consider. Brands and experts can to pay to be included in the listings. 


How do I create a Well-Kept Beauty account?

You can create an account by logging in with your name and email. Using your name and email allows use to personalize your account and we don’t have to rely on Facebook or Instagram. We’re also exploring additional account creation functionality, so stay tuned.