Can You Use Eyelash Glue For Fake Nails?

Can you use eyelash glue for fake nails? The answer is definitely yes. Here we’ll provide you with the method to do so, along with some potential substitutes for nail glue.

Eyelash glue is an adhesive used to attach the eyelid to the eyelid. Since it’s an adhesive, sometimes I wonder if it could be used a bit differently, like “Can I use eyelash glue for fake nails?”. 

This question often comes to my mind when I find a substitute for nail glue and I am pretty sure so do you. So, let’s dive into this topic today. Besides, I also learned some of the alternative solutions for nail glues to widen my options and I am eager to share with you.   

Can You Use Eyelash Glue For Fake Nails?

The answer is yes, you can use eyelash glues for fake nails. 

But it won’t hold for as long as nail glues do. Due to the sheer number and variety of eyelash glue out there, there is no way to tell how long the fake nails will stay on. But if you only need it for a short period of time, that kind of adhesion definitely works. 

Eyelash glues
Eyelash glues

And the reason why nail glue can hold for much longer than eyelash glues is that it’s made to attach fake nails to real ones. In order to do so, they have to contain some strong chemicals to create enough adhesion power to bond these two hard surfaces. 

Meanwhile, eyelash glues are meant to stick to your skin, so they require milder chemicals so as not to irritate the highly sensitive areas around your eyes. 

How To Use Eyelash Glue For Fake Nails

Step 1: Clean Your Nails

Remove any existing polish on your nails (if any) before applying fake nails. 

Step 2: Soak Your Nails In Warm Water 

This step is to soften the skin around your nails and the nail bed. Soak your nails for at least 5 minutes. 10 minutes is ideal. 

Step 3: Trim Your Nails

With a nail clip or a pair of nail scissors, trim your nails for as short as they go. This step will prevent your real nails from showing under the fake ones, ensuring that you can wear the latter for as long as possible. 

Step 4: File Your Nails

File your nails to make sure their edges are smooth. 

Step 5: Enlarge Nail Surfaces 

You want the fake nails to stick to your nails, not your skin, so push the cuticles back with an orange stick. 

Please note that you should only push them back, not remove them, because the cuticles protect your nails from infection so they’d better stay in place. 

Step 6: Apply Fake Nails 

Plop a dab of eyelash glue on your nail and another on the lower half of the fake nail. Line up the curve of the fake nail with your cuticle and hold it in place for at least 1 minute for the glue to set. 

Best Alternatives To Nail Glues 

When even eyelash glue is unavailable, here are some viable substitutes: 

Double-Sided Tape – Easy To Remove, Affordable, And Kind To Nail Plates

Double-sided tape can do a fine job adhering fake nails to real ones. The beauty industry has also embraced this method by making a type of tape just for nails called nail tabs. 

Double-sided tape
Double-sided tape

Double-sided tape is for: Those who don’t need to wear fake nails in a short time or temporary


  • Budget-friendly: double-sided tape is affordable and widely available.
  • Easy to apply and remove: there is nothing tricky about putting the tape on. They also come off easily. All you have to do is soak your nails for up to two minutes in warm soapy water. 
  • Allow you to reuse Press on Nails: because double-sided tape comes off easily without hurting the Press on Nails in the process. 
  • Won’t damage your nails: since warm soapy water is all you need to remove them, your nails won’t have to be exposed to harsh chemicals. 


  • Bulky: the tape may raise fake nails a little bit.
  • Not very long-lasting: double-sided tape isn’t for those looking to wear fake nails for weeks as they can only hold for up to two days. 
  • Easy to come off: one of their biggest advantages is also their pitfalls. Double-sided tape can’t maintain its hold when exposed to warm water. 

Acrylic Mixture – Long-Lasting And Durable 

Another option to hold Press on Nails and fake nails in place is an acrylic mixture. This is by far the closest alternative to nail glue on the market. 

Acrylic mixture 
Acrylic mixture

The acrylic mixture is for: 

  • Those whose nails are exposed regularly to moisture and high temperature
  • Those who want to wear fake nails and press on nails for long
  • Those wary of nail glue’s health hazards or are allergic to it


  • Stay on for long: You are looking at three weeks or more with fake nails on as long as the mixture is applied correctly
  • Won’t come off easily: they can endure the effect of water, pressure, and heat


  • May damage your nails: especially when you remove them as they only submit to acetone 
  • Expensive: the mixture isn’t as budget-friendly as double-sided tape or gel nail polish
  • Tricky to apply: Applying the mixture isn’t as straightforward compared to regular nail glue and nail tabs 

Gel Nail Polish

Gel nail polish, in some cases, can be a substitute for nail glues. However, the main problem with this method is that the nail polish only works for Press On nails that aren’t too dark or opaque as it needs light to be able to cure. 

Gel nail polish
Gel nail polish

Gel nail polish is for: Fake nails that aren’t too opaque or dark 


  • Durable: Your fake nails can stay on for up to three weeks as long as they let light through to cure the gel nail polish under them
  • Readily available: gel nail polish isn’t hard to come by. You may already have a bottle at home


  • Limited use cases: as gel nail polish needs light to cure. 

PVA Glue

This recipe for homemade nail glue is quick and simple, especially, it can last for up to 2 weeks. 

DIY nail glue
DIY nail glue

DIY nail glue is for:

  • Those who want to save money by using easy to find ingredients around the house
  • Those who need a quick fix to put on faux nails without paying a visit to a store


  • Long-lasting: fake nails can stay on for up to two weeks. 
  • Easy to make: It takes only two ingredients and a few minutes of your time to make this mixture

Cons: Can’t match the sturdiness of store-bought nail glue: while your home-made product can hold for as long as regular nail glues do, they aren’t as sturdy

Ingredients and tools

  • One cup of PVA glue
  • 7.4ml of nail polish (go for the clear type)
  • A Q-tip or something to stir with. 


  • Mix together the PVA glue and nail polish
  • Stir thoroughly with the Q-tip for 3 minutes until all the ingredients are well combined. 
  • Don’t stir with the cotton end as it may leave small cotton pieces in the mixture

How to apply: Apply the mixture evenly onto your nails, put on the fake nails, and leave them be for 10 minutes to dry. 


Can you use eyelash glue to attach gems to nails?

Like with faux nails, eyelash glue can definitely adhere gems to your nails. Please note to hold the gems in place for at least one minute to make sure the glue dries properly. 

Due to different adhesive durability,  it will not stay long and it’s difficult to tell how long the gems will stay on fake nails. But for the question, the answer is yes, eyelash glue can attach gems to nails.

Are there any bad things health hazards when Using Nail Glues?

As stated above, nail glues contain strong (and sometimes harsh) chemicals to bond two hard surfaces together. These compounds may harm the overall health of the nail beds over time. 

That’s not all. Toluene, a common substance found in nail glue, nail polish, and crude oils, can cause drowsiness and dizziness when inhaled. Exposure to a high level of Toluene can even damage the human nervous system and lead to birth defects in unborn children. 

Can these above substitutes replace the need for nail glue completely? 

The answer is no. 

Like it or not, nail glues exist for a reason. They are sturdy, long-lasting, versatile, and made for its specific job. 

However, when they aren’t around, go for the above substitutes but bear in mind that each of them has its own pros and cons and none can match the results of nail glues. 

For example, double-sided tape is gentle on your nails but it can’t last for more than two days. On the other hand, the acrylic mixture is long-lasting but it’s a bit tricky to apply and may damage your real nails. 


So, can you use eyelash glue for fake nails? The answer is yes but it won’t hold for long.

To get the job done without nail glues, you can consider some other substitutes including double-sided tape, PVA glue, gel nail polish, and acrylic mixture. 

We hope that our guide on how to replace nail glue with eyelash glue, along with a list of alternatives and FAQs provides you with the answers you need. Remember to share with us your experience and any tip you may have. 


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