Can You Tan With Makeup On Your Face?

You must be very eager to have glowing tan skin for this summer. But can you tan with makeup on your face? Read this article to see what you need to pay attention to. 
You are so used to wearing makeup going out that it’s quite uncomfortable without it? Or you just want to keep your beautiful makeup face while tanning?

But you are confused and wondering, “can you tan with makeup on your face”? The answer is dependent on what you’re looking for. While it is possible to tan with makeup, the end outcome may be uneven since cosmetics do not give complete UV radiation protection in the same way that sunscreen does. Follow the article below to make the right decision.

Can you tan with makeup on your face?
Can you tan with makeup on your face?

Can You Tan With Makeup On Your Face?

There are 2 types of tanning: natural tan and artificial tan. Natural tan means you go under the sun to get tan, while artificial tan now can be tanning bed or spray tan. Both are processes that allow UV rays to transform skin pigmentation from its natural color to a tan

Different cosmetic products have different sun protection ratings. Whether cosmetics have SPF or not, they still don’t act as an adequate protective net to UV radiation, UV rays can pass through so you can tan with makeup but your skin tone will be uneven.

Most makeup products contain chemicals that are considered as a protective net to UV rays from changing skin color. In addition, the penetration through many layers of makeup such as foundation. blush, bronzer,…will make you get a patchy skin after tanning.

Beside that, according to dermatologists, tanning beds are not safe since they can harm your DNA and create photosensitivity, especially when combined with the chemicals included in your cosmetics. We highly encourage you to avoid wearing makeup to the tanning bed or even to the pool or beach right away. With spray tan, you should not put on makeup because the lotion or mouse will not be able to penetrate the layer of makeup to color your actual skin. Instead, it will just blend with your existing makeup.

You should be careful wearing makeup without sunscreen while tanning
You should be careful wearing makeup without sunscreen while tanning.

What Happens When You Tan With Makeup On?

Some cosmetics contain SPF in the ingredients, combined with sunscreen, they will act as a layer of protection from UV rays on the skin. When you apply makeup on your skin, the sun protection effect of each product will be different and it may affect your melting process. It makes your skin after tan look uneven and even white spots appear.

Besides, almost all makeup contains elements that are hard to devide, especially formulas that include chemicals. These substances can block UV, prevent sunlight from reaching the skin and affect melanin production, causing an uneven tan.

How Does Makeup Affect Your Tan?

Makeup, whether subtle or dramatic, will affect your skin while tanning. While some regions may tan, others may not, resulting in an uneven tan. So how does makeup affect your tan?

  • Pore blocking and breakouts:

You should not wear makeup to the tanning session since it will impact the outcome of your tan and contribute to the harm done since it might block your pores. When this happens, you have red, itchy skin. The end result you will get will be patchy, blotchy skin, not a glowing bronze skin.

According to specialists, when perspiration and makeup combine with the dead skin, the makeup will clog your pores. This will lead to skin problems such as acne, red swollen acne, …

Especially when you have acne-prone skin and your face breaks out frequently, it can make your skin sensitive to both cosmetics and sunlight. Clogged pores cause skin problems like acne or infections. Therefore, this is not a good choice for your tanning choice.

  • SPF Protection:

Today’s cosmetics products include SPF protection to safeguard your skin. However, it can only provide minor UV rays protection.

  • Skin type:

The skin type that you have might also influence how you tan while wearing cosmetics.

Take advice from a doctor to determine your skin type and whether you are vulnerable to UV rays. Remember that certain people, for example, people with light skin or red hair, quite difficult to get a tan.

  • Time of the day:

The sun’s UV radiation is not constant. The sun will be less intense if you go out before 10 a.m. or after 4 p.m. However, when you are exposure to the sun during those times, the solar rays are stronger and your skin will be at greater risk of damage.

You are more likely to develop a tan between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., which is considered the greatest time to tan outside, yet you are more exposed to UV rays during this time, it will also make your skin more vulnerable.

How To Safely Get Tan With Makeup On?

If you still want to have makeup on, you'll need to pay attention to a few things.
If you still want to have makeup on, you’ll need to pay attention to a few things.

To tan safely using cosmetics, keep the following points in mind:

  • Choose a Tinted Moisturizer: Tinted moisturizers with SPF are widely available. They can keep your skin moisturized while preventing it from sun damage. You can venture out in the sun with confidence thanks to the SPF protection and mild tint.
  • Get a Foundation with SPF: Instead of thick concealer, go for a SPF lightweight foundation to protect your skin from UV rays. A lightweight, oil-free foundation that will help your pores breathe. Aside from that, with SPF, this lightweight foundation can help you have a smooth skin while providing a shield to protect you.
  • Apply a Tinted Sunscreen: Tinted sunscreen is also a good choice for your tanning session. Apply this sunscreen top to toe to get an even tone and comprehensive sun protection.

What You Should Know Before Getting Tan 

Here are some tips you should prepare before getting tan:

  • Use a Makeup Cleanser: First, you must remove your makeup with a makeup remover. It may gently remove any makeup from your pores while also hydrating your skin. To acquire a nice tan, make sure you remove any makeup from your eyelids, the rims of your eyes, and even your neck
  • Use Cleanser and Water: Clean your makeup off before tanning. The most basic approach to cleanse your face is with mild cleanser and water. The cleanser removes residual makeup and prepares your skin.
  • Slow down: Do everything gently on your skin. Vigorous rubbing can make the skin sensitive and vulnerable, increasing the risk of irritation in the sun.
If you want a perfect tan, invest effort in it.
If you want a perfect tan, invest effort in it.
  • Clean the Hairline: It is important to clean the hairline as well. Gather all your hair back and gently clean the hairline area, making sure you can get a tan all over your face.
  • Use Moisturizer: After cleaning your skin, add an SPF moisturizer to finish the procedure. The moisturizer will nourish your skin and keep it nourished even when exposed to the harsh rays of the sun. SPF will protect your skin from radiation while also minimizing skin damage.
  • Use Sunscreen/ Sunblock: Finally, protect your skin by putting on the right amount of sun protection. This will help prevent the UVA/ UVB rays from damaging your skin.


Can I tan with tinted moisturizer?

If you use a tinted moisturizer, you will still tan. While many tinted moisturizers provide SPF protection, it is insufficient to prevent the development of a tan. You will still prevent UV rays from causing harm to your skin, therefore you will most likely get a mild, golden tan.

Can I spray tan with makeup on?

It is never a good idea to spray tan while wearing makeup. The makeup will function as a protective net to the spray tan, which will wash off as soon as you shower. It is completely OK to add makeup after your spray tan has dried, but allow it enough time to set before doing so.

Final Thoughts

When you wear makeup in the sun, it might inhibit your face from tanning evenly. Experts also believe that wearing cosmetics and combining them with UV radiation, particularly from tanning beds, is hazardous for your skin. If you want a more perfect finish while enjoying the sun, you may combine sunscreen with a lightweight covering product.

Hopefully, the information in this post has answered your question, “Can you tan with makeup on your face?” Good luck!


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