Can You Spray Tan While Pregnant? Tanning During Pregnancy: Safe or Not

Summer will be here soon, but tensed about taking sunbath or spending time under the sun now that you are conceiving?

Well, who doesn’t like a suntanned body? It gives you confidence and makes you feel better during a hard time of pregnancy But is it safe for your unborn child?

During pregnancy, your baby is your number one priority. Thus, it often comes to your mind that can you spray tan while pregnant?

Well, you are going to find the answer in this article. Here, we are going to discuss tanning during pregnancy in this post so that you know whether it is safe or not. Stick around.

Can You Spray Tan While Pregnant

Every girl wants to look attractive especially when they are pregnant and having self-doubt. It increases their self-confidence.

But during pregnancy, it is not wise to think only about yourself. You also should think about your unborn child.

However, there are some things that make you look attractive and not harmful to your unborn baby as well. So, yes you can tan while pregnant. But not in every possible way. You can use tanning creams and lotions.

But you can’t use a tanning bed or spray tanner as these are harmful to your unborn baby. In this article, we are going to see which tanning methods are safe and which are not during pregnancy. Stay tuned!

Can You Take Sunbath During Pregnancy

Doctors do not suggest beach tanning during pregnancy. Though, it looks like a healthy process but doesn’t stay into a false sense of safety.

During pregnancy, a women’s body becomes more sensitive than ever. That’s why excessive sun rays can increase the possibility of skin complaints.

So, it is a wise decision to stay inside or in the shade to prevent these problems.

However, soaking in the sun for a while is not that harmful as the sun is the number one origin of vitamin D and it helps you to prevent depression and many other diseases.

But for these, you need a little amount of sun exposure which you might be getting from your prenatal vitamin. Also, you always have the other option which is supplementation.

Well, we don’t have any clear evidence that UV rays will harm your unborn child directly. But for you and your skin, it might be harmful as during pregnancy your baby becomes more sensitive because of the hormones. You can face some dark splotches and a disease called “mask of pregnancy”.

Also, you can face dehydration because of sun heat during pregnancy which can cause vomiting, low amniotic fluid, muscle cramping, and premature labour. So, it’s not safe to take a sunbathe during pregnancy.

How to Protect Your Skin from Sun-ray

Though it is not safe to take sunbathe during pregnancy many of us have to go outside in hot temperatures for works or other important things which are also harmful to you and our baby in many ways.

That’s why it’s good to protect your skin from sun rays. You can protect yourself and your baby from the sun by following these easy steps.

Use Sunscreen

Always use sunscreen before going outside. Try to apply sunscreen 20 to 30 minutes before going outdoors and reapply this every 2 or 3 hours.

Use sunscreen even the weather is cloudy. You can use sunscreen that comprises titanium dioxide or zinc oxide and contain 30 SPF or higher as you don’t want any chemical reaction during pregnancy.

Don’t Go Outside at Peak Hours

Don’t go outside when the sun is burning at its highest because this is the time when the UV ray become stronger. That’s why avoid the peak hour for going outside which is from 10 am to 4 pm.

Use Sunglasses and Sun Hats

Use sunglasses and sun hats whenever you go outside to protect your skin and sensitive scalps from UV rays. Also, use lenses to protect your eyes.

Stay in Shade and Drink Water

Even if you go outside try to stay in the shade. Also, drink a lot of water from time to time to avoid dehydration.

Tanning Beds: Safe or Not

Using a tanning bed during pregnancy is a big no. Tanning beds are usually planned to recapitulate the outcome of the sun. And they do the same exactly.

That’s why it is as harmful as sun heat. A tanning bed has no direct link with any damage while you are not conceiving.

But at the time of your pregnancy, it can be harmful to you and your child. Here are some health problems that can be caused because of the tanning bed during pregnancy.

Skin Cancer

Bed tanning will increase the chance of having melanoma skin cancer If you just use it ten times between 12 months. This is deadly cancer and can harm you and your unborn baby. This cancer even causes death.

High Temperature

There are also other things to worry about tanning beds besides UV rays. Your body temperature usually gets raised when you use a tanning bed. This extreme temperature can cause serious harm to your unborn child. Temperature above 102 degrees F is very dangerous for unborn infants.

Skin Aging

Pregnant mothers fear ageing and spot most and tanning beds cause these. Each session of it enhances the possibility of ageing.

Self-tanners: Safe or Not

It is not fully clear that if self-tanners such as gels, lotions, and sprays are safe or not. That’s why it’s better to avoid them if possible.

The main problem of self-tanners is dihydroxyacetone or DHA. It remains in all tanning products. DHA is the main ingredient of self-tanners that creates brown pigment.

It is assumed that DHA cannot pass through the first layer of your body’s skin. But doctors are not sure about this.

It could be possible that DHA is not absorbed by the body and doesn’t harm your baby. But this is not certain. That’s why many doctors suggest not to spray tan before the first trimester of pregnancy.

As we know, during pregnancy your skin becomes extra sensitive. So, the lotions and gel that you use may be safe for you but they can cause an allergic reaction due to sensitive skin.

So, if you want to use tanning lotion then first apply it to a little skin of your body to see how it reacts. Also, it will be better if you consult with a doctor first.

Bottle Tanning

The safest option of tanning during the time of pregnancy is using bottle tanning lotion. There are many kinds of bottle tanning lotion in the market that gives you impressive result without any risk.

Also, make sure that the quality of the product is good enough. You must check if the product is verified or not. Use the product only if it is safe as you know, during pregnancy our skin becomes sensitive.

Spray Tanning

Pregnancy brings changes in your daily life. Thus, you have to change or alternate some things that you used to do earlier such as tanning.

We all know that tanning beds are harmful during pregnancy. But it seems like spray tanning isn’t that much harm to your baby as there are no dangerous UV rays.

But it is not studied that well also. We assume that it will be less harmful to the fetus as there are no UV rays. It seems a safer alternative.

However, if you decide to spray tan then you should be very cautious about the foams. Try to wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose or try to avoid breathing for a while in the fumes.

Also, try to do this in a ventilated area. You should also follow these cautions for organic spray tan while pregnant.

Always buy self-tanners from a reliable store as it is very important for both of you. Also, there are some products that should not be used at any cost.

Tanning Pills

Tanning pills are available online. However, never use these pills as they hold a large number of color additives which is very harmful to your unborn child.

Tanning Injections

It is also called Melanotan. You can find this online and also at tanning salons. Don’t take tanning injections. It is not safe for you and your baby.

Think Before You Tan

So, is it safe to tan during pregnancy? Well, sunbath is not that harmful to your unborn child but it can cause harm such as dehydration and sunburns.

Also, you are increasing the chance of having cancer by doing this. Lotions could be safe for you but it’s not certain.

What about spray tans and tanning beds? Well, there’s a big “no”. So, the best thing is to skip tanning during pregnancy and let pregnancy make you glow from inside.

Pregnancy is just for some months. So, try to embrace it as it is for the sake of you and your unborn child.

Final Words

Now you know if you can spray tan while pregnant or not, whether this is safe or not. All you have to do is go through the basics again to know it from the core.

Also, let us know if you find this article helpful or not. Share your thoughts in the comment box.


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