Can You Shave After A Spray Tan?

“Can you shave after a spray tan?” is a question that many tan-lovers have always been looking for the answer to. If you are unclear about this issue, this article will help you!

After a spray tan, there are many things you can do, such as taking a shower and moisturizing the skin, but does it include shaving?

Although you desire that gorgeous bronze glow from a flawless spray tan, you do not want to jeopardize your health for a youthful glow by deciding to shave after spray tan with little information.

So, you should not disregard this topic in “Can you shave after a spray tan?” because it contains a lot of valuable information and tips. Let’s check!

Can You Shave After A Spray Tan?

The answer is both yes and no. In other words, shaving immediately after getting a spray tan is not considered a brilliant idea, but it is not prohibited.

If you decide to shave after a spray tan, you must exercise some caution because there is no other danger other than shortening the duration of the tan. 

Shaving will remove your tan and also exfoliate the skin, which would ordinarily take several days. When you shave right away, the time you spend in the spray tan booths may waste time. 

Instead, you had better shave after getting a spray tan for at least 24 hours to give your skin time to recover itself after a spray tanning session. It will assist you in lessening the likelihood of irritation when shaving. 

You should shave at least one day after a spray tan.
You should shave at least one day after a spray tan.

What Will Happen If You Shave After A Spray Tan?

To know what may occur if you shave right after a spray tan, you should first discover how spray tanning and shaving are related.

Once you go for spray tanning, the professional uses a nozzle gun to apply a spray tan solution to the skin. It contains DHA and bronzer, which work together to bring you a perfect tan.

The bronzer gives you a golden glow while DHA interacts with the amino acids found in dead skin cells on the highest layer of the skin’s epidermis. Then, it darkens your skin complexion by reacting with these cells. 

On the other hand, shaving strips hair from the epidermis while simultaneously scratching away a small layer of the skin. So if you shave after a spray tanning session, you may remove the dead skin cells in the highest layer, removing the tan and fading it.

In addition, since DHA comes into touch with your skin in a spray tanning session, the chemical may be responsible for generating redness and possibly bringing blood to the surface to increase UV absorption. Therefore, after tanning, your skin may become extremely sensitive and flushed. If you shave right after that, you will likely irritate your skin.

How Do You Shave After a Spray Tan Without Ruining Your Tan?

Shaving means the extraction of dead skin cells. As a result, you should shave carefully to avoid scraping off the tan. Fortunately, there are specific techniques to reduce the harmful effects of shaving and still have smooth, radiant skin.

Use a fresh razor

If you utilize an old shaver, the blades might become worn and tug on your skin. It may also remove tan faster than a new one, undermining the objective of the spray tan session.

Also, using an old razor can easily cause cuts on your skin because pressure and water will combine to ruin your razor’s perfectly honed edge, making it dull and uneven. As a result, instead of spreading pressure evenly, these minor sharp grooves and crags on your razor operate like a serrated blade on the skin.

Thus, instead of using an old razor, buy a new razor. A new one is more sanitary. It can help you cut better and achieve the intended results faster because it will glide effortlessly along the skin instead of an old one. Also, a new razor will cut into the skin less and get rid of less tanning solution.

Avoid using shaving foam

Shaving foams or other shaving solutions contain substances that can harm your tan, including sulfate, paraben, and particularly alcohol, which do not mix well with the spray tan and may aid in the removal of your tan. Also, these ingredients are said to tone the skin and seal your pores. Once it gets into touch with the spray tan, it begins to remove it. 

As a result, it is best to avoid using any lotion, cream, or deodorant coming with alcohol following a spray tan.

In case you must utilize shaving foam, choose one which does not include alcohol and is designed specifically for fake tanning. It may assist you in shaving while also protecting your tan. 

Gels and conditioners may also work well as shaving foam alternatives. Also, you can try a paraben-free or sulfate-free soap, which is made with natural components.

Shave gently

Shave after tanning by running the shaver blade gently over the skin. Try not to press too hard or apply too much effort, as this will remove the spray tan solution. Careful strokes can remove the hair and leave the tan intact.

Do not shave daily 

Shaving the skin daily or frequently may scrape away your hair while also removing the tan. It can just exfoliate the skin every day and hasten the fading of your tan.

As a result, if you expect to maintain a smooth dark tan for a more extended amount of time, you should avoid shaving often following your spray tan treatment.

Can You Shave Before A Spray Tan?

Certainly, yes. It is crucial to shave before getting a spray tan because when you have hairs on the skin, if you apply the spray tan, it will not thoroughly coat your skin behind the hairs. Hence, the tan in that region will become less dark, leaving the tan to appear uneven.

Besides, one benefit of shaving before applying spray tan is that it removes dead skin cells layers from your skin, making it smoother and making it easier for the spray tanning to absorb into your skin. 

However, shaving shortly before obtaining a tanning solution is not encouraged since spray tans can hurt new fragile skin by penetrating these minuscule incisions. 

That is why spray tanning specialists advocate shaving 24 hours before getting a spray tan to recuperate and mend the microscopic cuts, reducing the chance of discomfort and rashes. 

For these reasons, unless you give your skin adequate time to set, you may wind up with little patches of darker tan over it.

You should shave 24 hours before getting a spray tan. 
You should shave 24 hours before getting a spray tan.

What Are Some Do And Don’t When Spray Tanning To Extend The Life Of Your Tan?

In fact, a spray tan can last for 5 to 10 days, based on how deep the tone is and how well you apply it to the skin. Darker hues of spray tan fade faster; however, with adequate care and supervision, any fake tan shade can remain for more than one week.


Exfoliate your skin before tanning

Exfoliating the skin with a light cleanser or scrub is crucial to achieving a deeper tan. Exfoliating is essential for even coverage since it eliminates dead skin cells as well as other debris, which can obstruct tanning chemicals and generate streaks.

Be sure to apply it several hours or a day before spray tanning so the skin has time to recuperate and the pores get time to seal. 

Shaving before tanning

Shaving at least 24 hours before applying spray tan helps get rid of dead skin cell layers from the skin, allowing it to be smoother and more straightforward for the tanning solution to soak into your skin.

Likewise, shaving before the tanning treatment prevents stripping the color and extends the life of the tan.

Hydrate before and after tanning

Moisturizing your skin before and after tanning is essential. Only hydrate parts that are severely dry and susceptible to build-up preceding tanning, including your feet or elbows, and guarantee the rest of the skin is clear of the product.

Using a moisturizer after tanning on a daily basis will maintain your skin ideally prepped for even absorption and prevent the color from disappearing too rapidly.

After bathing, use a daily lotion all across the body to form a protective barrier that keeps the skin’s hydration and pigment for the optimum long-lasting tan.

Dress comfortably after tanning

You should stop wearing tight-fitting garments after obtaining a spray tan since the friction from your clothes may strip away your fake tan, especially during the first 24 hours of spraying the tan.

Thus, if you have opted to have a spray tan, acquire some loose clothing and shoes to dress for the first 24 hours after the spray tanning appointment.

Notably, a newly applied spray tan might transfer to the clothes; therefore, it is best to wear darker-colored clothing and not white or some other light-colored clothing during the next 24 hours after applying a spray tan.

Top-up frequently

You can utilize self-tanning foams to repair fading patches and imperfections that may develop after a spray tan appointment or your prior self-tanning treatment. It is an excellent method to prevent an unplanned return visit to your salon for a temporary fix.

You can obtain a wonderful glow that will not quickly fade by using the new products regularly.


Do not bathe right after tanning

Allowing a spray tanning session to soak into your skin’s layers for the first several hours is critical for a long tan. Showering within 12 hours of receiving a spray tan is therefore not recommended.

For your long-lasting tan, avoid showering for 12 hours after applying your fake tan to avoid wiping away your color. A method by which people wipe away their spray tans while showering is to use warm water, making it harder for the tanning solution to remain on the skin. Besides, taking too much time in the shower will also wipe away the tan.

Do not wax with spray-on

Waxing after spray tanning will eliminate your sunless tan because any tan that has been given will be waxed off when you wax. 

If you still want to wax after a spray tan, you should wait the entire life of your artificial tan, which is approximately 5-10 days, based on how good your tan was and how well you care with your spray tan. Alternatively, when your tan has nearly disappeared, and you need to obtain another one quickly, now is the time. 

Nevertheless, unless you have previously totally faded your artificial tan, it is probably to seem blotchy and streaky after you wax. So, for the best result, all waxing should be done at least 48 hours before your spray tan treatment.

Do not use perfume or oil-based products

These products might create a barrier between the spray tanning and the skin, resulting in an uneven tan. Also, they cause your tan to appear uneven in areas where it comes into contact with perfumes and deodorants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you shave your legs after a spray tan?

As previously mentioned, the answer would be yes and no. 

However, no matter what method you use to remove hair and which area you wish to cut, it is always better to be incredibly hair-free and smooth immediately before your tan, not after.

For this reason, shave your legs at least 24 hours before applying artificial tan to guarantee the hair follicles are closed again, eliminating the speckled effect.

Does body hair interfere with a spray tan?

The answer is yes. Your body hair can interfere with spray tanning, but only to some extent. 

Once you use spray tan to your body hair, it may not adhere as well as it may to your skin. In that case, the spray might adhere to your hair and not seem like a natural tan. Instead, it may appear blotchy.

In all, the less hair you have on the body, the greater your tan would be. That is why waxing or shaving beforehand is preferred to assist you in achieving a flawless appearance when getting a spray tan.

What should you do if you do not shave before getting a spray tan?

In case you neglected to shave before a spray tanning session, it is preferable to spray tan first and then shave.

It is because shaving can open up the skin’s hair follicles, which means that the tanning solution’s ingredients may penetrate those hairs and make them orange. So, you had better wait at least 24 hours after spray tanning to avoid this situation. 

Indeed, shaving before spray tanning makes it easier, but it is not recommended to shave right before your tanning session. For this reason, it is advisable not to shave at the last minute if you do not remember to shave days earlier.

Is it better to wax or shave before getting a spray tan?

Before a spray tan, waxing is better than shaving due to the following reasons.

  • First, while waxing removes hair from its root, shaving removes hair from the surface. So regarding hair growth, waxing causes hair to grow out much slower than shaving, which requires maintenance every two days or more.
  • Furthermore, waxing also removes any leftover dead skin cells. As a result, following the treatment, you may have a more even area to spray the tan on. 
  • Additionally, since waxing takes about four weeks for your hair to regrow, you are less likely to affect your skin surface by cutting and perhaps lifting the color and leaving discolored spots on your skin.

Whatever method you pick, it is critical that you moisturize daily in the days preceding your session. Since tan may concentrate in drier places, making sure your skin is well-hydrated initially will assist you in minimizing streaking.

Likewise, it is crucial to moisturize after application because the enhanced hydration may prevent peeling before your skin naturally starts to shed.

If this is the first time you have got to know about spray tanning, let’s watch this video for further information:

Final Words

Finally, we have answered your question concerning “Can you shave after a spray tan?” If you intend to shave or wax your hair, you should do that before your spray tanning session for the most remarkable results. After that, ensure to moisturize well to achieve your desired tanning effect.


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