Can You Bring Nail Glue On A Plane – A Comprehensive Explanation In 2022

We know that you keep asking yourself, can you bring nail glue on a plane. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Read into the article and find out answers.
Nowadays, artificial nails are becoming one of the most necessary beauty “accessories” in daily life, especially, some special events, such as traveling.

Therefore, the question: “Can you bring nail glue on a plane?” often pops up in your head randomly since those types of artificial nails can accidentally fall off any time, which requires you to glue them back. 

In that case, we have all the answers you need in this article. Let’s see what we’ve got for you!

Can You Bring Nail Glue On A Plane?

Yes, you can. According to TSA (The Transportation Security Administration), non-flammable adhesives like nail glues are allowed to enter the plane carrying carry-on and checked luggage items. Only flammable glues are prohibited.

Nail glues are commonly made from cyanoacrylate glue. It is non-flammable conforming to the FAA’s standard, with an 80°C flashpoint, which is above the FAA’s average of 60 degrees Celsius, equivalent to 140 degrees Fahrenheit)

As a result, nail glue is legal to bring on a plane, and it’s generally in a bottle compact enough to be carried as carry-on luggage.

But although the rules are stated, the final decision mainly depends on the current TSA officer, who checks your luggage. So, before a flight, always check with the TSA officer to see if you can bring your nail stuff on a plane.

How Much Nail Glue Could I Bring On The Plane?

When determining the amount of nail glue to bring on the plane, you should follow the TSA 3-1-1- rules

This rule talks about liquids and is not limited to something you can pour out; it can also be your spray, glue, toothpaste, and even peanut butter:

The “3” represents packing your nail glue in a maximum of

3,4 ounces bottle or container, depending on your preferences. For example, if you have a 3-ounce liquid in a 7-ounce bottle, the security will throw it away. 

The “1” represents all your bottles that need to be sealed on one quart-size transparent plastic bag. The plastic size should be 7″ x8″, not to misunderstand the sandwich bag. 

The final “1” represents that each traveler only can carry one bag of liquids. Consider redistributing your liquids to other luggage if you go with other people, such as nail glue and nail polish. Remember that the nail glue should be your carry-on luggage. 

What About Going Through The Security Airport?

Carrying nail glue with you to the security gate is relatively simple
Carrying nail glue with you to the security gate is relatively simple

Bringing nail glue through the security gate requires no other conditions than your bottle size. Your nail glue should be in a 3,4-ounce, equivalent to a 100-millimeter bottle. 

Plus, you have to take it out of your carry-on luggage and seal it on your transparent plastic bag to get through the security checkpoint. 

Which Nail Glue Is Allowed And Disallowed In Hand Luggage?

With the hand luggage, you also have to stick to the rules that your glue bottle should be smaller than 3,4 ounces and is non-flammable. 

If the bottle passes this standard, you will be asked to check in with your hold luggage. 

One final point is that you can’t bring nail glues flammable on carry-on luggage and checked baggage, no matter their size. Flammable nail glues are uncommon but just in case, please double check your product’s ingredients.

FAQs About Can You Bring Nail Glue On A Plane

How Can I Know If My Glue Is Completely Allowed?

You can check which glue types you can bring directly to the TSA’s Twitter account.
You can check which glue types you can bring directly to the TSA’s Twitter account.

You have two options: check the product packaging yourself or the TSA website. 

We know that the TSA security guards may appear grumpy and a little bit rude, but they own a friendly website and a quick responsive Twitter account, willing to answer questions about allowed products. 

Just go to the TSA’s webpages or their Twitter account @AskTSA for any questions related to what you can bring on a plane. 

If you prefer to avoid a group of fastidious securities, make sure to bring the right glue type and comply with the TSA requirements. After all, the guards want to proceed and get you on a plane faster. 

Can I Take Nail Glue With Me When Coming To Europe?

Yes, you can. With some exemptions, the Federal Aviation Administration in the U.S typically sets the standard that the rest of the world adopts.

In other words, the rules of bringing liquid (including nail glue) are like North America. You can only carry a 3,4-oz glue container, and it must be non-flammable. Any flammable glue will be removed right away. 

Can You Bring Nail Polish On A Plane?

Yes, you can bring nail polish on a plane; however, to get through the security gate, you must follow the 3-1-1 rule, meaning that your nail polish containers should be below 100 milliliters, equivalent to 3.4 oz. This rule will apply to your carry-on luggage. 

So, how about the checked baggage? According to the FAA, each of your bottle liquids simply needs not to exceed 500 millimeters, but the total amount should be below two liters. Remember that!

If you want to bring a large number of liquids, what should you do? We recommend getting the necessary amount of fluids to go through the checkpoint. Once you get through, you can buy any liquid amounts you want and take them to the plane. 

How Can I Make More Room For Nail Arts?

One of our most helpful tips is to buy your necessities at your destinations, such as toothpaste, to increase the liquid volume you can bring. 

Moreover, you should turn many items of yours into dry form. You can bring your conditioner, shampoo, sunscreen, or lotions into a bar shape. 

And finally, bring nail powder instead of nail polish, which brings more durability to your nails during the trip. 

Here are some tips to get you through the checkpoint quickly: 


We hope that after this article, the answer to the question “Can you bring nail glue on a plane” will conclude into these 3 points:

  • Firstly, any flammable glues will be prohibited on the plane
  • Secondly, non-flammable glues will be accepted, with the volume less or equal to 3,4 oz.
  • Finally, any non-flammable ones that exceed the 3,4-oz limitation will be required to be checked in with your hold luggage. 

The rest will depend on TSA securities. You shouldn’t argue with them in any case; it only increases your check-in time and stress. 

Here’s the end of our article. Goodbye and see you in the next one! Have fun with your trips.


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