Brown Sugar Black Chocolate Coconut Cream 200x Bronzer Review

A shiny deep dark natural tan can take out some extra level of confidence from you. And if it comes with a soft and smooth touch for your skin, then it’s sure to get your attention!

The Brown sugar black chocolate 200x black bronzer has gotten a lot of attention till now because of the astonishing darkness it offers.

Read our full brown sugar black chocolate coconut cream 200x bronzer review to know more about this amazing product.

This brown sugar black chocolate 200x bronzer is maybe the only tanning lotion available in the market that offers a rich creamy dark tan without causing any unwanted wrinkles.

The sports argan and black chocolate extract in the lotion add antioxidants to your skin guarding it against any kind of harm.

Your skin gets thrice the total of lavish coconut conditioning with the triple coconut cocktail. This also enhances the softness of your skin and gives you a shiny glowing look.

Also, you won’t have to worry about getting any kind of allergic reaction since the lotion is made with totally paraben-free ingredients.

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Brown Sugar Black Chocolate Coconut Cream 200x Bronzer Review


  • The 200x bronzers are artisan-crafted and they ensure the darkest glowing tan possible.
  • Your skin gets strong antioxidants through the black chocolate and argan extracts in the tanning lotion.
  • The triple coconut cocktail with max silicones works tirelessly to give your skin an astonishing touch of softness.
  • The lotion contains a tattoo enhancing complex that will make sure that your tattoo doesn’t fade away and give it a long-lasting glow.

Deep Dark tan:

This tanning lotion comes with 200x bronzers that enhance the dark deep tone of your skin without using any kind of DHA.

Basically, this lotion is an accelerator that increases the melanin production in your body after reacting with your skin.

It changes the color pigments of your skin to deepen eventually. Hence, brown sugar double dark black chocolate tanning lotion is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

However, do not expect to get a quick tan if you are having the tan session outside. Outside tanning requires more time in the sun than the tanning bed to get a perfect tan.

Also, the lotion is more about giving you a deep dark tan rather than a natural sun-kissed glow. So, unless you want both a deep and sun-kissed glow, it’s good for you.


Unfortunately, this brown sugar tanning lotion doesn’t come with any sunscreen or SPF to give your skin sun protection. So, if you want to avoid getting sunburned in your outside tanning session, it’s best to apply an extra sun protection cream.

Soft and smooth skin:

This lotion gives your skin a combined package of soft, silky, and conditioned feeling with the tinted dark look. It’s extremely lightweight and goes smoothly over your skin while getting absorbed fast.

The softness and smoothness are all due to the triple coconut cocktail and argan extracts along with the silicones as primary ingredients of the bottle.

Healthy and moisturized skin:

The coconut complex in the lotion works great as a moisturizer that absorbs deeply into your skin. Also, it’s a healthy ingredient as well as an antibacterial and antifungal agent.

While it keeps your skin dry and manages itchy symptoms, it also repairs the elasticity and suppleness keeping you youthful for a long time.

Besides, the silicones help the color pigments to deepen your color as well as make the lotion water-resistant.


This brown sugar black chocolate addiction tanning lotion mostly smells of coconut and some other tropical scents mixed due to the coconut cream bronzer it contains.

However, some have also complained about getting a burnt cotton candy smell. Basically, it happens because of the tanning session that leaves you to smell like fresh burning coconuts afterward.

Bottle Design:

The brown sugar black chocolate 200x bronzer comes in a quite bright oval-shaped bottle with narrow sides that makes it a lot easier to hold and apply the lotion.

The thoughtful design with a yellow palm tree and its leaves decorated throughout the bottle along with a pair of dark-colored kissing trees over the brand name is sure to get a lot of your attention.

However, this design can be a problem sometimes. Since the whole bottle is white with a brownish tint, taking out and applying the lotion can create some mess on its body. But you can always wipe it off with your hands while applying the lotion.

Applying the lotion:

Your lotion’s work depends a lot on the way of applying it. It’s really important to rub it properly in order to get a streak-free and even tone on your skin.

Even though it might require your hands to be a little dirty, it’s worth it. The lotion is quite water-resistant, so you can take a shower after your tanning session assuredly.

However, don’t get afraid to see some of the extras washing away. Also, make sure to change into light-coloured clothes afterward.


  • Provides the darkest tan
  • Produces antioxidants in your skin
  • Leaves you a soft, silky, and glowing skin
  • Contains tattoo enhancing complex
  • Water-resistant
  • Keeps your skin healthy and moisturized


  • Doesn’t come with any sunscreen
  • The bottle can be a mess during applying the lotion
  • Doesn’t give a natural sun-kissed look

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the lotion smell good?

To us, it does! The lotion gives away a heavenly and deeply scented coconut smell. However, as I mentioned earlier, it can smell like burned cotton candy after the tanning session. So, unless you are a coconut lover, this might be a little irritating for you.

Does this product streak or show streaks?

No, it doesn’t. One of the best things about this lotion is that it gives you the deepest darkest tan without any streak or wrinkles.

However, it also depends on your way of rubbing the lotion. Hence, you will have to rub it properly and evenly on your skin to get the best result from this tanning lotion.

Is this lotion good for fair-skinned people?

Since the lotion is popular for giving the darkest tone, it’s really good for fair-skinned people. You won’t have to worry about getting strains on your hands.

However, as a fair-skinned person, you will have to be careful about spending too much time on the tanning bed. The results can be far too intense than you anticipated!

Can I use this lotion outdoor?

The lotion is good for both indoor and outdoor use. But it might take more time to get the same result as you could have gotten indoors.

This lotion requires a lot of time under the sunlight to produce a good result. Also, the lotion doesn’t come with any SPF. So, unless you want to get sunburned, you will have to apply extra sunscreen before stepping outside.

Is the lotion on an accelerator for tanning beds or can it be used as a sunless self-tanner?

The lotion is basically an excellent accelerator for tanning beds that gives you the darkest tan in a few hours.

But its result is so intense that it can also be used as a self-tanner. Mostly, it will be able to give you a nice tan on your first try. Then it will get darker and darker with each time you apply.

Final Thoughts

The brown sugar black chocolate coconut cream 200x bronzer will give you the perfect dark tan if you can use it properly.

Overall, this product is one of the best darkest tanning lotions that keep your skin healthy and moisturized throughout the process.

Other than the fact that the smell can be a little disturbing and the lotion does not contain any SPF, this product is totally worth your money!


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