The 11 Best Spray Tan Machine in 2022 (For Professional and Home Use)

Come summers and many of us want to sport that bronzed up glow on the body. The shimmery skin gives you a drastically different look and grabs attention wherever you go. But getting this look can cost you an expensive salon visit or you have to burn yourself under the sun.

But what if I say that there is another easy-breezy way to achieve a tanned look?

A spray tan machine is what I would like to introduce you to. They are great for self-use and don’t burn your skin and pocket either.

Look no further than this guide to know about the best spray tan machine. But before that, let me get into the considerations for buying the equipment.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Spray Tan Machine:


Spray guns will either be LVLP or HVLP which means low volume low pressure and high volume low pressure. Both these types of sprays give varying results.

An LVLP gun gives fine mist that dries quickly, is less messy, and allows you to adjust the spray pattern. HVLP guns have a psi between 4-10; it produces finer spray and prevents over spraying.


Overspray makes a mess that must be cleaned up on a regular basis, and it consumes spray tan solution. 

As a mobile spray tan enterprise that visits customers’ homes, you may want a clean unit so that the spray tan solution does not wind up on their furnishings. Overspray will be reduced by using a piece of higher-quality professional spray equipment.

The heaviness and ease of movement

Home units are small and easy to keep. Mobile ones are compact and easy to move. Likewise, larger salon units are intended for use in a fixed location.


When looking for a machine for a professional setting, be sure it is not too loud. The compressor’s buzzing noise can disturb the calm ambiance in your residential situation.


If you are a pro or a novice, selecting a device that is adaptable in its functioning can be very advantageous. Select machines with customizable sprayers or variable speed options, for example, to manage the solution’s flow and the airflow’s speed to get the intended result. 

Also, you should check if the machine includes a heat setting, which makes your tanning session more pleasant.


You need at least 2 ounces of tanning solution to cover from head to toe. Hence, don’t settle for a machine with lesser capacity as refilling in between can lead to patchiness.

If you prefer a deeper tan then consider buying a machine with 4 ounces capacity.

Spray Gun Material

Spray guns are generally available in plastic or stainless steel. While plastic is more lightweight and comfortable to hold, stainless steel is more durable and gives a more controlled spray.


It is advisable to pick a kit that comes with everything you need to get a great tan with minimal effort.

Most kits include spray tanning solutions in various intensities to accommodate each skin tone, removable footpads and nose covers for safety, as well as a tent to keep things clean.


If you are looking for a basic home tanning kit then it could cost approximately $80-$140. With additional accessories, the cost can rise a little high. Set a budget and know your requirements to find the best device.

Top Spray Tan Machine Reviewed

1. Aura Allure Spray Tan Machine

The Aura Allure machine is an efficient device that can be used by both beginners and experts. It is a German-made machine and hence, you can rest assured about its build and quality.

It is a quiet device with impressive features, easy to use mechanism, and is portable too. The satin spray nozzle technology gives you perfect coverage and leaves behind a smooth feeling on the skin.

This tan spray machine comes with complete accessories including a tent; carry bag, and Norvell tanning solution to give you a professional tan at home.

2. Existing Beauty Bronze Spray Tan

Get your hands on this bronze spray to get a sunless tan on your body at any time. With premium-quality ingredients, you can rest assured about the safety and achieve the best results from this airbrush tanning system.

It also includes a step by step guide that will assist you in using the kit appropriately even if you are a first-timer.

Get a smooth and even finish tan with this spray and make heads turn wherever you go.

3. Fascination Spray Tanning Kit

If you are looking for a fully loaded and professional-grade tanning kit then opt for this one by Fascination store and you will not be disappointed.

The tanning kit comes with several items including a tent, sunless tanning solution, head caps, etc.

With so many accessories at your disposal, you will get the best tanning experience in the comfort of your home. The machine is easy to operate with a single switch. Thus, even beginners can use it easily.

It is an HVLP tanning spray that surpasses the performance of many others in the market.

4. Sun Laboratories Tanning Kit

If you are on a budget, then this tanning kit from Sun Laboratories is what you should try. Though this device is a low priced one, there is no compromise in its quality.

It is accompanied by all the essential accessories and tools to give you the perfect tan at home. The device is compact and lightweight too.

Say goodbye to harmful sun tanning and welcome a hydrating and nourishing way to tan with this tanning kit.

You can benefit from vertical, horizontal fan pattern and multi-purpose circular pattern with this tanning device. It gives efficient and quick tanning without visiting the salon.

5. Belloccio Premium T75

If you love to tan yourself occasionally, then this Belloccio premium tanning spray is a good choice. This device is primarily designed for home use and hence, you can get a wonderful tan without spending a fortune.

It features a flexible hose that makes maneuvering the machine hassle-free. There is also a 2-year warranty, and hence, any issue with the device will be taken care of.

The best feature about this kit is that the tanning solution is made with vitamins and antioxidants that help to tighten your skin and revitalize it too.

6. Belloccio Master Sunless Tanning System

Belloccio is one of the leaders in the spray tan market and their solutions are suited for all skin types and are very versatile.

This high performance machine uses HVLP technology to give you flawless tanning experience. The tanning kit comes with 4 types of tanning solutions and has a 2-year warranty too.

It has a 5-feet long hose and hence, easy to be used. The battery of this device can last up to 10 cycles a day or 60 uses a week.

7. Fuji Mini Tan M Spray

This mini tan spray device is loaded with wonderful features that will leave you impressed. It is a very compact, yet powerful device that you can carry wherever you go.

Though it is a mini airbrush spray tan machine, it performs like any other device. It features a turbine motor and hence, its operation is quiet.

You can have a tanning experience as per your wish, thanks to the spray pattern knob and adjustable fluid control.

It is UL/CSA approved, clog-resistant, and has replaceable and washable filters too.

8. Maxi Mist Evolution Pro

Getting a sunless tan is now just a machine away. The Maxi Mist HVLP spray system is an impressive device when it comes to home tanning. It is capable of giving up to 25 tanning sessions a day.

The 2-stage variable turbine motor makes it a powerful device and each spray session take only 5 minutes. This spray tan machine also features washable filters that can be cleaned after each use.

The spray gun is made with lightweight aluminum, thus, it is easy to be held and used all over the body. You will also get 3 bottles of tanning solution, a tent booth, and an 11.5 feet long hose.

9. Maxi Mist Pro TNT

If there is one device in this list that can be called a powerhouse of features then it has to be the Maxi Mist Pro TNT.  This tanning spray machine is particularly loved for its power.

It is capable of giving 40+ tans per day and is a long-lasting device. It is a beginner-friendly machine, and hence anyone can use it easily.

The device comes with 3 spray heads, a hose, and a gun connection unit.

There are washable filters that can be cleaned after every use. You can choose from 3 spay patterns like the horizontal, vertical, and airbrush mode to get precise and perfect tanning all over.

10. SunFX Pro Spray Tan A

This tan machine from SunFX is one of the top-performing devices on my list. It is an excellent spray tanning applicator that gives you effortlessly perfect tanning at home.

The applicator features a unique EziMist control that gives you control over the spray volume. The device is lightweight and has an ergonomic design that makes holding it and using it an easy task.

With this spray tanning machine, you can get up to 25 spray tans per liter.

11. Maxi Mist Lite Plus

This Maxi Mist Lite Plus is an affordable yet well-performing device. With three 5 oz. cups attached to the spray head, you don’t have to worry about refilling the solution in between.

The machine also features non–stick needle which prevents the solution from getting accumulated. This ensures that there is no corrosion.

You will also find an adjustable trigger, a 6.5-feet long hose, a nylon clear view tent, and an additional storage bag in this tanning kit.

Give yourself the beautiful bronze look that you always want. It is CE, EU, and ECAL certified machine and you will love your skin after the tan.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Are Spray Tans Dangerous?

To tell the truth, spray tans are harmless as far as they are used as prescribed.

DHA, which is FDA-approved and appropriate for external uses, is present in all tanning treatments. DHA, also known as dihydroxyacetone, is a substance that combines with dead cells on your skin, causing it to darken and resulting in a tan.

What Is The Duration Of A Spray Tan?

One single application of spray tan can last up to 10 days. Despite that, it may vary by brand. Furthermore, the deeper the tan, the lengthier it can last.

How Long Can I Leave My Self-tanning Spray?

The quantity of DHA in the spray tan solution will determine when it will stay on your skin. However, because DHA interacts with human skin at different speeds, it is also dependent on your skin type.

Modern spray tan formulas can deposit approximately 50% of the color on your skin within the first 2 hours of application.

In comparison, previous spray tanks could require up to 8 hours to begin changing your skin tone.

In case you use a spray tan solution that does not contain the most up-to-date components, you should spend a night before showering and rinsing the unwanted spray tan out of your hair and skin.

What Should I Do When My Spray Tan Does Not Look Dark As Expected?

Use A Darker Self-Tanning Lotion At Home

If you did your self-tan and are dissatisfied with the results, you can repeat the tanning solution on your own. To preserve a consistent tone, apply similar color that you applied in more significant quantities, or go over your skin using a darker shade.

The best selection is determined by how happy you are with your present color and how darker you wish to go. When you are not pleased with the results of your spray tan, you can utilize the same products in a dark color.

If you merely want to balance out the hues in specific parts, you might use tanning wipes.

Moisturizer For Gradual Tan

If you prefer to enhance your tan’s appearance gradually, whereas still preserving your skin healthy, a gradual tan moisturizer is a perfect alternative. 

These moisturizers contain elements that may darken your skin tone over time, rather than in a single day, as a spray tan could. They have the advantage of substituting the skin moisturizer you are currently using.

By changing only one product, you will be able to maintain your beauty routine somewhat unchanged.

Use The Proper Preparation Routine

If you would like to get the most out of your upcoming spray tan, make sure you follow the proper preparation routine. Ensure to shave or wax your skin right to lower the amount you need to do afterward.

In addition, you should exfoliate your skin beforehand and then get a tanning process since this can increase the likelihood of the skin darkening. After a spray tan, you should also put on loose-fitting garments and prevent excessive perspiration or exercise.


This list of the best spray tan machines is sure to help you find your tanning device. I have covered a wide range of devices in this list. Some of them are pocket-friendly, while some have an array of features.

Whatever your summer tan requirements are, you can get the most suitable device from this list. You can even consider gifting it to a loved one and help them get a gorgeous tan


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