The 10 Best Nail Polishes For Water Marble 2022 

Are you interested in the best nail polishes for water marble? Check out the most highly recommended products right below!

Today, manicures are seen as more than an accessory. Having beautifully done nails has become a subtle way for women to express their personalities and aesthetic preferences. 

If you want a classic look, having French nails is highly recommended. Or are you more interested in glossy things? Why not try out gel nails? And for those of you who love complicated designs, water marbling is the best option.

Should you find yourself eager to find out more about water marbling, how to do it properly, and what the best nail polishes for water marble are, let’s have a look at the article below. We will explore everything you need to know about this manicure technique so you can give yourself a treat later!

What To Consider When Buying Nail Polishes For Water Marble

Water marbling nails are among the most popular trends in manicure
Water marbling nails are among the most popular trends in manicure

Before you go shopping for nail polishes, it is worth knowing what factors make or break a nail polish for water marbling. Below are some of the most concerning issues that you should pay attention to.


Nail polishes used in water marbling should be on the liquid side and thin enough to spread around. If the polish is too thick, you may find it difficult for the texture to float evenly. Furthermore, denser polishes mean the drying can last up to 3-4 minutes, costing you much more time than needed. 

That being said, if you find the polish to be too thick, you might want to mix it with the lacquer thinner. And remember, always go for regular nail polish instead of quick dry ones. It is because the latter does not spread out as evenly as the regular ones. 


Using one color to create water marbling-style nails is not gonna work. You should have at least two different colors at your disposal for a vibrant and attractive design. 

However, not all colors can blend together. You should look up samples on the Internet and spend time researching the color wheel to find the best combination. 


The majority of nail polishes are affordable for the average customer. That being said, there are still high-end options that can cost quite a lot of money. 

Unless you want your wallet to suffer, check the prices beforehand to ensure the product stays within your budget.

10 Best Nail Polishes For Water Marble – Detailed Review 

Modelones Blooming Gel Nail Polish – Best Overall

General information

  • Available in 7 colors. 
  • Gives a textured look for your nails.
  • Comes with a gift box.

Let’s kickstart the list today with the nail polish set from Modelones. The first thing I noticed about the product is its package. Instead of shipping merely bottles of nail polishes, the manufacturers arrange them in a lovely gift box that definitely increases its value. 

If you are looking for a fun present, Modelones surely lives up to your expectations.

Now, it is time to explore the products themselves. Modelones nail polish set has seven different colors, allowing you to create all water marbling effects on your nails. 

With a formula free from toxic chemical substances, Modelones ensures that your nails are kept in optimal condition. No more worries about parabens or sulfates eating away your fingertips!

Regarding durability, Modelones can last for more than 28 days with no color fading and anti-chipping layers. Feel free to engage in your daily tasks without worrying about them tampering with your nails. 

Still, these items are reported to be poorly packed during delivery. The lack of bubble wraps makes these bottles more prone to breakages. 

In a nutshell, compared to other products on this list, Modelones gel nail polish set deserves to be the best thanks to its reasonable price, the diversity and quality of colors available, as well as the impressive gift box included. If you are looking for the best, you cannot go wrong with Modelones!


  • Long-lasting.
  • Various colors.
  • Gift box available.


  • Poor package.

Makartt Marble Nail Polish – Best For Visual Effect

General information

  • Six colors in two different versions.
  • Best to use with alcohol.
  • Instructions included.

If you are looking for a unique selection of colors, look no further than the Makartt nail polish set. The product comes in two versions, namely the dark and light colors. 

The former includes red, blue, orange, black, blue-ish, and pink while the latter has pink, red, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Both of these shades are carefully formulated to give off perfect smoke-like marble nails when applied correctly. 

Moreover, these products come with a detailed guideline on how to achieve the most visually pleasing nails. No longer do you have to worry about messing up your manicures as long as you stick to the instructions. 

A small tip from Makartt that I have applied and succeeded? You can always put on a bit of alcohol to control how the blooming effect pans out. 

Unfortunately, Makartt can be slightly expensive. This set contains 6 bottles of no more than 6ml each, which means it can only be used for a few months before drying out.


  • Two color themes for different tastes.
  • Can create smoke-like marble and blooming effect.
  • Comes with a manual.


  • On the expensive side.

Born Pretty Marble Nail Polish – Best For Consistency

General information

  • Liquidy and thin enough for water marbling.
  • Affordable.
  • Quick drying time.

Are you struggling with thick, dense nail polish that cannot seem to float? Check out these items from Born Pretty and see how perfect their consistency is. The polish is thin and slightly watery, making it an ideal choice to achieve water marbling effect.

Even better, Born Pretty nail polish is naturally dried. There is no need to use a UV lamp or wait minutes for the gel to be sturdy. All you have to do is let the ink sit for no more than 10 seconds. 

Afterward, feel free to apply another layer of color or use a top coat for protection. Talking about time-saving manicures!

But the thing I like most about this product is probably its price tag. Born Pretty nail polish set is sold at no more than $17 for six bottles, 15ml each. The amount provided surely is enough to give you plenty of nail sessions.

On the other hand, some customers have complained about the color selection being too dark and dull. If you are into lighter, more pastel shades, maybe these are not your cup of tea.


  • Best consistency for water marbling.
  • Dries naturally and quickly.
  • Economical.


  • Only available in dark tones.

FIGHTART Nail Polish – Best For Budget

General information

  • Best for a limited budget.
  • Hardly any smell.
  • 6 colors included.

Having little money to spend on frivolities should not stop you from buying a decent nail polish set, as FIGHTART presents highly desirable items at a low cost. With six bottles of 10ml each, you only have to pay merely $13.99. This helps you save several dollars while still providing an almost identical level of quality. 

As far as the colors are concerned, FIGHTART comes in six shades, ranging from blue, red, green to purple, black, and yellow. Admittedly, all of them are on the darker side, but you can still mix and match until you reach a satisfying result.

Another advantage of these items is their lack of smell. Given how cheap these nail polishes are, I am quite surprised that they give off virtually no odor. Say goodbye to all those dreadful moments of inhaling the stench from your nails. 

Nevertheless, this set from FIGHTART does not include a white color polish to act as the base. You will have to purchase it separately, which can be slightly annoying and cost you a few more bucks. 


  • Highly affordable for customers with a limited budget.
  • Six different colors.
  • No smell.


  • No white polish included.
  • Colors are in dark tones.

BURANO Marble Nail Polish – Best For Unique Color 

General information

  • Unique gold glitter.
  • Quick drying time. 
  • 8 colors included. 

If you want a break from traditional colors, I highly recommend that you look up the BURANO marble nail polish set.

Besides the seven shades that can be found in most other products, the manufacturer really stepped up the game by providing a gorgeous gold glitter. 

Now, you can have a full set of glistening nails with the shiny effect from the gold specks. The charms of these products are far more than their colors. 

You will find that BURANO nail polishes are quick to dry up within 15 seconds, saving you the need to use a UV lamp. However, make sure to keep the gold glitter on for at least 2 minutes before you put on another layer.

And the best thing of all? This set comes with two base colors, namely white and black. Most nail polishes only have the former, so BURANO gives you plenty more combinations to try out and see which works for your manicures.

On the flip side, BURANO does not have a long shelf life. Over the course of one to two months, these polishes will fade off eventually.


  • Unique gold glitter is included.
  • Two base colors to experiment with different combinations.
  • Dry out naturally.


  • Subject to evaporation after a few months.

Homost 5D Gel Nail – Best For 5D Effect

General information

  • Can give off a 5D effect on your nails.
  • Very long shelf life. 
  • Distinctive looks from various angles.

Why stop at basic water marbling effects when you can take things to the next level using 5D nail polishes? If you are experienced enough with 3D nail polish, consider upgrading your nails with this cat-eye polish set.

What sets Homost gel nail from other items is its ability to replicate the glossy looks and make your nails even more stunning than usual.

After applying the polish, you will be surprised at how different your nails look when you view it from all angles. The color will shift slightly, keeping you in awe of how attractive the nails are.

That is not to mention multiple applications of the Homost nail set. Water marbling? You got it! Cat-eye effect? Done! Black hole and aurora effect? Say no more. Galactic effect? Already taken care of. 

The possibilities are endless with these items. They even last for months if you do not chip at the sides intentionally, so there is no need to re-apply regularly.

Still, some of the colors are reported to be rather similar, which can be disappointing if you want a wider selection.


  • Can achieve many visual effects.
  • Last for a long time.


  • Colors included are not entirely different. 

NICOLE DIARY Blossom Nail Polish – Best For Brightness

General information

  • Provide protections for your nails.
  • Color selection is bright. 
  • Can be used at home and professionally. 

Some people are wary that using nail polishes may tamper with your nail structure. If you belong to this group, rest assured that these items from NICOLE DIARY will not let you down. 

The polish kit has seven colors to choose from, and all of them offer an external layer for protection. Not only are your nails shiny and visually pleasing, but they will also stay firm and smooth. 

But that is not the sole reason why I am attracted to NICOLE DIARY. These products are on the lighter side when it comes to color selection, with six options and a white base. 

Therefore, the products create a lovely pastel blooming effect on your nail after application.

You might also want to know that NICOLE DIARY nail polishes are relatively easy to use. It does have a learning curve, but the texture and color combination mean you can achieve the desired looks after trying it out a few times.

As for the downsides, NICOLE DIARY polishes are not packed carefully. Many buyers have riled up over the fact that one or two bottles ended up breaking during delivery.


  • Provide a shiny coat for protection.
  • Easy to use.
  • Pastel colors.


  • Poorly packed.

Kleancolor Nail Polish – Best For Beginners

General information

  • 12 colors included.
  • Cheap for the provided quantity.
  • Refund and exchange policies included. 
  • Too thin and smells bad.

Reasonably priced, a wide color range, and suitable for beginners are the three adjectives I use to describe the nail polish set from Kleancolor.

If you do not particularly care about the quality and just want to see how water marbling goes, I suggest that you try out this product.

Kleancolor offers a staggering number of 12 colors per set, including the most common shades like yellow, red, pink, blue, or green. The diversity gives you lots of chances to create unique combinations on your nails.

Moreover, you can purchase these 12 bottles, 15ml each for a dirt cheap price of no more than $19. Given how much you have in return, this investment seems to be quite justifiable. 

After all, if you are not satisfied with the products, you can always turn to the manufacturer for a refund, return, or exchange. 

Unfortunately, Kleancolor is not exactly the highest-quality nail polishes for water marbling. Its texture is too thin and needs to be applied multiple times before the color becomes visible. 

The odor is rather stinky as well, so your experience might be unpleasant.


  • Lots of colors provided in large quantities.
  • Affordable.
  • Best for beginners to experiment with their nails.


  • Not specifically designed for water marbling.
  • Stinky.

Anself Nail Polish – Best For Color Selections

General information

  • 12 colors included.
  • Create a cotton candy look on your nails.
  • Expensive. 
  • No smell.

In some ways, the Anself nail polish set is an upgraded version of the Kleancolor nail polish. While this set also has 12 colors, its quality is much higher.

The texture is liquidy enough for water marbling effects, but it is still firm and has high tenacity. Rest assured that you will have lovely done nails using these high-end products.

As for the color range is concerned, Anself offers 11 pastel shades and a clear coat for the base and protection. If you want a soft, feminine look, these hues will no doubt be useful. 

I also find it very comforting that the nail polishes are not at all smelly. Using non-toxic and odorless ingredients, Anself ensures that their customers enjoy the process of beautifying their nails.

But all of these benefits do not come without a price. A standard polish set from this brand costs up to $35, which can be beyond the reach of many customers.


  • 12 pastel colors.
  • Non-toxic and no smell.
  • Long shelf life.
  • Suitable for water-marbling.


  • Highly expensive.

Supwee Nail Polish – Best For Color Variety

General information

  • 3 sets of colors provided, with 8 colors each.
  • Liquidy and thin texture.
  • Can create various visual effects.
  • Excellent customer service.

Are you looking for a nail polish set with different shades and tones included? If yes, nothing beats the good old Supwee nail polishes. This brand has three unique sets, including basic colors, pastel colors, and dark colors. 

Do not hesitate to pick a selection that goes well with your preferences!

What is more, Supwee nail polishes are designed not only for water marbling, but also multiple visual effects. You can try out the flower patterns effect, the watercolor effect, the ink colliding effect, etc., and see how they work.

The watery consistency of these items makes sure you cannot go wrong with your application.

While all of these features are indeed wonderful, I find myself more impressed with the customer service provided by the brand. Supwee offers a 60-day replacement or refund should anything go wrong with the products, which many other brands fail to do.

Sadly, each Supwee nail set lacks the base and top coat. If you want to do your nails properly, you will have to purchase them elsewhere.


  • Different color themes to choose from.
  • Can achieve many visual effects.
  • 60-day replacement or refund policies.


  • No base and top coat included.

How To Do Water Marbling-Style Nails At Home?

With proper tools, you do not have to drop by the nail salon to have gorgeous water marbling-style nails. Below are the detailed instructions on how to paint your nails with the water marbling effect from the comfort of your home.

Step 1: Prepare the necessary equipment.

You will need to have your nail polishes ready, alongside a bowl of water, several toothpicks, a clear base coat and top coat, a colored base coat (black or white), cotton swabs, cotton rounds, nail art brush, vaseline or coconut oil, liquid latex and a bottle of nail polish remover.

Doing water marbling-style nails at home is easy enough if you are well prepared
Doing water marbling-style nails at home is easy enough if you are well prepared

Step 2: Clean your nails and get rid of all the dirt accumulating underneath. Wash off the accumulating oil by dipping your fingers in acetone and push back the cuticles with cuticle sticks. 

Make sure your nails are in their ideal shapes. You may have to cut the nails and file them as well. Use vaseline, coconut oil or liquid latex to cover the skin around your nails. 

Step 3: Use the clear base coat to give your nails the first layer of protection. If you want the base to dry out quickly, put your fingers or toes inside the UV lamp for 50 to 60 seconds.

Step 4: Apply two layers of the colored base coat. Most people will go with a white base, but in case you are looking for a more mature and complicated design, a black base is preferable.

Step 5: Drop your nail polishes inside the bowl of water. Make sure to keep it at room temperature so that the swirls are best-looking. Next up, use the toothpicks to alter how the swirls look. 

Remember to be careful here, but not too slow since the polish can get dried and fails to swirl properly.

Step 6: Once you have finished with the swirls, gently dip your finger one by one inside the bowl. Keep your nails entirely underwater so that the nail polishes cover them entirely.

Wait for 10 seconds then take your fingers out. Repeat until all of them are filled with nail polishes.

Step 7: Soak the cotton swabs in the nail polish remover. Carefully wash the edges and whatever skin area is contaminated with the nail polish. You need to make sure all of the excess polish is removed completely. 

Remember, it is better to dip and clean each finger when the nail polish is still wet, rather than dip the entire fingers then clean them up after drying up. 

Step 8: Now that your nails have already dried up, finish the design with a clear top coat. This protective layer will seal all the water marbling nail polishes underneath and minimize the risks of chipping or fading.


How to take care of your water marble nails?

Water marbling-style nail maintenance is pretty similar to how you take care of your regular nails
Water marbling-style nail maintenance is pretty similar to how you take care of your regular nails

After all the difficulties trying to have your nails painted in water marbling effect, suffice it to say that you need to take their maintenance seriously. 

  • Apply a clear top coat regularly: A top coat is what keeps your nails protected from external factors. As the coat wears thin over the course of time, you will have to re-apply it once every few weeks so the nails are well shielded.
  • Stay away from biting: Biting is the easiest way that leads to nail chipping. Try to discard this habit should you want your water marbling nails to stay fresh and untouched.
  • Keep exposure to water to a minimum: Excessive exposure to water – especially in extreme temperatures – can tamper with the structure of your nail polish. It can eat away the top coat and peel off the nail polish easily.
  • Avoid harsh chemical substances: Many harsh chemicals such as acetone are particularly unforgiving when coming into contact with nail polishes. If you happen to scrub your fingers on these substances, chances are your nail polishes will fall off eventually.
  • Improve your diet: Increasing your daily intake of biotin, calcium, antioxidants and iron is an effective way to strengthen your nails.

Can you do water marble nails with gel polish?

No. Gel polish tends to be too thick and dense to mix with water, which fails to spread evenly on water surface.

Furthermore, it does not dry out naturally, giving you a much harder time trying to achieve the water marbling effect. 


After reading this article, hopefully, you will not have much trouble trying to find the best nail polishes for water marble. While the techniques are indeed difficult, having the right tools will undoubtedly help you achieve satisfying results on your nails.


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