Best Indoor Tanning Lotion Without Bronzer in 2022 – Top 10 Reviews

Tanning skin seems fun and easy. But, actually, is it that mu easy thing to do?

Mostly, tanning revolves around body melanin count increase, moisturized skin, and blood flow. And all these things can be properly done only if you choose the best tanning lotion.

Whether you are going for an indoor or outdoor tan, tanning lotion will increase the tanning effect on your skin.

Now, there is some tanning lotion that includes bronzer. Do you need to pick a tanning lotion with a bronzer?

What is a bronzer tanning lotion?

Bronzer is a component that intensifies the effect of tanning lotion much more. Yet, you may consider it non-natural.

All the possibilities of using chemicals and dyes while tanning your skin, do you want to get rid of it and find non-bronzer tanning lotion?

For you, here we are presenting the best indoor tanning lotion without bronzer.

So, are you ready to pick one?

Which is the best indoor tanning lotion without bronzer?

Indoor tanning lotion is a good choice for your health. It provides enough moisturizer and safety from the UV ray of the sun.

Yet, we all are different, with different types of skin and choices.

So, from the perspective of different people, the best tanning accelerator without a bronzer can be different. Combining your skin type, sensitivity, texture, and other points, you should choose the best one for you.

In this particular article, you will read about the best indoor tanning lotions without bronzer in the market.

Ed Hardy, Millenium Tanning, Devoted Creation, and many more are there; of them, you can choose anyone.

Still, among them which one fits you the most will depend on the ingredients that it is made of?

Besides, though all the lotions are made to do the same thing, there is some difference in technologies and components.

What Tanning Lotions Without Bronzer Can Do for You?

This is a very legit point. If you are not getting any benefit out of it, why will you choose tanning lotion no bronzer?

As the starter, all the tanning lotions without bronzer keep the tanning process natural. Once you use the tanning lotion with the bronzer, it will accelerate the tanning process.

But it may use chemicals or dye to alter your skin tone.

In the long term, you have to do it, again and again, to keep your skin tanned. Pushing skin to get tanned fast not only is not natural but also can be harmful to you in the long run too.

What Are the Most Common Bronzers in Tanning Lotions?

Not necessarily all the tanning lotion with bronzer contains the same types of bronzer. Normally, most of the lotion includes two types of bronzers.

1. DHA Bronzer

DHA or dihydroxyacetone is a carbohydrate. It reacts with the dead skin by using amino acids and producing brown melaninoids. Basically, it creates an illusion of golden colour on the skin. This bronzer takes 2-4 hours to work.

2. Natural Bronzers

In this bronzer, not the DHA, but herbal ingredients are used. This natural bronzer includes caramel and riboflavin to provide instant colour to the skin. Besides the colour, a natural bronzer ensures good health too.

Top 10 Best Indoor Tanning Lotion Without Bronzer Review

1. Supre Snooki Get Real Tanning Lotion

Do you need a perfect tan? A perfect tan requires perfect skin. And SUPRE Snooki Get Real Tanning Lotion helps to prepare your skin to be perfect.

This one of the best dark tanning lotions without bronzer is nothing but a pathway to enjoy dark and rich tan.

Even if your skin is not ready to ensure the best output, you can easily rely on this lotion to enjoy your tanned body.

Even if SUPRE Snooki Get Real Tanning Lotion doesn’t contain any bronzer, it provides the best tan to the skin.

Besides, it ensures skin health too. This lotion contains Vitamins and other nutrients that easily enrich the whole skin.

Not only Vitamins, but SUPRE Snooki Get Real Tanning Lotion also includes a mixture of gardenia, rose, and passionflower extracts.

These three make this lotion pretty special and healthy for the skin. They help to keep the skin hydrated and condition it. If your skin has wrinkles, this lotion can help to get it away too.

Supre Snooki Get Real Tanning Lotion includes an advanced formula that tightens the skin texture. That all are about skin and tanning.

What about the smell that you get after leaving the tanning bed?

Normally, the outer skin bacteria produce this burning smell while tanning. Supre Snooki Get Real Tanning Lotion knows about you and cares for you.

Even after the whole tanning session, this lotion will leave a fruity fragrance all over your body.

Why is it a top pick?

  • Great tan
  • No bronzer
  • Includes Vitamins
  • Contains healthy nutrients
  • Smooths the skin
  • Tighten the skin
  • Fruity smell
  • Proper hydration


  • It is healthy for the skin
  • Provides a perfect tan
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Includes a nice smell
  • Works as anti-aging

2. Devoted Creations Blonde Obsession Lotion

Using bronzer to amplify, the darkening process sounds really attractive. But, while doing the work fast, this little ingredient demolishes the natural process of tanning.

Have you ever colored your hair? Bronzer in a lotion does the same to the skin. Obviously, Devoted Creations Blonde Obsession Lotion doesn’t do that. It is nice, natural, and at the same time very effective.

Devoted Creations Blonde Obsession Lotion ensures a deep and dark tone on the skin. It ensures the most melanin production and achieves the targeted tan fast.

Even after doing tan while using the lotion, your skin will look fresh!

Not only that, but this lotion also has so many other things to explore. It not only darken the skin but also tightens it. Even while using the lotion, you will lose your body cellulite too.

Are you experiencing wrinkles on your face? No worries!

Devoted Creations Blonde Obsession Lotion provides a perfect solution for wrinkles too. It creates a long-lasting presence of youth on the skin and keeps it firm.

The lotion contains Antioxidant that protects the skin and keeps it healthy.

There are many more positive things that you will experience while using this lotion. But, the best part of it is that it works perfectly without bronzer.

Last but not least, Devoted Creations Blonde Obsession Lotion provides a sweet and mild black lotus smell to its users. Believe me; you will love the fragrance!

Why is it a top pick?

  • Ensures skin health
  • Doesn’t contain a bronzer
  • Targets melanin production and darken the skin fast
  • Nice fragrance


  • Fast and deep darkening
  • Anti-aging
  • Keeps the skin firm
  • Remove cellulite, wrinkles, and skin pigment
  • Black lotus smell


  • According to some user, the darker tone is not enough

3. Sun Laboratories Self Tanning Lotion

Are you expecting something more natural than the others on this list? With all the natural ingredients, Sun Laboratories Self-Tanning Lotion can be a better choice for you!

It’s Not only natural but also easy to use too! So, let’s take a look at the other characteristics of this lotion. As the primary benefit, you will enjoy a perfect tan and healthy skin from this lotion.

It comes as paraben-free too. Overall, this lotion creates a perfect bronze complexion on the skin without any side effects.

After using it, you will get a radiant glow on your skin. As the UV ray of the sun can cause harm to the skin, Sun Laboratories Self Tanning Lotion helps to lessen the effect too.

Once you have used the product, you can enjoy the tan for a long time.

For a better result, you can use an extra moisturizer and 2-3 times of tan for the dark tan. But starting from the price to the quality- this lotion comes with a complete package!

Why is it a top pick?

  • Great tan
  • Easy to use
  • No harmful ingredients
  • Doesn’t transfer color to the clothes


  • Perfect tan
  • Natural
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Provides radiant glow

4. Brown Sugar Black Honey Indoor Tanning Lotion

How about enjoying some really dark tan? Do you want it badly?

Specially crafted for the darkest color, Brown Sugar Black Honey Indoor Tanning Lotion can really help you in that case.

This lotion not only helps to produce the best tanning color on the skin. It lasts longer than the other tanning lotions too.

The amazing mixture of this lotion will create a firm and smooth effect on your skin. It helps the skin to reduce wrinkles.

Basically, it works like anti-aging. Combining all these characteristics, your will find your skin will look youthful too!

You may be expecting the smell of honey from Brown Sugar Black Honey Indoor Tanning Lotion. But guess what! It would provide you a nice smell which not really like honey.

Moreover, the silicone emulsion of this lotion will make your skin soft and healthy. After using the lotion, your skin will get a radiant glow too. And guess what!

You won’t be able to use any other lotion once you have used Brown Sugar Black Honey Indoor Tanning Lotion!  The most amazing fact about this lotion is, you can use it on your face too.

Why is it a top pick?

  • Nice dark tan
  • Smooth and firm skin
  • Silicon emulsion effect
  • Provides radiant glow
  • Can be used on the face


  • Natural
  • Dark tan
  • Keeps the skin healthy
  • Smooth and soft skin

5. Hempz Dark Tan Maximizer Lotion

Bronzer increase and intensify the tanning color. But is it natural? Of course not!

And like many users, if you believe in that and want to experience an extra fresh tanning session, Hempz Dark Tan Maximizer Lotion can be your best choice!

It not only darkens the skin but also ensures proper nourishment. Unlike the other tanning lotions, Hempz Dark Tan Maximizer Lotion is made of hemp seed oil.

That makes it very effective and useful for skin health. Besides hemp seed oil, this lotion contains mango seed butter and oatmeal too.

Are you a person with very sensitive skin? This one will help you for sure to keeps your skin healthy while tanning. It is the perfect match for every type of skin.

Besides that, another amazing fact about Hempz Dark Tan Maximizer Lotion is, all of its ingredients are vegan.

Even it doesn’t include perfume, gluten, or parabens. It will make the skin look better as well as ensure a perfect tan.

Even if it is indoor tanning, your skin will need some sun exposure. But with Hempz Dark Tan Maximizer Lotion, your skin will get tanned without sun exposure too.

It keeps the skin moist and doesn’t make the skin feel greasy even. While using it, you will be able to enjoy an instant result!

Why is it a top pick?

  • Ensures effective and darker tan
  • Doesn’t make the skin greasy
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Natural
  • Works without sun exposure
  • Keeps the skin healthy
  • Vegan


  • Works better, faster
  • Long-lasting tan
  • Provides skin nourishment
  • Natural
  • Good for all the skin type
  • Blend easily with the skin


  • It offers no fragrance

6. Australian Gold Hot! Tanning Lotion

Are you doubtful about the effect of non-bronzer tanning lotion?

Vitamins, Antioxidants, herbal extracts- Australian Gold Hot! Tanning Lotion has included all these things just to ensure you that you will get a perfect tan!

This lotion combines all types of natural and useful ingredients that you can ask for. It offers a combination of omega oils, KuKui, Tea Tree Oil, native oil, olive oil, and herbal extracts.

Besides, to make the natural pigmentation on skin easier, Australian Gold Hot! Tanning Lotion provides aloe vera too.

It contains Antioxidants. Moreover, you will enjoy Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and E in it. That will provide your skin with enough nourishment. It will keep your skin hydrated too.

And that is a very important thing to ensure proper moisturizer while doing the tanning session. This makes the tan perfect.

Australian Gold Hot! Tanning Lotion contains natural ingredients that protect the skin. It helps to remove the face lines.

If you are trying to get the most effective tan without bronzer, this lotion will provide it to you.

Besides providing maximum tan, this lotion will ensure your skin enough Amino Acids and Liposomes too. Along with the other Vitamins, the Vitamin F of Australian Gold Hot!

Tanning Lotion will provide your skin a much younger look. So, are you satisfied with the lotion? Do you want to know more about it?

Let’s try it once!

Why is it a top pick?

  • Maximum tanning effect
  • Faster and darker tan
  • Natural ingredients
  • Contains Vitamin C, A, E, and F
  • Combines different types of natural oil
  • Ensure skin health


  • Provides darker color
  • Natural ingredients
  • Nourishes skin
  • Removes wrinkles and protect the skin

7. Hempz Hempz golden beach tan maximizer Tanning lotion

Another lotion in the list is made of hemp! Basically, hemp is a very useful ingredient. It not only helps to tan, but it also nourishes the skin too.

And while using these natural ingredients, if you are interested in enjoying a dark tan, go for Hempz Hempz golden beach tan maximizer Tanning lotion.

In this lotion, you will get to enjoy Tanozine. This single ingredient helps the skin to get darker, that too fast!

If you have this lotion, you won’t need a bronzer at all. Tanozine makes the skin color dark by accelerating the melanin production in our skin.

After using this, if you go out under the sun, the result will fascinate you.

Most of the user who uses tanning lotion with bronzer complain about the short-lasting period of the tan. And that is something regarding which you have to always think and suffer if you use it.

Hempz Hempz golden beach tan maximizer Tanning lotion is a little bit different than the rest.

It combines vanilla bean extract and Carob. This makes the tan last longer. There are some people who get easy with tanning lotion.

The other people like to use the lotion with fragrance. Are you not from any of them? Do you just want to enjoy a simple tanning session without any odor?

Hempz Hempz golden beach tan maximizer Tanning lotion has made a solution for you. It provides odor eliminating tech that takes all the burning odor from the tanning bed away.

Why is it a top pick?

  • It is natural
  • It offers Tanozine to darken the skin fast
  • It works effectively
  • Keeps the skin healthy
  • Its ingredients make the tan last long
  • It includes odor eliminating tech


  • Natural tanning experience
  • Effective and faster dark tan
  • Odorless
  • Ensures healthy and nourished skin
  • Long-lasting tan
  • cons
  • Some users didn’t like the product

8. Immoral Black Market Tanning Lotion

Tanning can be better felt with a little bit of tingling. Wait! Don’t you like tingling at all?

Here is the perfect solution for you- Immoral Black Market Tanning Lotion. Besides tingling, this lotion doesn’t have any bronzer too.

Through intensified silicon tan, Immoral provides a good, dark, streak-free tan in a natural way.  A quality tanning lotion not only ensures a good tan but also takes care of the skin.

Immoral Black Market Tanning Lotion is not any different.

With Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, Green Tea, White tea, Aloe Vera, Rosemary, an extract of Ginseng and Bergamot, this lotion provides the ultimate nourishment to the skin.

It also keeps the skin hydrated. Immoral Black Market Tanning Lotion contains Vitamin A, Macadamia oil, and Rosehip essence too that replenish skin in an effective way too.

While there are so many other things for which you can choose this lotion, the only fact that will attract you more is, all of its ingredients are natural!

And all these components, are of the best quality.

Do you have any tattoos on your skin? Nothing to worry about!

While making with natural components, Immoral Black Market Tanning Lotion will keep your tattoo safe. Besides, it won’t produce any extra odor too.

The most amazing part of Immoral Black Market Tanning Lotion is, you can use it both indoor and outdoor. And without any use of bronze, it will provide an intense, rich dark skin tone too!

Why is it a top pick?

  • Fast, natural, and intense tan
  • Dark and rich tan
  • All the ingredients are natural
  • Good for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Ingredients to nourish the skin
  • No odor
  • Tattoo protecting procedure


  • Perfect tan
  • Accelerated tan
  • Natural
  • Good for indoor and outdoor use
  • Protect the tattoo
  • No odor
  • Nourish the skin
  • Keep the skin hydrated
  • Streak-free tan
  • No tingling
  • No bronzer

9.Bronzo Sensuale Reef Safe Deep Golden Tanning Lotion

Do you want to go for a tanning lotion that contains plant-based ingredients? Of course, that will be better for your skin.

And guess what, Bronzo Sensuale Reef Safe Deep Golden Tanning Lotion will ensure you everything like this that you want!

This lotion is an organic lotion that is made of organic oils and Vitamin E, Jojoba, Carrot, Aloe Vera, Soybean, etc.

Carrot suntan oil is very beneficial for the skin, and Bronzo Sensuale Reef Safe Deep Golden Tanning Lotion includes it.

It is totally non-greasy. So, this lotion will get blended into your skin effortlessly. Not only that, if you have sensitive skin, but you will also still be able to use this tanning lotion.

It is hypoallergenic. Besides, Bronzo Sensuale Reef Safe Deep Golden Tanning Lotion ensures proper moisturization to the skin too.

Overall, all these things will make your skin look younger, smooth, and firm. Bronzo Sensuale Reef Safe Deep Golden Tanning Lotion doesn’t include any Octinoxate or Oxybenzone even.

That makes it good for the skin. Besides, this lotion, through using all the ingredients it includes, provides a glowing tan too.

Are you bothered about the fragrance? Don’t worry!

The delicious smell of Bronzo Sensuale Reef Safe Deep Golden Tanning Lotion will amaze you. Yes, that is all! Yet, the brand always creates some extra value to the products.

The same thing goes for this one too. Started in 1993, this tanning lotion never failed to offer people a good tanning experience. So, of course, you can trust this product’s quality!

Why is it a top pick?

  • Natural, organic ingredients
  • Contain Carrot Suntan Oil
  • Nourishes the skin
  • Anti-aging
  • Nice smell
  • Trusted brand
  • Reef friendly


  • Provides perfect tan
  • Organic ingredients
  • Smells good
  • Keeps the skin healthy and young
  • Ensures quality


  • Some user didn’t like the fragrance of this lotion

10. Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Indoor tanning lotion

Do you have a tattoo on your body? Even if you want a tanned body, the tattoo should keep safe too. How would you manage to get both of them at a time?

Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses will definitely help you here. Applying this lotion can keep your body tattoo safe while tanning.

Basically, this lotion is made with the quality to protect tattoos. What else are you going to find in it? There are plenty of reasons behind using this lotion.

This lotion includes a mind-blowing fragrance. It combined a slight smell of coconut and light vanilla. Tanning indoor will seem much more comfortable once you use the lotion.

Besides, this is the best indoor tanning lotion without Bronzer that will make you more comfortable. Not only the skin tone, but your skin health also will be better after using this lotion.

It firms the skin, reduces cellulite, and makes the skin glow. All the nutritional products mixed into this lotion works as an anti-aging treatment too.

This lotion is made from coconut milk and oil, cocoa butter, etc. They are very good to keep the skin dehydrated. You don’t have to be patient while using this lotion.

It includes Melano bronze and Quad tyrosine that increase melanin production and get the skin tanned faster. You can buy this lotion from anywhere.

But, it will be wise if you collect it from outside rather than from a salon.

Why I choose it

  • Reduce aging
  • Keep the tattoos safe
  • Make the skin firm
  • Reduce the cellulite
  • Provide dark golden skin tone without Bronzer
  • Nice smell
  • Dehydrate the skin
  • Faster result


  • Work faster and comfortably
  • Good for skin
  • Protect the tattoo


  • Doesn’t have any negative feedback at all

Few Things to Consider Before Buying The Best Indoor Tanning Lotion Without Bronzer

Choosing indoor tanning lotion is not difficult. It is difficult to choose the best tanning bed lotion without a bronzer. This buying guide is only a suggestion from those people who have experienced a tanning lotion effect.

So, the question is, what are those things that should be in the best indoor tanning lotion without bronzer?

Choose your tan type

Yes, every lotion helps people to get tan. But all these lotions are considered different on the basis of their tanning effect.

If you want to have a dark tan, you should use a different tanning lotion than the light tan. So, choose your tanning lotion on the basis of your desired tanning color.

Skin type

Every person has their different skin type. While using tanning lotion on your skin, check your skin type too. Skin type not only varies between men and women.

It varies from person to person too. If your skin is dry, choose the lotion that can hydrate it. If your skin is sensitive or allergic to some components, don’t use any lotion with the ingredients.

Check your endurance

While using the indoor tanning lotion, you will face some tingling in your skin. Considering the lotion, the sensation will vary. For you, it will be easier if you use any lotion that you can tolerate.

Lotion with sunscreen

Yes, you are going to use the lotion indoor. But, what about after using it? Won’t you get out of your house?

Of course, you will. And that time, if you use a lotion with sunscreen, it will protect you from the UV ray of the sun.


Considering the brand, quality, and ingredients, the price of indoor tanning lotion without bronzer can vary.

For example- if you buy the lotion that works as a sunscreen too, then it will cost you more than the other.

If you have less money, that doesn’t mean you will get something without quality. In this case, try to figure out your priority and take the decision within your budget.


All the people don’t feel good about the tanning smell. While tanning, it can create a burning smell. If you don’t like it, then go for those tanning lotion that comes with fragrance.

If you don’t like the strong scent, go for the light one.


Have you got the indoor tanning lotion without bronzer? Don’t take it! Wait a bit and go through its ingredients. The lotion may lack something that you really need.

So, figure the ingredients out and make the right choice.


Maybe you don’t bother much about what people say. But, the opinion of other users is valuable while buying a tanning lotion.

Obviously, all the products are not as effective as the brand tells us.

So, check what the other people have experienced, go through the indoor tanning lotion without bronzer review, and think about your desired lotion.

Moisturizing ability

Indoor tanning works best on hydrated skin. That’s why you should intake enough water before going to the tanning session.

Yet, drinking water can’t do it alone. To get a perfect tan, you should use a lotion that includes enough moisturizing ability.

It will help your skin to get tanned easily and perfectly. So, try to find a tanning lotion that includes hydrating ingredients.


Is it your first tan? Are you trying to get it in a natural way and avoiding maximizers for that? Listen! Maximizers are not related to bronzers. Still, it provides the best tanning color!

How to Properly Use an Indoor Tanning Lotion Without Bronzer?

A top Indoor tanning lotion without bronzer offers much more than bronzer lotion.

If you have dry skin, it protects it and hydrates properly. Are you a newbie? Is it your first time tan with the bronzer-free tanning lotion?

You can apply your lotion without reading this article. But, for the best result, there are some processes that you should follow. Here is the way of doing it!

Prepare Yourself

Start preparing yourself for tanning from your home. Dring plenty of water, exfoliate your skin and give your skin a fresh look to get the best tan. While in the shower, don’t use any cosmetics. It may cause damage to your skin.

After the shower, try not to use another lotion or oil too. Your skin should be fresh while entering the tanning session. To be more comfortable, wear comfortable clothing.

Applying Lotion

While in a tanning session, ensuring the equal distribution of lotion all over the body is very important.

You must not want to have a colorful body, do you?

So, try to use lotion in a circular motion. Try to focus on everybody’s curves. To reach every part of your body better, you can use an applicator too.

Once you are done applying lotion, take a towel and remove all the extra lotion from your body. Especially, take the lotion off from your palm. Tanned palm will look unique otherwise!

Tanning Session

Here you start the main course! To do it properly, just get into a tanning bed. Within the session, move and change your position several times.

Otherwise, some parts of your body will look darker than the other parts. And don’t forget the armpit at all!

A dark tanned body with a white armpit doesn’t seem natural at all, does it?


Applying lotion or tanning is not the last thing to do while using tanning lotion. There are some things more to cover!

The post-care process starts right after the tan. Once the tanning period is over, wash all the lotion off your body.

Then, try to use some moisturizer or normal body lotion all over your body. It will keep your skin hydrated even after the tanning session is over.

After the tanning session, if you go under the sun, it may dry your skin off. Using some extra regular lotion will help you to keep the dry skin away too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best indoor tanning lotion that gets you the darkest?

There are several brands that produce indoor tanning lotions around the market: Millenium tanning, Designer Skin, Millenium paint, Australian Gold JWOWW, and so many more.

But among them which lotion and which brand is the best one for you that totally depends on your skin and your preference. Try to find something that goes along with your skin type. It would be the best one for you!

What’s the difference between tanning lotion with bronzer and without?

Tanning lotion with bronzer or without bronzer- you can choose any of them. Of course, they both help to make the body look better.

Yet, there are some basic differences between tanning lotion with bronzer and without bronzer.

Tanning lotion with bronzer color the body instantly, and they need to do it frequently. This tan doesn’t sustain for long. It can be harmful to your skin too.

On the other hand, tanning lotion without bronzer ensures a proper, long-lasting tan with less maintenance. It takes care of the skin too.

Is it OK to tan in a tanning bed without lotion?

Of course, you can. But the result may not fulfill your expectation. Tanning lotion hydrate the skin and prepare it to get tanned.

On the other hand, without using tanning lotion, you can do the tan, but it won’t be much effective or healthy for your skin.

Is tanning lotion without bronzer is natural?

Comparing to the tanning lotion with bronzer, tanning lotion without bronzer is more natural. It works slowly but provides the long-lasting and best color.

Picking the Best Indoor Tanning Lotion Without Bronzer for You

If natural is an option, why would you go for something else? Bronzer can accelerate the tanning process. But like many others, you may not like the sudden chemical reaction on your body.

There come the good tanning lotions without bronzer!

Sounds fun, right? But choosing the best indoor tanning lotion without bronzer isn’t an easy thing to do. Even here, we have done a lot of research and finally managed to get the top 10 names for the list.

Yet, among them, all are good for skin, do perfect tan, and comes with lots of options.

Doesn’t it sound tough to pick ‘the one’ from these ten lotions too? It does!

So, what is the solution? The most effective thing that you can do to choose your favorite lotion without bronzer is, you can point out what do you need.

Once you know what you are looking for, you can easily pick the most suitable one.

For me, I picked Bronzo Sensuale Reef Safe Deep Golden Tanning Lotion as the best option. But do you prefer a strong fragrance?

Do you need sunscreen in your lotion? Pick from the rest!

So, it’s the end. We tried to cover almost every aspect of indoor tanning lotion without bronzer.


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