7 Best Indoor Tanning Lotion for Legs in 2022 Reviews

Are you planning for your next party? Which skin tone do you want to have on you? Nothing can boost confidence other than one pair of shiny bronzed legs.

Are you planning to get some tan for your legs? Among our body parts, legs get sun exposure the most. Still, to tan them, you need to be more careful.

What if one of your legs gets more tanned than the other one? Let alone the colour, what about the safety of your skin?

Tanning under the sun can create a harmful impact on your body. Hence, choosing the indoor tan would be the wisest option for you.

So, are you ready to find out the best indoor tanning lotion for legs?

What’s in a Tanning Lotion for Legs?

Legs are an essential and large part of our body. It is far from the heart; that’s why it looks pale and hard to tan.

We shave and wax our legs so often that the tan disappears faster than the other body parts.

That’s why it needs your special attention. Tanning lotion, which specially made for our legs, mostly contains antioxidants and moisturizers.

Some cream also has the ingredients that protect us from premature aging and helps our skin to produce more melanin from the sun.

Top 7 Best Indoor Tanning Lotion for Legs Review

1. Supre Snooki Ultra Dark Leg Bronzer

Enjoying a proper bronze colour on the legs can be a challenging task to do.

Considering our legs’ position and the minimal presence of melanin in the leg’s skin, you must think about something strong if you want the best result.

Fortunately, Supre Snooki Ultra Dark Leg Bronzer ensures all of it correctly. Unlike the other bronzer, Supre Snooki Ultra Dark Leg Bronzer provides an Ultra dark formula.

It contains Vitamins, seed oil, coconut and almond oil, etc. All of them help the skin to get enough moisturizer.

Not only it firms skin, but it provides a paraben-free effect too. Because of all the nutritional ingredients, these lotions help to smooth the skin and tighten it. To enjoy an improved skin texture, you can use it.

Besides legs, Supre Snooki Ultra Dark Leg Bronzer helps to tan all other body parts that are tough to reach. This lotion offers hair growth inhibitors too.

Above all, Supre Snooki Ultra Dark Leg Bronzer includes HyperDark Tanning technology that prepares skin the best way possible for a deep, rich tan.

Not only does it provide all these fantastic things, but Supre Snooki Ultra Dark Leg Bronzer also ensures one of the fastest tans among all the other tanning products in the current market!

Why I choose it

  • Contains Vitamins, seed oil, coconut, and almond oil along with other nutritional ingredients
  • Ensures the darkest tan after UV exposure
  • Use HyperDark Tanning technology
  • Advanced skincare technology
  • Body hair care
  • Paraben-free
Pros Cons
1. Ensures dark, rich tan
2. Reach all the challenging body parts
3. Create a darkest bronzing effect on legs
4. Healthy for skin and skin hair
5. Moisturize and tighten the skin
6. Can be used in both indoor and outdoor
7. Nice smell
8. Tans faster
1. All the user are not satisfied with the dark tan

2. Devoted Creations Lavish Legs tanning lotion

Don’t you have much time, but still want to have the darkest tan for your legs?

Devoted Creations Lavish Legs tanning lotion is something that you should consider using. Tanning can be tedious and smelly if you haven’t chosen the right type of lotion.

Devoted Creations Lavish Legs tanning lotion contains a delightful fragrance that will blow your mind!

Yes, is that all? Faster tan and nice smell? Nope! This is just the starting!

Devoted Creations Lavish Legs tanning lotion offers bronzing trifecta. So, if you dream about having the ideal shade for your legs, you can certainly have it by using this product.

Within this single product, you will get all immediate and delayed bronzers. Not only will you get the right colour from it, but your leg’s colour will also stay longer with you too.

This lotion contains hair re-growth inhibitors. As growing hair can vanish the skin color away, Devoted Creations Lavish Legs tanning lotion won’t let it happen to you.

It will slow the hair growing process of your legs down and last the leg color long. You will get both RevitaFit, IdealLift, and BodyFit from this lotion. These three technologies will help your skin to be tightened and firm.

It will ensure the proper tone of your skin too. This lotion contains coffee extracts. By increasing the blood circulation in your legs, it will prevent swelling also.

So, with the best color tone, if you want to enjoy your healthy skin- use Devoted Creations Lavish Legs tanning lotion to fulfill your dream!

Why I choose it

  • Bronzing trifecta helps to get the best and darkest skin tone
  • Contains RevitaFit, IdealLift, and BodyFit technologies
  • Includes coffee extracts to ensure enough blood circulation
  • Contains both immediate and delayed bronzers
  • Uses hair re-growth inhibitors
Pros Cons
1. Nice smell
2. Faster tan
3. Ensures the darkest tan
4. Prevent leg swelling
5. Tighten the skin
6. Keeps the skin firm and smooth
7. Long-lasting tan
1. According to some customers, this lotion created orange streaks on their leg’s skin

3. ED HARDY Coconut Cream for leg (Currently Unavailable)

Before tanning, is it the skin health that you are most concerned about?

You are not alone. Almost all the people who use tanning to look beautiful remain concerned about this single issue.

There are so many things that you can do before taking the tanning session to make your skin healthy. But ultimately, the only thing that matters the most is tanning lotion.

What type of tanning lotion are you using?

There are tanning lotions that exclusively focus on the darkest tan. But some of them also ensures better skincare too.

ED HARDY Coconut Cream is one of them. It contains coconut cream oil that automatically moisturizes the skin and provides a smooth and firm feeling.

But not only that, ED HARDY Coconut Cream properly mixes bronze shimmer with the coconut cream oil. It also helps to have the best tan too. All these ingredients, moreover, helps to get rid of all the cellulite.

Just think about a tanning session with the perfect skin tone, firm, and cellulite-free as well as glowing skin!

Sounds amazing, right? And that you can ensure through using ED HARDY Coconut Cream. Hair growth on the skin and shaving them after having a tan can be problematic for the tanning colour.

ED HARDY Cream contains a hair growth minimizing formula that prevents the hair from growing.

Above all these, you will get to enjoy the sweet smell of pink passion fruit from this cream!

Why I choose it

  • It contains coconut cream and bronze shimmer mixture
  • Prevent hair growth
  • Moisturizing ingredients
  • Prevents cellulite
Pros Cons
1. Keeps the skin healthy
2. Darkens skin perfectly
3. Tighten the skin and keeps it firm
4. Nice smell
5. Long-lasting tan
6. Glowing skin
1. Some users didn’t like the tanning color


Have you already used any lotion for tanning your legs? Of course, you have. But what about the result?

Most of the tanning lotions try to provide the best tan and healthy skin to the user altogether. But not all of them can actually do it correctly.

PRO TAN LUSCIOUS LEGS BRONZER is something that ensures everything that it says. So, are you eager to make your legs look amazing and outstanding?

Let’s take a look at PRO TAN LUSCIOUS LEGS BRONZER then!

Besides providing the darkest tan after UV exposure, PRO TAN LUSCIOUS LEGS BRONZER keeps the skin firm and smooth.

It minimizes shaving by using inhibit hair growth. So, the effect of the tan stays longer than you can think.

This lotion contains Tyrosine with a blend enhancing formula that prepares the skin for the exact colour you want.

It includes coconut and sweet almond oil, which helps to condition the skin and hydrate it properly.

Not only from the inner side, but PRO TAN LUSCIOUS LEGS BRONZER does also ensure the nice appearance of the skin from the outer side too. It provides the skin a better tone and tightens it.

Inside and outside tan, you can use PRO TAN LUSCIOUS LEGS BRONZER for both. So, are you interested in using it for your next tanning session?

Why I choose it

  • Provides hair growth inhibitors
  • Coconut and almond oil effect
  • Tighten the skin
  • Provides the darkest tan after UV exposure
Pros Cons
1. Ensures the darkest tan
2. Hydrates the skin and keeps skin smooth
3. Lasts longer
4. Tighten the skin
1. According to some customers, this product didn’t look to have a natural effect on the legs.

5. Supre SO SKINNY HOT LEGS Bronzer

Do you have everything in your tanning lotion, and still you are not happy with the tanning colour?

Maybe, your tanning colour lacks natural flavour. And it is only possible if you have DHA in your lotion. Do you?

If you don’t and interested in enjoying a great natural tan with the darkest effects on the skin, then Supre SO SKINNY HOT LEGS Bronzer is the exact thing that you need!

Not only in the bed, with every UV exposure after the tanning session, but you will also enjoy a deeper and richer tanning experience once you use this lotion. Besides, it is known as a long-lasting tan too!

Are you looking for something exciting?

Supre SO SKINNY HOT LEGS Bronzer offers the most exciting tanning experience with the hot tingling sensation.

This lotion targets the skin cellulite and helps to prevent them. While it’s working, your skin will enjoy the ultimate melanin production.

And all this melanin will easily help your sin to get the darkest tan. It contains a triple-action formula.

So, Supre SO SKINNY HOT LEGS Bronzer will help you to improve your collagen rejuvenation too. All these things will help your skin to look younger.

With the healthier ingredients, your skin will enjoy a softer and smoother feeling with a great tan. It will get a proper moisturizer. So, this time, are you going to pick it up for your legs?

Why I choose it

  • Contains DHA
  • Provides the darkest tan after UV exposure
  • Includes triple action formula
  • Increases melanin production
Pros Cons
1. Provides rich and dark tan
2. Keeps the skin smooth and firm
3. Provides enough moisturizer
4. Prevents cellulite
5. Lasts longer
1. Some customers didn’t like the smell of the lotion at all

6. Leg Bronzer Dark Tanning Lotion

Are you a teen or looking for the perfect tanning lotion for teens?

Besides keeping your health safe, to enjoy the darkest tan faster, use Leg Bronzer Dark Tanning Lotion!

Why is this so unique from the other tanning lotions?

Of course, there are some mind-blowing things that you should know about this lotion before going forward. One of the most fantastic facts among them is the allergen-free characteristics.

Yes, even if you are suffering from a skin allergy, Leg Bronzer Dark Tanning Lotion will help you keep the problem down by providing the perfect preservatives.

Besides that, it is gluten-free, contains Soy and Oil. All of which helps to make the skin firm and smooth.

To start with a base tan, it is totally suitable. If you a first-time tanner, don’t worry about using Leg Bronzer Dark Tanning Lotion.

This will definitely make the whole process easier for you. Legs are difficult to tan. If you have this tanning lotion, you can even tan your legs easily too.

Not only will this product ensure your natural tone, but you also won’t even have any colour streak too!

Some people not only use it for legs but also for arms and other body parts too. And guess what! It perfectly works there too.

Not because of the healthy skin or perfect tan for every skin type, Leg Bronzer Dark Tanning Lotion is mainly known best for the amazing service at a lower price.

So, are you ready to try something new this time? Let’s go with Leg Bronzer Dark Tanning Lotion!

Why I choose it

  • Gluten, allergen, and paraben-free
  • Teen safe
  • Cheaper
  • Contains Soy and Oil
pros Cons
1. Keeps the skin soft, smooth, and healthy
2. Ensures the darkest tan
3. Easy tanning for legs
4. Perfect for every skin type
5. Doesn’t provide a color streak
6. Good for other body parts
1. All the user are not satisfied with the color tone

7. Devoted Creations Delicious Legs Ultimate Bronzing lotion

Are you concerned about your body’s cellulite? We have a perfect solution for you!

It’s Devoted Creations Delicious Legs Ultimate Bronzing lotion!

This lotion not only will help you to lose your cellulite, but it will also provide you a considerable dark tan colour without waiting two or three hours like usual.

Devoted Creations Delicious Legs Ultimate Bronzing Lotion contains the unique dead sea mineral, which will help your skin to repair damages, improve texture and tone.

It also has BodyFit™ and IdealLift™ technology, which will help you fight against cellulite, skin sagging, and improve your body fitness and skin elasticity.

It contains healthy ingredients like- Shea butter and Cocoa, which will nourish and moisturize the skin for a long time.

Do you need to be a little bit relaxed?

This lotion has a fresh mango fragrance, which will not only provide you a good scent also make you feel refreshed and relaxed too!

Why I choose it

  • The lotion includes the Dead Sea Mineral Complex
  • It comes with BodyFit™ and IdealLift™ technology
  • Contains sherd butter and Cocoa
  • Prevent cellulite
Pros Cons
1. It makes the tanning process fast and darker.
2. Contains warming complex
3. Firms the skin
4. Provides refreshed and relaxed feeling
5. Provides moisturizer and hydration
1. It contains a bronzer. If you want to enjoy a more natural tan, you may not like it.

How to Tan Pale Legs?

Tanning can be tough for you if you have pale skin. Even if your skin tone is not pale, your legs can be pale. 

Enjoy repetitive session

Tanning creates different effects on different skin. For pale skin, it is better to take several tanning sessions. It will help to get a good tan for the time being.

Use moisturizer

If your skin is wet enough, it will ensure a better tan. So, use a moisturizer before the tan and try to use a lotion that provides enough moisturizer.

Exfoliate skin

Exfoliating skin makes skin better prepared for tanning. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t get burnt.

Yet, you have to prepare your skin enough to get the best tan. Besides, don’t forget to let your skin rest enough and take at least 8 hours break before going for the next tan.

Buying Guide

Have you finished reading about all this product?

It seems you are really interested in buying the best indoor tanning lotion for legs.

So, have you figured out the product that you really want to buy?

If you still are thinking about the decision, here is our suggestion for you. No, we are not going to select you for the product. But we will help you in the process, for sure!

Here are all those things that you should really think about before buying an indoor tanning lotion for legs.

Bronzer and darkening ingredients:

Bronzer plays a great part in darkening the legs.

Yet, there is something else that you should take a look at before buying a lotion to tan your legs.

There are some lotions that contain DHA. This single ingredient can improve your skin tone while tanning. Some lotion does tingle to produce melanin in the skin.

So, before buying any lotion to tan your legs, just try to figure out how much it will help to darken your skin.


There are some bronzing lotions for legs that come at a lower price. You can choose your desired one from them, or you can buy the best one that comes at a lower price.

For example, Leg Bronzer Dark Tanning Lotion comes comparatively at a cheaper rate than the other lotions.

Natural Tan

You may want your tan to look natural. And that is totally possible if you buy a tanning lotion that produces melanin to tan. It will definitely help you to get the best result!


While spending time in a tanning bed can be smelly and boring, a nice fragrance can really change your mood. So, if you are not allergic to smell, try to find a lotion with a good smell.


Is your skin allergenic? Then, don’t jump on a decision and try to buy a lotion that is not allergenic at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any special tanning bed for leg tanning?

Yes, there is. Popularly known as the leg tanner, this bed will just tan your leg perfectly. The tanning process will be comfortable too.

What can I put on my legs to make them tan?

For the best tan for legs, you just have to choose the right tanning lotion. Besides that-

  • Exfoliate the leg’s skin before going for the tanning session
  • Don’t shave or wax
  • Moisturize the skin properly
  • Use sunbed creams

To get the best tan.

Why my leg’s skin doesn’t get enough tan like the other body parts?

Because, like in the other body parts, our leg’s skin doesn’t produce enough melanin. Melanin plays a key role while it comes to tanning. That’s why legs don’t get tanned easily, like the other body parts.

How long does it take to tan your legs?

It can take two hours; it can take one hour too. Whether you are choosing an indoor tan or an outdoor tan, it may create a severe effect on the skin if you tan the skin excessively.

So, try to make the time limit the minimum and avoid getting burnt.

How can I increase melanin in my body?

Eat enough food that contains Anti-oxidant, Vitamin, and mineral supplements. All these things will help your body to produce enough melanin.


Choice can vary. Every person has a different interest that they want to enjoy from a product.

But look at the list! You got everything here.

Nice tan, darkest colour, non-allergenic ingredients, enough moisturizer, nice fragrance- what else do you want?

Yes, as this list combines all the best options in the market, it can be a matter of confusion to choose only one out of them.

You may find every one of them is worthy to use. Yet, you should find the best indoor tanning lotion for the legs that you really need.

Now, just point out your priorities. See, you will get multiple options according to your choice just from this list.

So, have you figured out you have desired the best indoor tanning lotion for legs? What are you waiting for, then?

Buy it, use it and attend the next party with amazing tanned legs!


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