The Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator Lotion Review

Perfect tanning can decide whether you will have an excellent summer day or an irritating one. While tanning has become the trend these days,

a fine tan accelerator is a critical product to help speed up your skin’s natural tanning process. With its help, you can obtain results in days instead of weeks, and there is less risk of damage.

Of all the products available, the Accelerator lineup has been the top tanning lotion for more than 3 decades. It cemented Australian Gold’s reign over the tanning industry, especially for indoor tanning.

Tested and certified by FDA and COLIPA, the Australian Gold Accelerator is one of the finest tanning lotions you can find.

It gives you the perfect base tan dark shade while ensuring soft and smooth skin. This lotion is ideal for almost all kinds of skin types and offers the perfect shade without any kind of burning or tingling. Also, unlike most other tanning lotions, this product doesn’t contain a bronzer. So, you don’t have to worry about your skin getting orange.

The fruity fragrance you will get upon opening the bottle is everything you need to fall in love with the lotion. The cream is not sticky or oily and can be applied very easily.

After the tanning session, you will get moisturized smooth skin – that kind of skin that everyone dreams of!

Also, you might enjoy the fresh smell and glowing skin after the process. This lotion will turn your skin both golden and bronzed perfectly in a very short time. The lotion is also compatible with a tanning bed and it works great outdoors too. While tanning can be a little bit expensive process, this is one of the cheapest yet the most perfect tanning lotions on the market.

Let’s take a deeper look at the Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator Lotion review to equip you with essential information about one of the sought-after products recently.

Features Of Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator Lotion

  • The lotion contains a mixture of organic natural oils taken from plants and herbs, especially found only in Australia that helps to moisturize and enhance your skin.
  • The lotion is made of an incredibly efficient natural bronzing complex.
  • The sweet and marvellous fragrance of this lotion will always make your day. 
  • It’s a gentle product with a medium texture, no greasy feeling, no oily skin.
  • It contains the Australian Gold’s Biosine complex, Vitamin A, and E which prevents possible cellular damage from UV rays.
  • The lotion is effective in preventing any kind of tannin-related dehydration and irritation.


The very first thing you will notice once you open a bottle of Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator Lotion is its scent. It’s hard to describe this smell in words, but we believe that it’s a combination of coconut, orange, and vanilla, all concentrated in a bottle.

This lotion has an unarguably unique smell.
This lotion has an unarguably unique smell.

This fragrance is a much-welcomed variation from all the classic products we are all used to. The reason for this good smell lies in the ingredients that this lotion uses. 

Its rich Kakadu Plum extract blends with a high Vitamin C content, providing the intensity for the scent. The manufacturer puts in a little bit of Tea Tree Oil to set off things. This balance ensures that while the smell will make a lasting impression, it will not overpower too much and leave a bad taste.

In fact, Australian Gold gave this smell its own name, “Cocoa Dream”. Aside from getting a better tan, the fragrance lends you a sense of attractiveness and confidence.


Is Australian Gold good for tanning? In this section, we need to break things into multiple fronts to cover the whole base.

Tan Acceleration And Intensity

The main job of an accelerator lotion is to make the tanning process quicker and more manageable. We believe that the Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator Lotion does excel in this aspect. 

The reason, again, lies in its ingredient list. With a combination of Sunflower Seed Oil and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, this lotion can greatly accelerate the tanning process. 

The Sunflower Seed Oil makes sure that your golden glow is intensified, while the leaf juice allows the lotion to blend smoothly with your skin. Beside that, the lotion isn’t any regular bronzer. So, there is no chance of your skin or hands getting orange colours.As a result, you won’t need to worry about an artificial-looking orange shine. This feature is especially useful if you plan to use a tanning machine. 

Lotion penetrates skin quickly
This lotion penetrates your skin quickly.

In fact, the lotion has its moment when you use it in conjunction with a tanning machine. You will be able to come out of the machine with a more golden color, reducing the times required. 

The lotion does not come with an SPF rating. This fact means that you should not expect perfect performance out of the lotion in outdoor situations.

Ease Of Application

The lotion has a nice spread throughout the user’s skin. Don’t underestimate this strength, as it can save you quite a bit of time and energy. After all, most of us want a tan on our whole body, so we need to apply the lotion everywhere, so the time saved will compound.

Its consistency is not gloopy, allowing the user to simply glide it on your skin and call it a day. That is why it performs much better than other products in the same price range, like the Maui babe browning lotion or the Sun balm tanning lotion.

The Australian Gold Accelerator fits the best with tanning machines.
The Australian Gold Accelerator fits the best with tanning machines.

Another great thing is how quickly it blends into your skin, as we mentioned above. You only need to wait about 3 minutes after the application for everything to disappear. There will be no tackiness, no stickiness, nothing.

Despite the lotion having a decisively white color, it would not show on your skin, thanks to its fast-absorbing nature. 

Hydration And Irritation Prevention

One of the biggest issues that people using tanning machines need to face is dehydration. This problem is especially bad for anyone who tans semi-regularly. The lotion takes care of this issue by providing a bunch of nutrients such as Vitamin E, A, and some natural oils (leaf oils, fruit oils, etc.).

Vitamin E is known as an antioxidant that creates a barrier to lock in moisture for the skin, while vitamin A contributes to the sebum production, maintaining the skin’s moisture.

In other words, it doesn’t just speed up your tanning process but also makes your body look soft and smooth. Its skin-friendly profile also prevents most types of irritation on your skin, which can be a pain to deal with. 

This lotion can do so thanks to a combination of antioxidants like tea tree oils and exclusive Biosine complex includes provides extra miniaturization to the skin. These will fight off all the free radicals while gently cleansing your skin for a smoother and more healthy specimen.

User Experience

We can say that it is a good and reliable accelerator lotion. In fact, I have tested it for a month and found that this kit makes a superb aid before sunbeds. 

I did apply Australian Gold before 6-min sunbeds for 4 weeks, twice a week. And the result looked gorgeous with a pleasant scent and no burning. The texture was not greasy and it absorbed well.

The smell also works wonderfully in keeping the new tan smell at bay. I did not receive as many weird looks. Since there is no aggressive ingredient, people with sensitive skin shouldn’t worry too much.

A lot of users have reported that this lotion provides a deeper and more golden tan. Indeed, it blends effortlessly with your natural skin, not leaving any unnatural shade. This would be especially noticeable in people with naturally fair skin.

Despite that, please be careful to check out the quantity and the exp date before buying for your best budget. I bought a 250ml bottle and used it for a month with a satisfying payoff, so I stopped using it to keep that desired tanning shade. Not until I put our hands on the lotion again and realized that the best-by date was only months away, and the leftover was pretty much. That was a pity waste. 


Does Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator Work In The Sun? 

Despite the fact that this lotion only shines when it’s used in conjunction with a tanning machine, it does work in the sun.

However, please keep in mind that there is no sunscreen in this product. For this reason, you must always remember to add another layer of sunscreen SPF 15 after applying the accelerator to minimize the damage.

Is Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator For Tanning Beds? 

Yes, while you certainly can use it for outdoor situations, this lotion shines the most when used for tanning beds. That is also the reason you don’t find any sunscreen available in the lotion’s ingredient list. Do keep in mind, though, that it does not offer any protection, so you should be careful.

How To Use Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator?

This lotion has the same consistency as a balm, so you should apply it the same way as you do balms. In other words, apply it after your whole body finishes peeling, and remember to spread it evenly throughout your skin. Do apply less lotion on your elbows and knees.

It won’t become water-resistant right away, so you need to be patient and wait for a few minutes. During this time, you can wash your hands; please be thorough in this step. The last step is to put on some type of sunscreen, as this specific lotion doesn’t offer too much protection.

Can You Use Australian Gold Accelerator On Your Face?

No, you should not use the Australian Gold Accelerator on your face or any sensitive skin part. Even though this lotion does have some anti-irritation characteristics, it still carries a reasonable risk. To be more specific, some people may experience some itching and hives.

You shouldn’t put it anywhere near a sensitive skin area.


All in all, what we conclude from this Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator Lotion review is that this lotion excels the most when working in conjunction with a tanning machine. While it does work to a certain degree in the sun, you need some additional protection from sunscreens.

Nonetheless, this lotion will for sure provide you with a golden tan in a short time. We believe that if you are a fan of tanning, specifically tanning with a machine, it will be a good choice.


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