Are Nail Wraps Bad For Your Nails? Why Should You Try Them Out?

Are nail wraps bad for your nails? Nail wraps are made for effortless at-home manicures, yet are they safe for your nails? Check out this article for the answer!

Gone are the days when nail art was limited to basic designs or something left to the salon pros. Thanks to the wide availability of nail wraps, you can always add artistic flair to your at-home manicure without any hassle. 

Yet, before getting down to the business, it’s worth knowing whether these seemingly non harmful products are safe to use on your nails. Are nail wraps bad for your nails? Here’s the answer!

Are Nail Wraps Bad For Your Nails?

No, nail wraps themselves are not damaging to your nails. One of the main reasons many people gravitate towards this nail product is that it is not harsh on their nails.  

Nail wraps, especially the silk type, also strengthen the nails when worn. They act like the added structure for the nails and also protect weak nails against cracks or splits. 

In addition, nail wraps don’t dehydrate your natural nail and are non-porous to prevent anything from penetrating the natural nail.

Non-Porous Nail Wraps Acts As A Barriers Against Small Particles 
Non-Porous Nail Wraps Acts As A Barriers Against Small Particles

Nail wraps create a softer and more bendable nail surface. They are thinner than acrylic and are generally healthier for the nail. All of these characteristics also render them more comfortable to wear day-to-day.

This means that if you want some help growing out your natural nails; nail wraps are the perfect service to go for! However, if nail wraps are not removed in the right way, they can potentially damage your nails. 

Top 7 Reasons To Use Nail Wraps

No Drying Time

Nail wraps take no longer than 10 minutes to apply and do not require drying time or UV/LED lighting like you would with wet nail polish.

We love the convenience of getting back to normal activities right after the application. There is no risk of smudging or easy chipping as nail polish. 

The best part? Nail polish is straight forwards to get on your nails. You are spared from the lengthy and multiple-coating process of nail polish and the waiting time in between.

Ready-Made Complex Designs

Designs of nail wraps are simply infinite!

You are spoiled by choice for an array of intricate and artistic designs without any work, art tools, and resources needed. This is perfect if you’re looking for something nice and fancy that can be done in a matter of minutes. 

Nail wraps come in any shape and size, ranging from floral, script, geometric, abstract, etc. With these products, you don’t even have to lift your fingers to achieve an awe-inspiring manicure. 

A Wide Range Of Complex Designs Are Available
A Wide Range Of Complex Designs Are Available

No Messy Nail Polish

Getting a perfect DIY nail polish manicure at home is not an easy feat. It is a common sight that your hands, cuticles, skin, and even clothes are blemished by nail polish. 

Even when everything goes your way, and then, oops, a dent appears out of nowhere, stealing the spotlight of your perfectly done polish nails. 

This is not the story for nail wraps, however. You don’t have to be the master of the brush and in total control of your hands to use them. Pick the right size, place them directly onto your nail bed and steer away from the skin and cuticle. 

As simple as that! Whether you’re applying these wraps with your dominant hands, we’re sure you still get an even, perfect application every time!

Affordable Manicure

You can get stunning nail wraps for only $2 to $3, which is cheaper than a bottle of nail polish. This price point is a no-brainer for almost anyone new to the nail wrap game who wants to try it out. 

Of course, moving up to the higher price spectrum, the designs and materials are much more varying, and you can easily choose what suits you most. 

Nail Wraps Are Cheap!
Nail Wraps Are Cheap!


Nail wraps are less prone to chipping than nail polish so that you can be out and about your daily activities with less worrying.

Most wraps can hang on your nails for as long as 7-14 days, depending on the abuse and beating your fingers take. 

If your line of work requires you to usually expose your hands and fingernails to water or perform labor-extensive, demanding tasks, the nail wraps might not hold up as long as this estimated timeframe. 

Minimal Damaging

As mentioned, this is a huge plus for those who care about their nail conditions, especially if they have weak and brittle nails. 

Nail wraps are not as rough on nails as nail polish or acrylics. The prepping prior to nail wrap application is incredibly straightforward. You only need to use a cleanser and water to clean your nails before wiping a soft, lint-free towel to completely dry them. 

In addition, there is no need to file your nails as the adhesion of the wraps are essentially good on their own. Filing your nails too frequently might bring some detrimental implications to your nail’s conditions. Your nails will be more prone to splitting, cracking, and bending.

Many nail wraps do not call for acetones or other potent solutions to work with the adhesion. They are typically easy to peel off after being submerged in warm water beforehand. 

It’s worth mentioning that there is still a risk of nail damage when you remove them, so be extra careful!  

Optional Top Coat

You can take a step further to take care of your wraps with a thin layer of top coat as it helps to extend their longevity. Often, wraps shielded by a top coat can last around ten days and beyond. 

Yet, the decision is yours as the top coat is not a must-have. Without it, your nail wraps can still be good for 7-10 days on their own, depending on your lifestyle and what kind of activities you use your hands to perform. 

Cons Of Nail Wraps

There Is Less Room For Creativity

While there are an abundance of designs for nail wraps out there, you do not have the total freedom in creativity when it comes to how you can adorn your nails.

For this reason, some people prefer other techniques, such as stamping, which gives them more room to create their favorite nail manicure.  

With nail wraps, your choice is restricted to what was pre-printed by the manufacturer. Of course, you take a step further and stamp on top of the wraps but is it worth it to do so when you will have to put out extra effort and money.

Potential Damage To Nails

Even with such benign nail embellishment as nail wraps, there is still a potential risk of damage to your nails if not done properly.

The removal of nail wraps, in particular, might threaten your nail’s conditions when the procedure is not performed with care.  

Some people go on to pick off the wraps without knowing that they also take out the layers of nails along the way. This wreaks havoc on the nail plates, rendering them more susceptible to peeling and weakening afterwards. 

How To Remove Nail Wraps Without Damaging Your Nails?

Things You’ll Need

  • Lacquer remover
  • A bowl
  • Orange stick or cotton swab
  • Nail cleanser


Step 1: Soak Your Nails 

  • Pour lacquer remover into the bowl. You only need enough remover to submerge your nails. 
  • Next, soak your nails in nail wraps into the solution for 20-30 seconds. If you don’t have a bowl, you can soak the remover into a cotton pad and rub it against all of your nails for 15 seconds. 
Soak Your Nails In Lacquer Remover
Soak Your Nails In Lacquer Remover

Step 2: Break The Seal

Method 1 – Use Orange Stick & Cotton Pad

Use Orange Stick To Prod The Wraps Side-To-Side
Use Orange Stick To Prod The Wraps Side-To-Side
  • Use the orange stick to remove the nail wraps from the side until they start to lift. 
  • Then, use the soaked cotton pad to take off the wraps side to side,  push them to the other end of your nails. 
  • Continue until the wraps are peeled completely.  
Peel The Wraps With A Cotton Pad Soaked In Remover
Peel The Wraps With A Cotton Pad Soaked In Remover

Method 2 – Use Cotton Swab

  • Instead of a cotton pad, you can soak a cotton swab into the lacquer remover and take off your wraps just like you would do with an orange stick. 
  • The soaked cotton swab can get the remover underneath of the wraps to break down their adhesive. Thus, your nail wraps can slide easily off the nail plate from one side to another.
Remove Nail Wraps Using Cotton Swab
Remove Nail Wraps Using Cotton Swab


  • Soaking wraps in warm water to make them softer, more pliable and removable. If you peel off your nail wraps without going through this step, they will be harder to remove while the nail plates are more prone to  damage. 
  • Be gentle while removing your wraps! Being rough on them or removing them at a fast pace might cause unwanted damage to the nails.

Step 3: Remove Any Remaining Residue

Soak a lint-free pad into a nail cleanser and wipe off any leftover particles on your nails, and your nails are good to go for the next manicure!


Are nail wraps bad for your nails? If used and removed correctly, nail wraps should not cause any damage to your nails. You can even keep the nails underneath healthy by sporting these wraps.

Self-adhesive nail wraps offer several benefits, and they are foolproof to use, so it’s worth trying them once in your life!


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