P0172 Code: Fuel System Too Rich

1. What Does the P0172 Code Mean? The P0172 code is a generic diagnostic trouble code (DTC) that indicates a “System Too Rich (Bank 1)” condition. This means that the engine control module (ECM) has detected that the air-fuel mixture in bank 1 of the engine is too rich, meaning there is too much fuel … Read more

P0303 Code: Cylinder 3 Misfire Detected

What Does the P0303 Code Mean? The P0303 code is an OBD-II trouble code that indicates a misfire has been detected in cylinder 3. When your vehicle’s onboard computer (ECU) identifies a lack of combustion in cylinder 3, it triggers this code. A misfire in any cylinder can cause issues with engine performance, fuel efficiency, … Read more

How to Deal with a Broken Nail Under Acrylic: Tips to Stop the Bleeding and Ensure Quick Healing

We’ve all been there – that horrifying moment when you realize your perfectly manicured acrylic nail has broken, and to make matters worse, it’s bleeding underneath. But fear not! With the right techniques and a calm approach, you can manage this beauty emergency like a pro. Here’s how to deal with a broken nail under … Read more

Will Purple Shampoo Fix Hot Roots?

When you bleach or dye your hair, you may see the brassy shade at the roots, which is referred to as hot root. Your hair’s roots can appear bright, while the remaining of your hair is perfectly toned. Blondes and colorists alike fear the sight of hot roots. The color of your roots is unintentionally … Read more

The 10 Best pH Balanced Shampoos in 2023

Heard a lot about ph balanced shampoos but not sure how they can benefit you? Well, today, I will share some knowledge that I have gained in the past few years. When I first heard about pH-balanced shampoos, I thought it was one of those fads again. Didn’t pay much heed at the start, but … Read more

What can I use if I don’t have nail primer?

Nail primers are an essential part of any nail care routine. They help to ensure that the nail polish adheres properly to the nail surface, and they also protect the nails from damage. But what happens when you run out of nail primer or forget to buy one? In this article, we will explore some … Read more